Angel of Mine

Someone to hold you
Someone to lean on
Someone to talk to
Not feeling alone

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#Haiku – Heavenly

Yin and Yang in love
A rock solid bond of souls
Divine connection

Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!

In Love and Light

Song of the Day – Angels

I just noticed that my post was scheduled for pm instead of am. So sorry! Here we go!

The last day of my angels week. I conclude it with three songs. I wonder if you knew all of them. Of course, there are many more…..

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Song of the Day – Angels

There are so many lovely angel songs. That’s why I will post more than one today and tomorrow. Here is one song from 1983 and one of the most beautiful angel songs released in 1994!

Off to my vacation weekend! Send you  relaxed hugs!

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Song of the Day – Angels

Here comes an angel song which won’t let you sit still. It is a cover version but I really love it!

Tomorrow is a holiday over here. My sisters and I are enjoying together with my mom the birthday present we gave her. I will be off until Sunday. But I will be on WP occasionally for sure! I am not leaving the planet… haha! Read more ›

Song of the Day

Yes, the sun is out since yesterday…. finally!!! But the temperatures seem more like January than almost May. This morning we had 21° Fahrenheit. Crazy! But it is finally supposed to warm up again. I really hope so!!! Anyway, I thought of something light and cheerful today. When I got to this song and the video I immediately thought of our Trini. Read more ›

The Hand of the Universe

I wasn’t at a good place for some hours on Sunday. Although I should know it better I got lost in the “Why” of memories. But as you know me I am not willing to be caught by my thoughts. I want them to support me, not to block me. Therefore I am digging into myself but at the same time look outside for hints, for signposts which either give me an answer or at least show me a way out of the cloud. Read more ›

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