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In Love and Light

Christmas Arrived…


… or at least the first vibes in the form of a beautiful painting of our lovely and so very talented Carolina of YesterdayAfter. Read more ›

Don’t Blame Yourself For What The Fool Did!


A lot of people came to my mind who gave their last for someone who took that all for granted or who used them deliberately. Read more ›

#Haiku – In Good and Bad


Life goes up and down Read more ›

Get Into Power and Your Channel Will Clear Up

Bildergebnis für cleared mind solution  quotes

Lately, I was talking to one of my best friends on the phone. We live about 6000 miles apart but that doesn’t matter since we are friends for 37 years. We haven’t talked to each other for at least 2 1/2 years and only barely texted since both of our lives have become crazily busy. But what is most important in this world? What do we need if we lose everything? Friends! That’s what we both realized when we had some days off over the change of the year. We managed to have a 3 1/2 hour talk. But it was necessary since so much happened in both of our lives and we both needed to update each other. Read more ›

Three Day Quote Challenge


Already the last day and I thank you again very much for inviting me to this wonderful challenge, Natasha. Please don’t forget to check out her blog at Explore Yourself. Read more ›

Three Day Quote Challenge – Day 2


Thank you, dear Natasha, for inviting me to this wonderful challenge. As most of you know, it is my favorite one and so I am happy to participate. Please head over to Natasha’s blog over at Explore Yourself. Read more ›

Three Day Quote Challenge- Day 1

Bildergebnis für new beginning quote

Thank you, dear Natasha, for inviting me to this wonderful challenge. As most of you know, it is my favorite one and so I am happy to participate. Please head over to Natasha’s blog over at Explore Yourself. Read more ›


We are all one – we are all brothers and sister, created by the same source of love!

Please read this moving poem and important message by our wonderful Wendell. It is sad that it is still so timely but that way even more important to spread awareness about it!

Where Words Daily Come Alive.com

My eyes awakened to a world today
That they do not really understand
For this world will not accept me
As the young man that I really am

Society has had a tendency to dictate
A world of hard life for one like me
Because of my skins darker color
Because of what their eyes daily see

Will there ever be hope In my life
Of being more than what they say I am
Why do I have to work ten times as hard
As my brother in God, a Caucasian man

I am a constant victim of a daily outrage
Which has lasted for far too many years
And I wonder if I’ll ever be sheltered
From many of my life’s most proven fears

For there is not a place for me to go to
From this savage land where I was born
And I find myself continually an…

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Life In A Flash – Geoff Le Pard


In early December our wonderful and generous Geoff Le Pard (whom I was blessed to meet in person at the UK Blogger Bash in 2016) sent me two of his books. Read here. It took me a bit to start reading since I had a lot on my plate during the past weeks. But I am happy to present a little review. It wouldn’t be me if I did not do it my way. Thank you so much, dear Geoff, I was laughing so hard at times!  Read more ›

Thank you, Robert!

The Swallowtail.jpg

Today, I received a touching Christmas email from one of our fellow bloggers. Robert Goldstein gifted me with this beautiful photo. Since I am following Robert I admire him for his photographs. Also, you all know how much I love butterflies. Can you imagine how delighted I have been with his thoughtfulness? I am really touched. Robert, I appreciate your kindness to think of me so much! Thank you!!

I wish you all a lovely rest of your days wherever in this world you are and a love-filled Christmas eve tomorrow!

In Love and Light


Communication: Challenge and Solution

maxresdefault (1).jpg

For today I did not have a particular topic in mind and again I took some inspiration from my Gateway Oracle Cards.  Thank you, guidance. These are the cards I picked: Read more ›

Happy Birthday, Ritu 🎂


It is my blog sister’s birthday today! She is such a lovely, thoughtful, and supportive buddy and I am thankful to have her in my life. Last year, I was even blessed to meet her in person at the UK Blogger Bash.  Read more ›

Poetic RITUals – Birthday Giveaway!

Look what generous offer my sister has here!! Go and get a copy of her book for free!!

