Voting Has Started!

I am excited to share the news that the voting for The 2019 Annual Bloggers Bash Awards has started. Please take a look  at this post

and leave your votes for your favorite blogs. Like every year, the choice is not easy. Read more ›

Yippie – My Blog Has Been Nominated!

Annual Bloggers Bash Awards Nominee Best Personal Development Blog (002).jpeg

I am very happy and excited to announce that my blog has been nominated for the Best Personal Development Blog. Read more ›

The Drumbeat Award


After I did my award post for the Healer’s Award, Sue of Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary asked me to accept her Drumbeat award. This is another big honor for me! Thank you very much for considering me for this amazing award, Sue. Here is what she writes about the rules to be nominated: Read more ›

Healer’s Award – The Nominees


A week ago Nicodemas honored me in awarding me with the Healer’s Award. An award he created and made me the first nominee. As I said in my award post everyone here and in general has a healing effect. Even the ones who are giving us a hard time. Because they are pushing us to places we would not have gone without their behavior. Anyway, Nicodemas asked me to nominate who I think should receive this award in particular. I will do this now and pick 4 more friends (I already nominated Nicodemas) who are dedicating their blogs to healing and awareness.

Sue of Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary

Sylvester of Syl65’s Blog

Amy of  Petals Unfolding

Nick Verron

As you know there are no rules to follow:
Just nominate those bloggers who promote hope, healing, and reconciliation. You can use the photo above (cherry blossoms), or any image of flowers, which can be a wonderful symbol of hope and renewal!

I know that most of you are not participating in awards. But I want to say how much I honor and appreciate what you are doing for the sake of everyone. You all have experienced life and its challenges in a depth many cannot even imagine. But you all were growing even stronger and that is the healing we feel in all you are sharing with us. Thank you!

In Love and Light

The Healer’s Award

20160722_180424My dear friend, Nicodemas of Ancient Skies created a new award for our amazing community. If there has ever been an award that touched my very soul then it is this one! You need to know that Nicodemas doesn’t participate in awards but his big heart and the wish for supporting love and healing in this world made him create this one with the most beautiful message. Nicodemas definitely got to know how precious life is when he almost lost the most important meaning in his life. When you read his poems and whatever he shares this appreciation and gratitude for life and all that makes life shine through and leave a light inside of the reader. Receiving this award (even as the first one) from a person like Nicodemas whom I appreciate a lot right because of his way of sharing so much love, positivity, and awareness is overwhelming in the most wonderful way.  Read more ›

Black Cat Blue Sea Award



This is another completely new award to me. Thank you very much, Dear Kittyfor nominating me. I appreciate it very much because the meaning of this award is a very lovely one .  This is what the award is about:
“This award is for bloggers who strive to write for everybody, and no matter how many viewers they get, make an impact on a reader. This award is an expression of gratitude to the nominee. It should be awarded to anybody that you choose deserves it and it doesn’t mean that they must have hundreds of followers and likes.” – Ella Read more ›


When I read the title on AMommasView’s post I thought: Wow, she really deserves this. See here what the award is about:

The MakeItUltra™ Blogger Award is an award given to bloggers by bloggers for quality content, originality and presentation. The intention of this award is to encourage connectivity and support in the blogging community and to increase exposure for individual bloggers.

And then I found myself under the nominees. Thank you very much for considering my blog worth this award. This is a big honor and I thank you from my heart, Sandra! Whoever doesn’t know AMommasView should take a look right away. Her content absolutely meets quality, mindfulness, humor, love, inspiration, motivation,……. I am thankful to be connected and she inspired me many times for my own posts! Read more ›

The Smiley Thumb Award

What an amazing week it was. I got a new job and on Sunday night I was gifted with a new award – new to me but also new in general! It was Lisa of Life of an El Paso Woman again who kindly nominated me for this lovely award. I am really excited about it. Thank you so very much 😘 I love to smile, I love to see others smile and I love to make others smile…. so what more could make me smile or cause me to make others smile… lol!!! Yes, I am smiling all over my face. 😃 Read more ›

Monday’s Music & Words Award #Music #MWA

Hey, this is very cool! I just received this absolutely cool award from Eric of Stomperdad. As he sais, on his blog he shares his “joys and frustrations of being a dad to two wild, fun, and wildly fun boys Crash and Bang” and short stories! Please, check his blog out! Thank you very much for this nomination, Eric! Read more ›

It Is Epically Awesome…

…. that Simon of SFarnell gifted me with this special award. It is the first one of this kind and that means: Full participation!!! Simon and I know each other for quite a while already and it is always fun but also very thought-provoking to exchange thoughts with him. He has a great sense of humor and his posts vary from songs, over science-fiction, useful household tips to jokes and much more! Take a look! Read more ›

Weekly Review

For once I am posting the review on a Saturday again. I had a lot of appointments going yesterday.  Anyway, here it comes. I hope you like it!
Read more ›

