Two more for this week!!!

My new friend of Smiling Notes nominated me for two awards. I just came across this blog and found a wonderful post about Niagara Falls… oh I got homesick right away. But there is more to discover like recipes and food adventures.  Read more ›

What? The 4th already?


It was already on the weekend when Wilson from Storing Hope nominated me for the Premio Dardos Award. But since Mondays are always filled with posts and yesterday… yes I didn’t want to mix it with the Tidbits… 😉 I am proudly presenting it today! Read more ›

The Premio Dardos Award

Yesterday there was an big award party going on here on WordPress. Amazing Electro Woman Amanda was giving away 80 (!) awards. What an award night that was!!! Sorry if we were a little too loud but on the other hand it will be pretty silent until noon I guess… I am soooo happy that I am one of the honored people who got an award out of Amanda’s hands. I never ever have seen such a fantastic award post:
Read more ›

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