Fall Beauties

Today, I would like to share a few photos of my garden again that I took over the past two weeks, and the last ones only yesterday. I am amazed by how many spring flowers are blooming for a second time or how many others are still blossoming.

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My Little Paradise – #5

Here we go with the last visit to my little oasis. I began to replant this part of the garden this spring. Therefore some plants are only settling. Still everything is developing and most plants have grown even bigger than they look on the picture. Also here too, I took pictures between May and July to catch the flowers at their most beautiful stages. I leave you with a collection of impressions.

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Just A Quick Hi…

Yesterday I took some more pictures from my garden. It is wonderful how it seems to blossom every day more. Have a lovely Sunday! Soon with you again… Read more ›

Rose of Sharon!

Just some photos of my blossoming bush: Read more ›

My Chill Out Place

On the west side of our house hidden between bushes and the guinea pig enclosure there is a little bench. It is my chill out zone, my recovery zone, my meditation zone, or the place I am by myself when I try to get my thoughts and feelings in order. From here I watch the sunset behind the mountains and enjoy the most peaceful time in becoming one with nature. Read more ›

My Butterfly Buddy!

Today it finally isn’t raining anymore. I took the chance, hopped outside, and cut some withered rose petals. I took my phone along in order to take pictures of my first lilies. Unfortunately I missed the best time of their blossom. But they are still lovely. Read more ›

I See Trees of Green, Red Roses too …

Many of you know that my favorite flowers are roses (preferred white ones). I have about 30 rose bushes around my house. Judy from Edwina’s Episodes recently posted photos of her beautiful roses. When we were talking about it she asked me to post some photos of mine, too. Here is are some of my beauties. Enjoy! Read more ›

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