Blogger Appreciation Award

Mitch Teemley just surprised me with the nomination of the Blogger Appreciation Award! Thank you so very much, Mitch! It is the second award this week and also the second I this week I received for the first time. That means full participation! Read more ›

The Miranda Sings Award

Last night my amazing and treasured blog sister Ritu of But I Smile Anyway nominated me together with an awesome circle of people for a newly created award. I know Ritu for almost a year here on WP and from the beginning on she had captured my heart. If you want a positive outlook on life, motivation, daily observations, cat stories, and stories of a mom and teacher, then head over to hers right now! Read more ›

Weekly Review

I hope you all have had a nice Saturday so far! My days are pretty busy at the moment and that is why my review again is posted today instead of Friday! So what… let’s look at the past week 😊 Read more ›

The #Champions Award 2015

What a welcome yesterday! After my (more or less) break I was gifted with the #GirlLoveChallenge from Colleen of Silver Threading and right after that my very much appreciated blog sister Judy of Edwina’s Episodes nominated me for this honoring award.  But not only that only 1 hour later my dearest Ritu Sister of But I Smile Anyway nominated me for the same award.  That is awesome, ladies!


Thank you from my heart both of my sisters. Feel strongly hugged

Read more ›

Almost back… and in time!

School has started today, everybody is back in their regular schedules, and I try to get done as much as possible until I am back fully on my blog by next week. My Monday post is already scheduled and so are my daily quotes…. I enjoyed reading more of your posts and will try to keep it up as good as possible. Here we go: In order to make room for your posts I have to limit my time somewhere else. Read more ›

Spirit Animal Blog Award

My wonderful and simply amazing blog sister with the big mommy heart, Ritu of But I Smile Anyway, surprised me with a new award which is simply amazing! How could I resist and of course I participate! I am sure that all of you already know my fantastic sis. If you don’t what are you waiting for? Stop reading and head over to hers. Her blog is full of inspiration, motivation, insights, love, compassion, and care! Read more ›

The Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you, Ashish, for again gifting me with a wonderful award. This time it is the Versatile Blogger Award. Ashish is a beautiful soul with a big heart. Never a harsh word in his posts, only compassion, inspiration, and motivation! Please take a few minutes and visit his blog at Ashish Vision Read more ›

The Respect Award

Although I am a lousy follower at the time I am touring through the States meeting friends, Robert of Robert Goldstein honored me with an amazing award. I am extremely humbled and I thank you from my heart, Robert. As I already told you: It is an even greater honor to receive such an award from someone like you who I highly respect myself! Thank you very much! Read more ›

Starlight #6

She did it again! Krista of From Food Stamps To A Future nominated me again for an award. This time it is the amazing Starlight Blogger Award, created by another wonderful friend, Carolina of Yesterday After. Krista is a sweetheart! She is a hard-working woman and a treasure box of inspiration. I just praised her in my last award post and I can only repeat the suggestion to check her blog out! Read more ›

Lucky Number 7

I love Bruce Willis but this time I really mean the number 7! Lucky? Yes, it is one of my two lucky numbers. That was proved again by my dear friend, Krista of From Food Stamps to A Future. She nominated me for the Dragon’s Loyalty award and it is my 7th nomination! Thank you so very much, Krista!!! Read more ›

The Liebster Award

My beautiful Australian Swiss cheese loving friend, Sandra of A Momma’s View nominated me for one of the most beautiful awards on the blogosphere. Sandra has become a very dear friend. She has a natural and open way of writing about the things she is pondering about. She picks subjects we all can relate to in some way and what she writes is always deep and insightful. If you don’t know Sandra and her blog yet, then stop here and go first visiting her blog……. but please come back and read on! Read more ›

The Versatile Blogger Award

My lovely blogging friend Amaya from Life Of An El Paso Woman nominated me for this great award. Amaya shares about her daily life, music, football (she is a big fan of the Dallas Cowboys)…. and much more! You need to take a look at her blog and you won’t regret it!!! Read more ›

The Blogger Recognition Award

My lovely  blogging birdie friend, Nimmi of Soul Mate’s – So Near Yet So Far nominated me for this amazing award. I thank you so very much, Nimmi. Nimmi is a beautiful and very sensitive soul who writes straight from her heart. Please stop at her blog and see what a big heart beats behind it. Read more ›

The Wakawafu Award

My most amazing lil Luna Sister, Ritu of But I Smile Anyway, nominated me for this very special award. Why special?

  1. Because it is the first time I receive this award.
  2. Second because I had no idea about this award.
  3. Third because the meaning is exactly what the connection of our community is about: Appreciation, recognition, and support!

