Impressions of Corfu #2

I hope you enjoyed the first part of our exploration of part of the island. Today we continue with the second day of our trip through Corfu. We drove towards the northern mountainous region and started with the highest elevation on the island, Pantokrator (906 m/2972 ft). The view and silence up there were breathtaking. The nerve-wracking drive on the extremely narrow and winding mountain road and the narrow streets through the small villages were forgotten for a moment. On the highest point there was a small church in the middle of a picturesque garden. It seemed like an oasis in the midst of all those rocks and sand.

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Impressions of Corfu #1

Calimera! After our wonderful vacation on this beautiful and charming island, of course, I have to share the photos with you. Those who follow me on Instagram may have already seen a few individual photos. Here we go now with the extended version.

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Summer Break 🌞🌴🌊

Over here, it is the first day for the kids to go back to school. For us, it is the first day of our vacation. It is not six weeks like the school kids had, but I am more than happy with two weeks. Right now, we are already at the airport to catch our flight to Corfu (Greece). The trip was planned last year as a gift my husband and I made each other for our 50th birthdays. We wanted to have a vacation together with all our (already grown-up) kids and my mother. But “Life Corona happened while we were making other plans”. Therefore, we are looking even more forward to the coming days.

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