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In Love and Light

Daily Kind Quote

Visit my Zazzle Shop and get inspired by lots of daily items or gift ideas designed with my quotes!

On a sidenote: This quote was created before I wrote my post #JustAThought… The Moment of Enlightenment. I just thought it goes along with it so well. It is a journey to get closer to the idea of who we really are. But real understanding may only happen after the journey was concluded.

In Love, Light and Health

#JustAThought… The Moment of Enlightenment

I still believe that the core purpose of the journey through this lifetime lies in rediscovering our own light, in the way we deal with what happens leads us closer to recognizing who we really are. Joy, pain, drama, success, love, loss, stress, relief shows the results by the consequences of our actions and reactions. Every little incident tells us something about ourselves and the more we experience the more we might see that it is up to us how we experience what happens. Nothing new! BUT…

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Meaning Of The Journey

We wish that we could understand
Why we’re stumbling again.
We wish to see the lesson yet
Before we enter pain.

The sense of life is not to know
The secret right before.
There was no reason to be here,
No reason to explore.

If we knew everything of life
And never had to fight,
Where would be our development?
How could we welcome our light?

In discovering the secrets
Of life and furthermore
We’re gaining insights and feel joy.
Cause that’s what we’re here for!

In Love and Light!

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