Read more ›

A Sunny Surprise

It still happens that comments of you, my wonderful friends, disappear mysteriously into the spam folder. Sporadically I check it and yesterday I found this surprise from my most lovely birdie friend, Nimmi of Soul Mate’s – So Near, Yet So Far. I am sorry, I did not see it right away because I feel very honored to be considered again for the Sunshine Award by Nimmi. It is my 6th nomination for such a lovely award. Thank you very, very much, Nimmi! Please head over to her nest and see what beautiful things this birdie is singing in her posts. Read more ›

The Fire Of The Dragon

My sweet Indian friend, Nimmi of Soul Mate’s – So Near Yet So Far nominated me for this very honoring Dragon’s Loyalty Award. It sure is one I cherish a lot since it demonstrates the wonderful and strong connection within our community. As I mentioned in my Weekly Review yesterday it is such an amazing experience again and again to see our community gathering immediately when one of our friends is in need or at a bad place. Nimmi truly is such a lovely spirit who is there  no matter what. She is full of feelings and her sensitive spirit always shines through her poems. Read more ›

The Creative Blogger Award

Our Dear Kitty nominated me for the Creative Blogger Award. Thank you so much, Kitty!!! Please check her blog out. She has always something going on and shares intriguing news around the globe. Read more ›

The Stars Are Shining Brighter Than Ever!

Yesterday Suhas of Life Is Awesome surprised me with a late night gift. He nominated me for the Starlight Blogger Award. It is one of my favorite awards created by our marvelous Carolina of Yesterday After and I was honored to be in the first round of nominees. Now I am honored by Suhas for this award wich I receive for the 6th time. Thank you so much, Suhas. His blog is a wonderful source of inspiration, encouragement, and light. Please head over to his! Read more ›

My “Liebster” is back!

Isn’t it wonderful when a woman can say that, when her man is back from a long trip, or when a soldier comes home after a mission in a war zone… But this post is not about that. I am very happy to be nominated by Suhas of Life is Awesome for one of the loveliest awards: The Liebster Award. Thank you so much, Suhas, for considering me. Suhas’ Blog is a source of inspiration, insights, wisdom, and light. The name of his blog shines through every post. Please take a look and convince yourself. Read more ›

The Entertainer Blogger Award

A new award is wandering around on WordPress founded by our wonderful Free Writer of Inspire and Write . It is always a pleasure to see the creativity in our community but most of all the effort some make to support others. Awards are such a wonderful way of saying: I appreciate you and your work! That not only honors the nominee but gives me as nominator the chance to say thank you to my dear and valued friends! Read more ›

Three for One!

That is like Easter, Birthday, and Christmas all in one! Thanks to my friend Sandra from A Momma’s View I was gifted that way. Although I don’t believe that there is anyone out there who doesn’t know Sandra’s blog I highly recommend to check it out. She has everything from sharing deep thoughts about the experience of raising kids, her life in Australia, observations of life, beautiful photos, humor,… it’s all in there! But most of all she simply is an adorable person. Thank you Sandra!!! Read more ›

The Blogger Recognition Award – Take 2

My dear friend Ashish of Ashish Vision nominated me for my second Blogger Recognition Award within a week. That is amazing and I feel  very honored about being considered again. Ashish writes inspiring and motivating poems. His blog spreads a high dose of positivity. I like the insights he gives at times about his Indian culture. I always enjoy reading about traditions of other countries and cultures. Please check his blog out, you won’t regret it for sure! Thank you once again for the nomination Ashish😊! Read more ›

Sisters or Brothers… Who cares?

This morning I found a notification that I was nominated for The Brotherhood of the World Award. How cool is that. It is my second nomination for this blog and it really honors me. As a kid I always liked it more to play with boys (no – it is not Tuesday!) Yes, I had dolls and Barbies. But I enjoyed it a lot more to do bike races, play with cares and Legos, or building huts in the woods and such stuff. Playing with dolls was niedliches-babykaetzchen-muss-gaehnenAnyway I feel honored to be considered worthwhile for this award by Robert Goldstein. His blog is a about his art but also about his life with DID. Lots of profound insights, guys. Please take a look. Read more ›

I am recognized!!!

Isn’t that something we all wish to be? My dear friend of Smiling Notes at least thinks that I was worth a recognition and she gifted me with the Blogger Recognition Award. WOW!!! The title alone sounds like a recognition for a recognition. What honors me even more is the fact that I get this award for the first time. Thank you so much, my dear. You made me SMILE!3a59a14d57cf1f442c1811f9c0ed1443But now to the blogger-recogntn-awardThis award was originally created by Eve @ Edge of the Night

The Rules:

  • Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to. Do some digging if you must! Find those blogs. You cannot nominate yourself or the person who has nominated you.
  • Write a post to show off your award! Give a brief story of how your blog got started, and give a piece or two of advice to new bloggers. Thank whoever nominated you, and provide a link to their blog. List who you’ve nominated in the post.
    • Make sure to also attach the award itself! (You can do this by right-clicking, saving, and uploading the image above).
  • Comment on each blog and let them know you’ve nominated them. Provide a link to the award post you created.
  • Provide a link to the original post on Edge of Night. That way, anyone can find the original guidelines and post if needed, and we can keep it from mutating and becoming confusing!

