#HitsByYears – 1985 #5

We arrived at the last day of a week that could have been filled with so many more songs of a fantastic music year. So here we go with the last three songs for this #HitsByYears week. One of the songs was written by an Austrian artist and reached #1 on the US charts. When I visited Manhatten (as I mentioned yesterday), I bought the single of the American version and was so proud of it. I was the only one of all my friends who owned it. However, today I am sharing the original version here.
It was awesome digging into the hits of 1985 – when even I only shared a fraction of those many songs that brought up beautiful memories.

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#HitsByYears – 1982

You know Amadeus of Falco. He recorded a version for the US in 1985 and reached number one on the charts with that version (as the first Austrian musician). But Falco’s first big hit was in 1982, and the last time I was in the States (which is quite a while ago), I heard an English version of that song. I thought, why not sharing the original today. The lyrics are German but also in Viennese dialect.

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