But I Smile Anyway...

Just a little reminder – the giveaway is live TODAY!

And it is definitely live now, I checked across most of the Amazon sites!!!

From Friday the 1st September, through to Sunday 3rd September, (my birthday!) My poetry book, Poetic RITUals, will be FREE to download.

Poetic RITUals by [Bhathal, Ritu]

Get that?


Click on the link below to take you to the Amazon of your country, and please, download it!


My only request… If you do, and you read… please leave a review!

What’s it about? I hear you ask…

Delve into a book of verse exploring different topics and different genres, all with a RITUal twist.
A collection of poetry drawing on the experiences of the writer, ranging from matters of the heart, love for the family, situations in life and some verses written with a humorous twist.

And so far it has had some lovely reviews…

One from Diana


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#Haiku – International Meeting


Flying ’round the globe

For meeting blogger buddies

Who’s going to come?


Many did sign up

But only three did make it

Phew… I’m not alone!


A lovely circle

Poetry meets recipe

What a combination


Laughter and good food

Making friends, sharing stories

Thankful I was there


When we left it rained

Thanks to Marci, I stayed dry

She drove me back home


Flying ’round the globe

Meeting two friends for dinner

It was all worth it!

Thank you for the nice evening, Marci of WhatsForDinnerMoms.com and Syl of Syl65. It was great, meeting you both in person. And last but not least: Thank you so much to Lisa of LifeOfAnElPasoWoman for organizing this all.

In Love and Light

Don’t Blame Yourself For What The Fool Did!


Lately, I read a post of our lovely Zee, over at LifeConfusions, who is back after a long break. She had to deal with a lot of difficulties but she made it. What attracted my attention was a paragraph about her being fooled and terribly disappointed by others. A lot of people came to my mind who gave their last for someone who took that all for granted or who used them deliberately.


OK, we need to learn not to just trust everyone at first sight and if the same person played a false game again we should let them play it alone. But sometimes you can have a really good feeling about someone and you are open to giving them second chances. Unfortunately, there are people out there who don’t care for other people’s feelings but only for their own benefits. Those people don’t understand that they have a responsibility when they have other people’s trust or even their hearts. Perhaps they even feel overwhelmed when someone opens up to them. Then again there are those who simply don’t care who only look for their own benefit. If they find someone willing to fulfill their needs they take it gladly but of course, this is not mutual even when nice words are said.


As we know, we see the world the way we are and good-hearted people believe in the good of others. The worse it is when they are waking up one day and seeing that someone only played with them and that spoken or even written words were empty shells and never meant. It breaks their hearts but what is even worse is that through their open-hearted way they may experience this more often and in the end they are blaming themselves for everything and the fight against themselves begins.


And this holds good for any relationship. The ones to whom the relationship means more drift into a dependency and do everything to get back to the point where they once were or what they believed there was. They are questioning themselves, their actions, their attitudes, their whole being that something must be wrong with them and bury themselves in self-accusations. They are begging for answers in order to make it all up again – but they are rejected. They lose self-esteem and start hiding their hearts because they don’t want to be hurt anymore. But since this is not who they are they feel torn apart inside. What is an important lesson to learn and insight to gain is that not the fooled one has to be cleared out but the fool!

kierkegaard quote.jpg

It is necessary to step back and look at the situation from a distance. Only when the fooled one realizes that it is not a bad attitude to have an open heart but to abuse open hearts the healing can begin. Never feel bad because you trusted. It is the person who had bad intentions even though they would never confess it.

Don’t expect an apology, you won’t get it.
Don’t expect them to understand, they won’t.
Don’t drift into resentments, they only harm you.
Don’t ever think how unfair it is because one thing is for sure: They fight the bigger fight.

You can detach from such people and slowly get back to who you are. But imagine how isolated they must feel when they never let someone into their hearts but push them away constantly for what reason ever. They are the real victim because, in the end, it is all coming back to them.