So I’ll start with my story how I came to blogging. So, get some snacks ready and a beer or even a coffee that is a story of a life time… lol!I promise to keep it a short as possible. The reason I started blogging is: My book! Haha… that’s it. And then again not. The real story is the story behind the book which made this all possible.

I'm Free English

When the English edition of I’m Free – Awareness Of Who You Are by Discovering Who You Are Not! was released my publisher set up a world-wide marketing campaign and a social media campaign. That way I was led to WordPress in May 2014. I had no idea what blogging was about and was “thrown into the cold water” (of course with some teaching lessons). It started as a platform to promote my book through the messages I wanted to share with the world. What a wonderful possibility.

Within the first year I learned a lot about blogging, got inspired by other bloggers, and expanded my blogging habits and the way of posting a lot. According to this I started to gather a community around me I had never expected in my wildest dreams. The love I have received and the love that is accepted from me is overwhelming and humbling. I thank you all from the bottom of my Viennese heart for the blessing you all are to me. Only because of you I am able to live this dream! Love you bunches!!!

My two tips for blogging:

  • Be interested in others: Go to visit other blogs, try to look at the person and take them serious. Don’t like blindly but read what you like. Show your appreciation. Every post – even if it is not what you would write – is a personal part of someone and it is an effort someone made. Every post is a personal share of someones thoughts, feelings, history, pain, desperation and it is an honor for the reader to become a part of other people’s inner world. Everyone is a divine creature and worthwhile being recognized.
  • Interact: The magic of the blogsphere is the connection between kindred spirits. Modern technology is a blessing in connecting people all over the world aside of races, cultures, religions, politics, and even languages. But we can only connect, make friends, and feel like a part of a big loving family when we exchange our thoughts. Comment when a post or a statement intrigues you. Take the time. The blogging experience doesn’t occur from posting and leaving. It lives from exchange.

Whenever I get a new award I try to get back to the closest circle of my community. The ones who stick to me from beginning on, some who inspired and supported me and my blog to become what it is today, or some who became dear friends – no matter whether they accept awards or not.

My nominees in alphabetical order:

But I Smile Anyway

Cupid Or Cats

Edwina’s Episodes

From The Soul To The Nib Of The Pen

Glorious Results Of A Misspent Youth

Inside The Life Of Moi

Life Confusions

Kruti Mehta


Petal’s Unfolding

Silver Threading

Souldier Girl

Syl65’s Blog

The V-Pub

Waffle Me This

As I mentioned I am aware that some of you don’t accept awards. I do not expect anyone to participate but I feel the deep need to simply say thank you in a different way.

In Love and Light!

When The Sun Never Goes Down!

Yippieh, the Sunshine Blogger Award #5 was passed on to me by our lovely Krista of From Food Stamps To A Future. Please check out her blog. She is an amazing woman who is powerfully walking through life as a single mom. My respect, Krista!!! You definitely are a symbol of how we never let the sun go down. Thank you for nominating me. Read more ›

Back Home Again With Two Awards In My Suitcase

While I was on vacation in beautiful Sweden not only my front yard blossomed I was also gifted with the Dragon’s Loyalty Award from our wonderful Swatii of Light At The End Of The Tunnel and with the Starlight Blogger Award by the lovely Saadia of Reflections Of A Rainbow. Read more ›

Inspiration Everywhere!

But this time I don’t mean the steamy Tidbit Tuesday atmosphere on WordPress. The lovely Soumya of Mundane Musings nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. It is my 6th nomination for this award and I appreciate it a lot. The reason I started blogging was to inspire others. Thank you, Soumya, that you think I fulfill this task I set myself. Please take a look at Soumya’s blog. She writes beautiful poems and her smile definitely is inspiring. Read more ›

Soooo Lovely!!!

For a long time already I appreciate the loveliness in our lovely community. But yesterday another lovely surprise just dropped it. Gail of Snapshots In Cursive nominated my blog for the Lovely Blog Award. Thank you so much, Gail. Not only this lovely gesture is lovely but most of all YOU are! Enough lovely? Nooooo! You need to visit Gail’s lovely blog. She is well deserving of that award, just look at her lovely smile. And each comment and post carries lots of lovely strawberries. Read more ›

The Beacon Blogger Award

I am humbled to the core when I got notified about being nominated for this award by the wonderful Kris of Routine Matters.

It is not only the nomination itself. Kris developed this award and it is brand new. He considered me as the first and only nominee! Really, I have no words! I am so thankful that I may be an accepted part of such a strong, supportive, and loving community. Now even getting such honoring gifts often touches me to tears after the years of feeling like a doormat to everyone. Thank you all and thank you, Kris!!! Read more ›

The Ring Of Fire

And here we are again in our show: We have come full circle! Now what does that mean? Let me explain:

Kristina Galea, our beautiful young lady from the little island of Malta, nominated me for the Creative Blogger Award. She was nominated by Rob, and Rob was nominated by Ritu! Now guess who nominated Ritu??? Haha! Right that was me!!! Isn’t our community just terrific? Read more ›

Two more for this week!!!

