Life In A Flash – Geoff Le Pard


In early December our wonderful and generous Geoff Le Pard (whom I was blessed to meet in person at the UK Blogger Bash in 2016) sent me two of his books. Read here. It took me a bit to start reading since I had a lot on my plate during the past weeks. But I am happy to present a little review. It wouldn’t be me if I did not do it my way. Thank you so much, dear Geoff, I was laughing so hard at times!  Read more ›

Everything Smells Just Like Poke Salad • The Kindle Version

Yay, the print version is available! I just ordered it! I am so excited to get the book. What makes it so special for me is the fact that I met both Linda and her mom in person! I can say this from my heart that they are two of the most kind-heartet people I ever met!

Please check out the book filled with the life of an amazing strong woman.

The Kindle Version Can Be Found Here Please tell your friends……… Also available in print version for those of you who love the feel of a book in your hand!

Source: Everything Smells Just Like Poke Salad • The Kindle Version

In Love and Light

Poetic RITUals – Available To Buy NOW!

And here she is my amazing Hippie Sister, Ritu, with her first book! I am so proud of you, Sis, and cannot wait to hold a copy in hands!

Please check her post out and grab yourself a copy available as print version or e-book.

  After all this time, finally, you can buy/download a copy of my new Poetry Book, Poetic RITUals, on Amazon UK, Amazon.Com, Amazon – India, Amazon – Australia, Amazon – Cana…

Source: Poetic RITUals – Available To Buy NOW!

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YAY! Look What I Got!!!


I just picked up my copy of Judy’s book!!! I am not ready for a review yet but of course, I took a look into it right away. Judy created sections for different topics….. chapter 10…. oh-la-la!

Thank you, Sis, that you recognized the community in your acknowledgment!

In Love and Light


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