Romantic Tuesday

Soaring Towards Our Future

The sunset bright orange
You and I
Gazing into its direction
Everything gets calm around
Some pelicans are flying by
In a beautiful formation
Sailing close over the ocean’s surface
But not a feather touches the water
What peaceful scenery
In which we get completely lost
Our world within a world
I turn my head and look at you
Our eyes meet
And without one word spoken
We tell us the most beautiful vows
Sealed with a long and soulful kiss
Slowly we let go
One more look into our eyes
And we turn our heads again towards the sun
We are holding each other tight
When the wind gets a little chilly
And a cloud passes the sun
Making appear several rays of light
Our journey feels to me
Like soaring on two bright orange rays
You on yours
I on mine
Leading closer together
The closer we are drawn to the sun
Already close enough
For soaring hand in hand
Until we meet forever
Arriving at the center
From where the rays have been sent out
The center of light
The source of love
The magic of a sunset
Visible as long as this world exists
The magic of our love
Carrying the seed of eternity

In Love and Light

Romantic Tuesday – It still is!

Wherever I am Tuesdays have their special vibration. I spent a big part of the day at Corona del Mar gazing at the ocean and observing the flight of the pelicans. When I saw these two passing by I thought of a song by Celine Dion. Read more ›

Romantic Tuesday


In Love and Light

Song of the Day

No matter where I am in this world… Tuesdays have their special place in my heart and on my blog. A  romantic song from a romantic heart for a romantic world… Read more ›

The Power Of Love

Instead of a poem I want to share a lovely quote with you. Read more ›

Romantic Song of the Day

Wherever I am on this planet I will never lose my love for romance. So even if am on the other side of the globe at the moment I want to share a beautiful song that me sigh deeply. Read more ›

Heaven’s Gate Of Love

It felt like a journey of a thousand years
A thousand years of waiting
Of hoping
Of longing
And almost resigning
When I gave it all up
I found myself at my destination
Not knowing how I came here
I stand in front of that door
Which opened up miraculously
Bright shining light falls on me
And there is you
Standing in that door
Walking towards me
Taking my hands
Looking into my eyes
No words said
But we know it all
Love’s light seems to be everywhere
It shines from you to me
And from me to you
It shines wherever we are
And wherever we go
With clasped hands
We turn towards that door
As one light
And walk through it
Into this new world of love
I have waited for to arrive
For a thousand years
Love is beautiful
With you!


In Love and Light

Love is …

… The first thought before I even open my eyes
… A name stirring the heart
… A knowing without knowing
… Exchange without speaking
… Understanding without explaining
… A state of full openness
… The ability to look behind the horizon
… Colors which glow more colorful
… Light which shines brighter
… A flow of sheer inexhaustible inspiration
… Seeing a universe in a single petal
… Hearing a song out of the silence
… Feeling newly born into an old world
… Not knowing where it starts and neither where it ends
… When time and space lose meaning and power
… When touches are felt without physical presence
… When energy ties an unbreakable ribbon around hearts
… The insight what life is about
… The last thought before I fall asleep

… You!

In Love and Light

Romantic Song of the Day

I am sure this song is one of those which every girl loves to get dedicated. When someone sees through her and sees things about her she never considered about herself. Or she did and finally someone recognizes her in that depth. And isn’t it the most wonderful feeling to stir someone’s heart only by the natural way you are? Read more ›

Romantic Tuesday – Song of the Day

I know, I know!!! I said there would be no Tuesday post as long as I am not home again. But although we are leaving today I still have time to do so.

The ones who follow me for quite a while may have noticed that my Tuesday posts changed from naughtiness to romance for the last 1 – 2 months. It was fun for some time and perhaps there needed some things to be released but I realized that I lost the direction of my blog and I felt not comfortable with it anymore. Drifting away and getting completely lost in romantic love is what my Tuesdays will be about.

That’s why I feel the need to post a song and a poem today. And I cannot disappoint my blog bro Rich, Melody Waffles from the other side of the road (or actually at the moment still from the same side of the road). Read more ›

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