Friday Song


Happy Friday! Here is a song which I hope will pick up the weekend mood and lets you ride on it all day!  Read more ›

Song of the Day


Happy Wednesday, everyone! I hope the week has been well so far. The song I am sharing today is played up and down on the radio stations. I like it a lot and the video is thought-provoking. I hope you like the song as much as I do. Read more ›

Song of the Day

Yesterday I was out again and enjoyed a drink in a bar. Then this song was played wich I love to hear on the radio as well. When watching the video I knew  it truly was as song for me to post: night sky, universe, romance… Lovely….

Have a great weekend and steal the show wherever you can! Read more ›

Song of the Day

I heard this song yesterday on the radio and in some way it reminded me to the poem I posted yesterday. In some way it is not in a direct context but it simply felt fitting. Perhaps I am simply in a romantic mood 😊 Read more ›

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