Monday Song

I hope you had a lovely when even different Easter weekend. Over here, Easter starts on Good Friday and ends on Easter Monday (the actual resurrection day). That means we are still in a 4-day weekend. Even in these days, it brings some more relaxation since I am still going to work next to my self-employment. That is also the reason why you won’t find a Monday post today, but instead I am sharing a song which I think is beautifully fitting both Easter and these times. Have a good week wherever you are and whatever you do. And most of all, stay healthy.

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Happy Easter

And a little hint, just in case…

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Happy Easter🐰


I really don’t have a lot of spare time but still, I wanted to have colored eggs for Easter. Necessity is the mother of invention and so I found a way to have colored eggs in no time: Read more ›



Quenchless Craving


Love at first sight

I’m sure this is

A feeling that’s

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Yeah, Easter!!!

Osterei, Ostern, Weidenkätzchen, Ei, Dekoration

I still like this so much and thought I share it again: Read more ›

Happy Easter!


I took this photo on Thursday. The weather was gorgeous again and my lilac started blossoming. Unfortunately, the whole Easter weekend and basically all of next week the weather goes more and more back to winter again. But that’s April. Read more ›

Happy Easter Monday

I know not everybody is celebrating Easter Monday as part of Easter. But it is a holiday in Central Europe.


Wikipedia says: Easter Monday is the day after Easter Sunday and is a holiday in some countries. Easter Monday in the Western Christian liturgical calendar is the second day of Eastertide and analogously in the Byzantine Rite is the second day of Bright Week. Read more ›

17 Years Ago…

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Yeah, Easter!!!

I just picked some funny stuff from the net! Read more ›

Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter

In Love and Light!!!

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