#Haiku – Look Up


When life dims the light

Even in the darkest night

The stars are shining

In Love and Light

Song of the Day – Simply Red Week

Today’s song is dedicated to my kind-hearted Lil Sis Ritu of But I Smile Anyway. Yesterday she told me that she loves this song a lot. But that is not the only reason. Sis, with this song I wish that soon Lil Man’s eyes are sparkling like stars again, that this tough time is soon over, and that your loving mother heart smiles again! Feel strongly hugged, Sis! Read more ›

24 Days of Grateful

Alexandra of AlexandraWriteNow  is doing a wonderful challenge from Dec. 1 – 24 and she calls it 24 Days of Grateful and it is about posting one thing a day I am grateful for.  Everybody feel free to join in!

Lisa of Life Of An El Paso Women nominated me for The 12 Days of Christmas challenge too. Although I cannot participate in that one too I try to give it justice by including it in my Grateful posts!

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A Sky Full Of Stars

Two days ago we had a beautiful clear sky without any clouds. It was after 10 pm. I threw my crutches on the floor and waddled outside in order to take pictures. It wasn’t dark enough yet to see the beauty of the twinkling night sky but I was glued to two beautiful bright shining starts right above the mountains. They were like waving and kissing the day good-bye as a last greeting from heaven before the night covers the world with peaceful silence. Read more ›


This Award is created to highlight and promote Inspiring Bloggers.

This Award is created to highlight and promote Inspiring Bloggers.

The wonderful, lovely, shining and simply amazing Carolina from Yesterday After created a new award. I was speechless reading that I am in the first round of nominees. And I was named with bloggers who have been my starlight. Could there be a greater honor. That’s amazing and I have been smiling since. Carolina truly is a starlight. Her big smile on her profile picture and the sunny way she writes and spreads her being is capturing. She lives at the most beautiful place (in my eyes) and has a sunny seed from her Italian origin. Thank you, Carolina. Your shining spirit flows in all you do. Read more ›

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