My new friend of Smiling Notes nominated me for two awards. I just came across this blog and found a wonderful post about Niagara Falls… oh I got homesick right away. But there is more to discover like recipes and food adventures.  Read more ›

Another Creative Day

My very lovely friend Linda of Linda Creation nominated me again for an award. This time it is the Creative Blogger Award. Thank you so much, Linda. You are spoiling me! Please check her blog out. She provides creative recipes and simply is a sweetheart! Read more ›

Another Sunny Award

Today is a truly sunny day. Not only that the weather is wonderful again, it was also the first day for 4 weeks that I could finally push the pedal again. Yeah… back in my care, open roof top, volume on, and go, go, go… I did not think that this day could get any sunnier, but… Read more ›

Am Liebsten I like the Sunshine

That was a friendly connection between German and English or actually between Akanksha and me. My lovely friend of The World Past Me nominated me for the Liebster Award and the Sunshine Award. Thank you Akanksha, that really makes the sun shine even brighter today! Read more ›

Introduction and Thank You!

A friend is the one who comes in
when the whole world has gone out.
~Grace Pulpit

Read more ›

Triple The Fun and The Honor!!!

Hard to believe but I was gifted again with a double nomination for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award and the Premio Dardos Award and also for the wonderful Starlight Blogger Award. Wow, how can one single person bear so much love and honor! Read more ›

Double the Fun and The Honor!

The adorable and poetically skilled Kritika from The Soul To The Nib Of The Pen nominated me for two awards at the same time. Kritika, I squeeze you not only for the nominations but for the wonderful friend you have become. There is so much love, understanding, and depth coming from her blog. She is such a gift for our community! Enter her sphere and you will know what I mean. Read more ›

The Sun Has Set But Still Is Shining!

Today my new friend, Ashish of Ashish Visions, nominated me for the Sunshine Award. It is my third nomination for this award and I appreiate it a lot. I am following Ashish’s blog only for a short time which honors me even more. The many award posts on his blog and his poems definitely are spreading sunshine. Please check his blog out.
Read more ›

Sisters Of All Genders!!!

The lovely Bonnie of Boondoggling with Bojenn nominated me for my second Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers Award! It is a wonderful award of connection of brothers and sisters! Thank you so much, Bonnie, for considering me for this award! Read more ›

The Versatile Blogger Award

“I say Yeah, Yeah” to another award!!! Thank you Linda from Linda Creation for nominating me for this award. She is providing us with her delicious recipes and food creations. Take a look and get inspired. Read more ›

Encouraged Again By The Power Of Thunder!

Or actually it is the power of our wonderful Kritika of From The Soul To The Nib Of The Pen. She gifted me with the Encouraging Thunder award. Kritika is a very sensitive person. She observes her surrounding, life, herself, nature… not only with her physical senses but most of all with her heart. That’s why her poems have very deep meanings and lead us deeper to what’s behind the surface. Please take a look at her wonderful blog. Read more ›

The Sunshine (Award) is back!

It is the first bright and sunny day for more than a week (almost two) now. A Momma’s View chose the perfect timing to nominate me with a beautiful award fitting the day (and my mood anyway)! Please take a look at her blog. She got this award very well deserved since she definitely is a sunshine on the blog sphere and spreads her rays with beautiful photos, deep and thought-provoking posts, and very interesting facts… and she is a former “neighbour”. When she lived in Switzerland she only lived about 45 minutes away from where I live. Unfortunately we never met before she left for Australia. Thanks, Mom, for considering me for this shiny award. Read more ›

With the strike of thunder it was 10!

This is the most amazing award and challenge week of all since I am on WordPress. Although I was away for 2 days I received more nominations for awards and challenges than ever before. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. You are an amazing community and I love you lots! Read more ›

Wooohooooooooo!!! Number 9

It is Sunday and I proudly present award #9 for this week! Again it is Kritika of From The Soul To The Nib Of The Pen who gifted me with it. She is such a kind-hearted and open-minded person and she found a place in my heart immediately. Although we don’t follow each other for long yet it seems like knowing for years.Thank you, dear friend, for considering me again! Read more ›

Is this possible? Award 7 and 8 dropped in this week!

Did I mention what a wonderful, amazing, talented, lovely person Kritika of From the Heart To The Nib Of The Pen is? If not: Kritika is such a lovely, wonderful, amazing, and talented person and blogger. Within a short time she has become a dear friend who never want to miss anymore. Read more ›

The Creative Blogger Award

A huge thank you to San for my 6th award this week. Please check out San’s blog. He writes funny, romantic, thoughtful, and sometimes critical poems. Read more ›

Such a Beautiful, Real Neat, and Versatile Starlight!

