#JustAThought… The Wisdom In You

The other day I had some interesting discussions with some blogger friends. It ultimately revolved around the fact that we actually know everything we need to know to get through this life journey. We have our answers for this life within us. And even if we don’t have them, we automatically move in a direction that leads us to the information we need. That, too, is controlled by inner wisdom.

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The Visitor

Sitting lonely in my room
Looking out the window
Staring at the darkening sky
Not knowing where to go to

Pondering ‘bout shattered dreams
Of feeling such a pain
Of never gotten any chance
To finally win my game Read more ›

“Our Love Conquers The Distance!”

It made me think a lot. During the past weeks, my Monday posts always were inspired by comments of topics of other blogger friends. I am very thankful about that and I go with it because I think that topic is meant to be. Read more ›

Song of the Day!

It is Good Friday and the first of a four days’ Easter weekend. The kids are off from school for the following two weeks as well and spring has arrived. We are having a beautiful morning after many days of storm, heavy rain and even some snow in between.


I thought what song could meet this spring feeling? I thought of a song that was always played at any party we had with our school mates. Although it is a sad song and full of desperation it meant the complete opposite to me. Read more ›

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