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Not even 24 hours after the fire in the cathedrale of Notre Dame was noticed 600 million Euors have been donated by the richest France families for the reconstruction… Read more ›

Monday Song


Today I am sharing a classic French song from the late 60’s which I heard on the weekend. As I mentioned many times, over here we are blessed with so many different languages and cultures which also have a big influence on the music. To me, this song seems to support the spring feelings which we are feeling here vividly due to the gorgeous weather and the wonderful warm temperatures! It also activates some longing for a vacation in me. I hope, you like it too or even remember this classic gem. happy Monday! Read more ›

Give Peace A Chance – John Lennon


Love and Light and a silent prayer for the people in Nice!



Let’s build a chain of love!

The post of my wonderful blog sis, Ritu, inspired me to this post. Not much words, just a symbol we could pass on and share.

Let’s show the world that there is more light in this world than darkness, more love, tolerance, compassion, and respect than hatred and resentments.

Let’s take each other by the hand and build a chain of love, solidarity, and unity!

I closed the comment section but ask you to share instead.

In Love and Light

For Our French Friends…

A night of horror and terror lies behind our French fellow-men. About 150 civilians and 6 terrorists dead. The French people are called to stay in their homes and all attractions are closed. The fear, the grief, the shock is deep. The compassion not only of the neighbor countries and Europe but of the whole world is with all of you. Our sympathy and thoughts are with you.

We are all one! What harms one of us, hurts all of us!

For our French friends here on WordPress and for all the French people but also for everybody who faces difficult times right now.  Much love to all of you! Read more ›

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