After my two days’ absence I was flabbergasted to see me nominated for 5 awards. That’s awesome, friends! It still astonishes me how much love you all are giving me. I will thank my nominators in particular but first I thank you all, for your constant support, visits, and interaction. My community is the most wonderful I could wish for! Thank you from my heart! I hope I can give a little back of what I got. Read more ›

The Dragon’s Loyalty Award #2

I like dragons. I love the one from Shrek. I was fascinated by dinosaurs from early childhood on. They looked like dragons to me. And now I can even give two of those little guys a home on my blog. How cool is that? Read more ›

Dragon’s Loyalty Award

My dear like(crazy)minded friend, Ritu of But I Smile Anyway, nominated me for this great sounding award. It is the first time I received it. The sheltering power of a dragon and the loyalty of a true friend is what this award radiates to me. What a wonderful compliment and honor to get it. Thank you, Ritu! You sure are such a true friend and I am humbled you consider me as someone like that as well. Read more ›


This Award is created to highlight and promote Inspiring Bloggers.

This Award is created to highlight and promote Inspiring Bloggers.

The wonderful, lovely, shining and simply amazing Carolina from Yesterday After created a new award. I was speechless reading that I am in the first round of nominees. And I was named with bloggers who have been my starlight. Could there be a greater honor. That’s amazing and I have been smiling since. Carolina truly is a starlight. Her big smile on her profile picture and the sunny way she writes and spreads her being is capturing. She lives at the most beautiful place (in my eyes) and has a sunny seed from her Italian origin. Thank you, Carolina. Your shining spirit flows in all you do. Read more ›

Infinity Dreams Award – the dream goes on…

Still dreaming of course, always! But today is less time than yesterday. I mentioned that we had a holiday yesterday and therefore today is a bridge day. That means that EVERYBODY (at least it feels like everybody) goes towards to same supermarket. I thought I was lining up for hours. But what can I say? I was part of the game too! Finally home I had to quickly prepare lunch (kids are off from school, too) and finally I could start my 1-hour power walk with the mower through my garden. Yep, I still have to push my mower under the burning sun and 90° (no complaint about that 😉). Done with rambling, I am finally ready for dreaming again. Read more ›

Another Thunderstorm!

When we had a little thunderstorm last night I would not have expected that this was a signpost! When I headed for WordPress this morning (on my phone right after I was done in the bathroom…. is that a sign of addiction….?) I found Carolina’s nomination for another Encouraging Thunder Award! Read more ›

A Thunderstruck Sister on Tour!

Wow, how does that sound? Like kind of mixture of  Miley Cyrus, Whoopi Goldberg, and Pope John Paul II. But that’s not really the reason for the title. During the night from Thursday to Friday I received 3 awards within only few hours. That was simply amazing!!! Therefore I felt like giving a little award party! Read more ›

Premio Dardos – Número Cinco

The lovely Nimi from Simple Moments Of Life nominated me for my 5th strike on this award! Thank you so much, Nimi!!! I love these awards because they always give me the opportunity to share wonderful blogs with my community and show my appreciation for them and for the blogger who nominated me. At the same time it is simply fun!!! Thank you, Nimi! Read more ›

Versatility is calling!!!

My lovely and adorable friend, Ritu from But I Smile Anyway considered me my blog worthwhile the Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you so much, Ritu! You are an example of versatility. Being gifted with this award by you really means a lot! Please check out Ritu’s blog in case you don’t know her yet. She is one of my rays of sun here on WordPress. Read more ›

Really Neat!

What an amazing week this was!!! First I got my Certificate of Proficiency    then Ritu’s nomination for the Freestyle Writing Challenge, the Sunshine Award from Bows and Throws, then Rob’s nomination for the 5 Days Challenge, and now Lisa from Rebirth of Lisa gifted me with the Real Neat Award. I love you guys 💓 !!!

Lisa has found a big place in my heart with her lovely and warm-hearted spirit. She is a passionate writer and author. Please check her out! Thank you for the nomination, Lisa! I so appreciate it. Read more ›

I’m Walking on Sunshine!


Not only because I had a fabulous weekend, an amazing insight and the weather today is gorgeous again! No, I was also gifted with the SUNSHINE AWARD by my lovely and shiny friend from Bows and Throws. Her blog definitely spreads sunshine. Please check it out!

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Like, Love, Liebster!

We are having a real summer day today. Temperatures within the 90s, sun all over. I got so much done today and I thought it couldn’t get any better …. but…. it can!!! Read more ›

Encouraging Thunder


What a powerful title for an award, don’t you think? Therefore I feel most honored to get this award from our wonderful Rob from The V-Pub!

