Me, Myself, and I


Often I notice emotions that don’t feel like they are supposed to be with me. My mind keeps reflexively talking me into tings which I actually know, I don’t even need to listen. However, since the emotions appear reflexive, I can only act once they are already there and provoke me to question their origin again. For some reason, I thought of a post I shared three years ago and felt like posting it again today:

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Who We Are Is Healing Power


Two weeks ago I shared a story about the memory function of the heart which Gregg Braden told in a workshop some years ago. While interacting with Judy I mentioned that in a different workshop he told another extremely touching story which explains that we all have natural healing powers.  Read more ›

Me, Myself, and I


Often we step back and think about ourselves “I should not take this so serious”, “I need to stand up for myself” or “I would like to but…”, and much more. Lately, I started pondering about it. Who is that one talking to me? I am I but still, I am talking to someone. Isn’t it interesting that we can observe ourselves although we are ourselves? Is there something inside of me watching that “I” who goes through its everyday life? Read more ›

Focus On The Outcome!

There was barely a post which I wrote so highly inspired. On one side there is last week’s award post about the Room 101 Award and on the other side a lecture of the amazing Gregg Braden. Both happened on the same day and goes exactly into the same direction. It is meant to be that I write about it.

The rules of the Room 101 Award say that the nominee has to mention 5 things they want to banish into Room 101. In honor of the founder of any award I try to stick to the rules and started to ponder about those 5 things. I noticed that I couldn’t get into the flow. I did not feel inspired and felt like standing at a dead-end. But then I realized that the reason was that I tried to find something within me that I already had banished from my life successfully: Focusing on the negative! Read more ›

“They are feeling the feeling as if…”

Just before I started writing this post I got a Twitter message in which I was invited to watch a fantastic video of the great Gregg Braden. I saw him at a workshop in Pasadena last October and was completely caught by his presence and his message. He explained perfectly how the heart has memory cells just like the brain. Therefore it has a brain of its own (actually each organ has but the heart has the most). This made me understand in a very physical explanation why heart and mind are often pulling in different directions but also why they have so much power when aligned. Things we actually already perceive as an inner knowing. Read more ›

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