New Release: Mom Plus Nine Cooks

A lot of you know our lovely Lynn. And those who don’t… why? Oh, perhaps because she was not very present for the past year. But you know what? She is back with the best explanation ever about her absence. Silently and humble, as she is, she was working on her cookbook.

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Geoff Le Pard’s New Release: The Last Will Of Sven Andersen

Sven Andersen KDP Cover 1

Our lovely Geoff Le Pard of TanGental is about to publish his latest strike, a sequel of his book Dead Flies which will be free in Kindle for a download between October 30th and November 3rd.

I feel honored to support his new release with a guest post. So let’s let Geoff tell us how he got to write The Last Will of Sven Andersen: Read more ›

Free! Free! Free!

Geoff has a special offer going. You can get his first 3 books for free… but read more in his post!


Yep it’s time to get free and all oozy and generous.

There have been some whispers, little rumours sussurating slowly, hissing in the background like a sack of snakes mainlining salt and vinegar crisps but now, here they are…

Free Books

I’m offering my first three books (Kindle version) for free, nothing, zip, nada… as follows


From 1st October 2018 to 3rd October 2018

Here is a review

In the summer of 1976 Harry Spittle aged nineteen, heads home for the summer after his first year at university. Harry seems prone to crisis from the beginning – bullying from fellow student Stephen Mc Noble who soon befriends Harry’s ex girlfriend, working in the local hotel with a diverse group of characters, and facing a bullying chef, entering a world of drug dealing, diamond smuggling and petty village gardening competitiveness…
However, Harry’s main focus in life…

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Life In A Flash – Geoff Le Pard


In early December our wonderful and generous Geoff Le Pard (whom I was blessed to meet in person at the UK Blogger Bash in 2016) sent me two of his books. Read here. It took me a bit to start reading since I had a lot on my plate during the past weeks. But I am happy to present a little review. It wouldn’t be me if I did not do it my way. Thank you so much, dear Geoff, I was laughing so hard at times!  Read more ›

First Christmas surprise!!


I just needed to share my excitement about what I found in my mailbox today! A thousand thanks to our generous Geoff Le Pard. I cannot wait to start reading. I will post a review as soon as possible. Please, check out Geoff’s writings with his fantastic twists and punchlines. Again, thank you very much, dear Geoff!

(Sorry, I am not so good at taking selfies but eventually, I had everything necessary in the picture…lol)

In Love and Light




My dear blog sister, Ritu of ButISmileAnyway tagged me and I feel honored that she wanted to know how would answer the 10 questions. Here again, I have to cheat a bit in posting this challenge on a Thursday instead of a Tuesday 😉 Read more ›

I Finally did it

Now, look at our Rich! Disappearing for weeks and once he shows up he has his first paperback book in his backpack. Because it is him and his new book to celebrate, please head over to his blog.


I Finally did it, after what seems like years of promising and even more years of formatting it’s finally here. My first publicised paperback now available on amazon

PULL UP A CHAIR: A Collection of Poems and Prose.

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Poetic RITUals – Birthday Giveaway!

Look what generous offer my sister has here!! Go and get a copy of her book for free!!

But I Smile Anyway...

Just a little reminder – the giveaway is live TODAY!

And it is definitely live now, I checked across most of the Amazon sites!!!

From Friday the 1st September, through to Sunday 3rd September, (my birthday!) My poetry book, Poetic RITUals, will be FREE to download.

Poetic RITUals by [Bhathal, Ritu]

Get that?


Click on the link below to take you to the Amazon of your country, and please, download it!

My only request… If you do, and you read… please leave a review!

What’s it about? I hear you ask…

Delve into a book of verse exploring different topics and different genres, all with a RITUal twist.
A collection of poetry drawing on the experiences of the writer, ranging from matters of the heart, love for the family, situations in life and some verses written with a humorous twist.

And so far it has had some lovely reviews…

One from Diana


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#NewRelease: The Sevens


What a timing! You are on your day off and finally, have time to go through the post of your blogily. And right then and there a post is published about a new release of one of your favorite bloggers!!

Our Mr. Poetry just published his 6th book (and second only e-book): “The Sevens”

Of course, I had to download it immediately – you know I am curious 😁
The download on whatever device is free!!

It is a beautiful collection of 30 encouraging, uplifting, inspiring, insightful 7-liners. And the cover itself is an inspiration and supports the message of the content.

You can find it here: #NewRelease: The Sevens

I am a bit of a numbers freak… hehe. When you publish a book called “The Sevens”, filled with 7-liners, and you publish it in the 7th month of the year 17 then it is definitely meant to reach the reader at exactly the point he needs it. 7 is the spiritual number. I already found many poems which went straight to my heart and I am sure there is the one meant for you!

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In Love and Light


New Book Clip

The publisher of the German edition of my book I’m Free notified me that finally (after 5 years) the book clip was up on YouTube! I know that most of my followers don’t speak German but I wanted to share it anyway since the message also gets conveyed through the video and the music. I hope you like it!  Read more ›

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