To be nominated for this award by Rob makes it very special for me. He has followed my blog almost from the beginning on and was definitely THE encouraging and inspiring aspect for me to grow into blogging and also expanding my blog’s content throughout the past year (more about that below). If anyone of you doesn’t know Rob yet, please visit his blog! He is a fantastic guitar and bass player and he sings GREAT (even if he still doubts it). He loves Mojitos and starring contests with his dog. Thank you, Rob, for that encouraging thunder you have always been! Read more ›

What? The 4th already?


It was already on the weekend when Wilson from Storing Hope nominated me for the Premio Dardos Award. But since Mondays are always filled with posts and yesterday… yes I didn’t want to mix it with the Tidbits… 😉 I am proudly presenting it today! Read more ›

Can this really be??? Another one???

My next award is waiting to be passed on!!! Madraasi gifted me with The Very Inspiring Blogger Award!!! Really at the moment I don’t know whether I am dreaming or if this is true. I never got that many awards in such a short period! I am dancing and singing! Thank you, Madraasi! Please check out her blog she inspires amazingly with her recipes and specialities of her country. She is a lovely person and I am so happy that I found her… or did she find me? Read more ›

The Premio Dardos Award

Yesterday there was an big award party going on here on WordPress. Amazing Electro Woman Amanda was giving away 80 (!) awards. What an award night that was!!! Sorry if we were a little too loud but on the other hand it will be pretty silent until noon I guess… I am soooo happy that I am one of the honored people who got an award out of Amanda’s hands. I never ever have seen such a fantastic award post:
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The Very Inspiring Blogger Award!


Yeah!!! My fourth award this week! You won’t guess where this award came from…… from India!!! I really need to go there and hug each one of you. This award comes from my friend Swapna from Swapna’s Kitchen. She definitely inspires with her yummie looking recipes! Please, check her out!!! Thank you, Swapna! Read more ›

The Versatile Blogger Award!


This is amazing! Another award for my blog! It is my 3rd award this week and I got all of them from India. I am blessed to know so many people from India here but also in person. All are amazingly warm-hearted and radiate a lot of compassion.

I received the honor of this award from SAN. Please, check his blog out. He has very impressive and insightful poems.

Here are the rules:

• First of all,give the link and name of the blogger who nominated you, in your post.
• Secondly,give 7 facts about you.
• Lastly,nominate 15 bloggers for the same.

7 facts about me. That is getting more and more difficult. I recently received several awards in which I had to give facts about me. Since my life was not very spectacular (except breaking out of my inner prison) I really try hard to find some interesting facts. I hope you like them:

  1. The word “boring” doesn’t exist in my vocabulary: I am running a practice and work as aromatherapist, singer, healer (physical and energetic), motivational speaker and author. I am also reading cards and I am practicing my medial abilities. I am a mom of three (13/16/20 turning this year) and I live in one of the smallest countries in the world. I am one of approximately 37’000 inhabitants.geography-of-liechtenstein0
  2. I spent 13 months in the suburban of Buffalo (NY) with my husband and daughter. Our second child was born during that time. Whenever I am back for a visit I feel the close connection. It will always remain home.20140721_164918
  3. My first performance was at the age of 3. Believe it or not I still remember: My parents and I were sitting in the dining hall of a restaurant during our vacation. I slipped from the chair, waddled towards the middle of the hall and started singing some songs. I made the people burst when I sang a German hit from back then “Die Männer sind alle Verbrecher…” Translation: “Men are all criminals”. Imagine a three-year old girl singing that.
  4. I love dancing and I can get very excited and lost in the rhythm. When I was 15 we had a party going in highschool I wore my favorite and very tight leather pants. I danced as if I would never ever dance again. After a while my friend came to me and asked me to turn around… I had a huge crack in my pants. Then I knew why it felt a lot easier to move… for already quiet a while… Also I did not wear lingerie at the time. It was pink cotton underpants… urgh…300px-Riss
  5. I am tolerant to no end but when I am sitting in my car I want to get from A to B asap. It can drive me nuts when I am crawling behind someone who is not noticing that the speed limit is 10 km/h or more higher. 5021140-115976967_14-v1
  6. I have a big respect of that element water and its force. I often dream of being threatened by tsunamis. When I was 14 I was almost carried away from the current into the open sea. My father realized it just in the last moment and helped me getting back. That was scary.
  7. I can not only feel but also see my Guardian Angel. I really do!!! Lucky me 😉64f9fa62d6069fa94f4a9839d5108596

Now I am coming to the moment why I actually participate in awards. I love to nominate the following blogs for their versatility:

A Momma’s View

Arthur’s Day Child

Dear Kitty

Heena Rathore P.

Inside the Life of Moi

Kelzbelz Photography

Nicholas C. Rossis


Problems with Infinity

Remembering Infinity

Silver Threading

Tell Me About It

Screenplay of Life Chronicles

The V-Pub

With Tender Affection

All of these bloggers are definitely versatile. Please check them out!

