Friday Song


Here is a song I haven’t heard for a very long time but liked it a lot when it was published in the late 80s. Who remembers this song? Happy Friday and have a great weekend, everybody! Read more ›

Song of the Day


Another song I liked to listen to and never thought about the meaning nor did I bother to really understand the lyrics back then. But when I listened to the song now it really made me think and I checked Wikipedia:

The first line of the song, “All God’s children need traveling shoes”, is the title of a book by writer/poet Maya Angelou.
Speaking about the somewhat obscure and enigmatic lyrics, Tikaram has offered different views on their meaning, but said it’s mostly about the particular relationship with the world one feels when entering adulthood. “the song is really about not understanding – when you’re 18, you’ve got a very particular emotional relationship with the world, you feel very isolated, and everybody else is so distant and cold. And I think I was singing about not feeling anything or not being moved by things around. I think this is a strong feeling when you’re just after adolescence. Read more ›

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