The Miracle

We all want our place
We all want to succeed
We want approval and acceptance
For who we are for what we need

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Success & Fulfillment Have Your Name


Today, I want to share an as touching as insightful thought, inspired by a poem Colin, of MeAndRay, shared with me a few weeks ago.

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The Choice Is Ours

No mountain too high, no river too wide when it comes to realize our dreams. It may not be easy but as long as we pursue the goal there will be possibilities. I wrote a short metaphoric story regarding this topic and will share it with you today. Whatever is now does not define what will be. You can make it, if you only believe.

I took a walk through the forest. It was a beautiful early summer day. The sunlight found its way through the tiniest spaces between the already leafy treetops, and nature seemed to reach out its arms to me, full of energy. I perceived the humid, spicy scent of the forest air, which gave me a feeling of connection with this place. Although birds were chirping exuberantly and something was rustling in the undergrowth now and then, the atmosphere was so peaceful and harmonious that I almost had the feeling of being in a different world.

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