Now that I am done with mowing the lawn, cleaning up the enclosure of my little zoo and writing this post… I am treating myself with an ice cream…. Yippieeeeee!!!!

In Love and Light!

I Have A Dream…

Infinity Dream Award

Not only Martin Luther King said that. We all have dreams. Today I am supposed to speak about my dream because I was nominated for the Infinity Dream Award. I was gifted with the award by Supreet from The only Sup. This is literally a Dream Award for me. I did not hear of it by now but I  love the message it carries. Read more ›

Am I Creative?


Ritu from But I Smile Anyway thinks so😃 . She just nominated me for The Creative Blogger Award. I feel very honored about that! Most of all since Ritu and I are following each other not for so long yet. I like her kind-hearted spirit and the fresh air she spreads in her posts – just whatever comes to her mind. For all of you who don’t know Ritu’s blog yet just check it out, please! Read more ›

Non – Love in More Than Ten Sentences challenge

My friend Saadia from Reflection Of A Rainbow nominated my blog for the Non – Love in More Than Ten Sentences challenge. It is the first time I receive this nomination for my blog which makes me even more happy. Please check out Saadia’s blog. She has beautiful way of writing poems. Read more ›

The Creative Blogger Award

My heartfelt thank you to Sukanya from . She just nominated me for this wonderful award. It is the second time I got nominated for it and I love this one a lot! Please check Sukanya’s blog out. Read more ›

Blog Tour Award

My Lion friend Nicodemas nominated me for the Blog Tour Award. I thank him from my heart. It is the second time I get this award and it is a wonderful opportunity for me to introduce friends. Nicodemas’ blog is filled with treasures. He shares the beauty, variety and uniqueness of life. Nicodemas posts about nature and cultures, poems and insights, and he has an amazing skill for writing short stories. Take a look and get captured when discovering this world in a new way.

Now here are the questions I am supposed to answer: Read more ›


Yeah, another award!!! Thank you from my heart to Rob from The V-Pub for nominating me for the Creative Blogger Award! If you don’t know Rob’s blog it is definitely time to check it out. Rob’s creativity is unbeatable. He is a great musician and bass player. You need to check out his Juke Box where he stores his own produced songs. His posts go from music to daily observations, from weight-loss tips to men-flu and many more  interesting details a man is thinking about… 😉 Rob has a wonderful and charming humor. So check him out!

The rules for The Creative Blogger award are as follows:

  • Nominate 15-20 blogs and notify all nominees via their social media/blogs
  • Thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you
  • Share five facts about yourself to your readers
  • Pass these rules on to them

First the five facts about me:

  1. I paint walls, put furniture together, mow the lawn, and do all the gardening (including the use of electric hedge clippers), and I am able to drive with a trailer (of course also backwards). IMG_6035
  2. I may be full of life and energy. But what I love most is dreaming, sitting on the beach and gazing at the ocean, watching the sunset and staring into the night sky (sorry, Rob, but I can’t help it). I can spend hours doing that.  (OK, you cannot watch a sunset for hours…)IMG_4960
  3. I am afraid of heights but both times I was at the Grand Canyon I stood right at the edge. IMG_3357
  4. I have a tortoise which is ten years younger than I am and has an estimated age of 10 years more than me. That way I will die twenty years before my tortoise. My daughter already said she won’t accept the heritage…IMG_5780
  5. I am a peaceful person who loves to spread tolerance and understanding… but… not when I sit behind a steering wheel… then I mutate into a speed loving super hero. (Yes, that’s my car – the Durango.)2014-durango-vlp-performance-towing

Now to my nominees in alphabetical order:

A mommas view

Arthur’s Day Child

Cooking With A Wallflower

Heena Rathore P. 

Joe Writes His Wrongs

Joy Loves Travel

Nicholas Rossis

Nicodemas Plus Three


Reflection of a Rainbow

Silver Threading

Story Time With John

The Screenplay of Life Chronicles 

Turquoise Compass 

Upon Arriving

I know that I just nominated some of you but this award is too fitting… You know that nobody is obliged to participate anyway!

Once again thanks to the V-Pub for the honor!

Have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend.

In Love and Light.

Spread the Love Challenge

I was just nominated by lovely Miss Sunshine for the Spread the love challenge. Check out her blog. She spreads exactly how she names her blog: sunbeam

To take part we basically have to write 10 four word sentences about love (sorry, I can’t sum it up in four words), share you favourite quote/poem filled with love and then nominate more bloggers to do the same and eventually love with be rippling it’s way through social media and hopefully filling everybody’s days! Read more ›

Writer’s Quote Wednesday 12/10/14–Erika Kind

Colleen from had a wonderful idea: Writer’s Quote Wednesday! Each Wednesday one quote of a WordPress author has the chance to win this blogging event! I am honored to be the first one chosen. Can’t believe it’s me. A big thank you to Colleen. If you don’t know her blog yet, you really need to check it out. She is a great pool of inspiration!

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