Free yourself from the dependency of a toxic relationship, send them love, and then never look back. Those people don’t matter in your life. In detaching and leaving the disappointments and scars with the cause you become free for those who do matter! Stay open minded and you will see soon so many good things coming your way. Just turn your face towards the sun.

In Love and Light

Day 6 #Loveuary❤ – Friends


My blog sister, Ritu, of But I Smile Anyway has a beautiful challenge going through this Valentine month. Love is my favorite subject and how could I resist to participate as much as possible. The good thing is there are no real rules. You can choose any prompt that comes to your mind, pick any of Ritu’s suggested prompts, or use them in her order which I do. You find more information here Read more ›

The Magic of Connection


We are connecting with each other in various ways daily. More consciously in our jobs, with family or friends, and more unconsciously in the bus, in the supermarket,… But there is something that happens beyond a visible or physical connection. There is something we feel before the first word is said, often even before the first eye contact. It is the radiation we feel about each other. That first impression. It may not give us a clear picture – because how we perceive a person says more about ourselves than about them – but it is very important for the way that encounter continues. It is like extending invisible tentacles in order to scan the other person.


“Love at first sight” is such a mystery! When the radiated energies are strongly matching then the tentacles of each other have already connected before we realize it. That also happens when we “feel” someone near us turn around and there they are! The more a person “shines” the more we can feel their presence without seeing them.


First and foremost those connections are spiritual connections. Our spiritual being is unlimited and not depending on the range of our bodies. Even incarnated its senses overcome the physical limits. Soul mates recognize each other on the spiritual level immediately and feel familiar with each other without any explanation. Modern technology makes it so much easier to connect with our spiritual families or kindred spirits these days.


That is what astounds most of us about social media and most of all about blogging. I believe that thousands of miles apart we are connecting through our hearts in the first place and the mind cannot help it but follows the heart! The law of attraction works even better on this platform where our minds are not able to judge anyone by their outer appearance due to the physical absence!


I am here on WordPress for more than 2 1/2 years and I have experienced often from the first interaction with someone if this is going to be a friendship and closer connection. We are more open here in a place where we feel safer to share our thoughts, experiences, and feelings. That makes us transparent and the real being shines through a lot more. We feel with each other and we are accompanying each other. We inspire and encourage each other. Perhaps we are not always understood and we have different opinions but what counts much more is that we are heard and taken serious! This is what so many are missing in real life! We are there for each other when someone is not doing well and that got proved several times!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have never been afraid of meeting my blogger friends. I know there are some who are skeptic about that: “What if they are not who I thought they were?” I dare to say that those who are not afraid of meeting each other definitely are the way they are on their blogs. I feel blessed that I met several bloggers over time and it was like meeting old friends I just haven’t seen for a long time. It felt like a family gathering and the mind got confirmed what the heart already knew!

Images%2FHvøjar Føroyar%2FLitfagrar Føroyar - hendur.jpeg

Connecting by the heart and creating like-minded groups is such a wonderful thing when it is happening in the way we are experiencing it here on WordPress. And as I always say: Our community is a role model for the world out there!

Word count: 584

In addition to my usual Monday posts, this is my take on Connecting regarding the Blogger Bash 2017 in the UK. I have to announce that I cannot meet you wonderful people this year due to a family event on the same weekend. But I don’t want to miss at least joining in this way!

In Love and Light


Thank You All!


This is the day of the year again when we all reflect. We look back to where we were and where we are today, to the things we wanted to accomplish and perhaps didn’t but also to those achievements we did not expect to develop or happen one year ago. But however, this year was surely filled with so many aspects that make life life: ups and downs, insights, endings and beginnings, success and … less successful results. But whatever happened throughout the year, it all made us more complete. Our development progressed and we are further and wiser than ever before!  Read more ›

Soul Embers


Not even a month ago one of our most amazing poets here on WordPress released his 4th book! Sylvester’s poetry has been deep and profound no matter which one I ever read – may it be on his blog or in his books.  Read more ›

Better Late Than Never!


My dear motherly friend, Linda of Nutsrok, published her first book this year. She wrote the memoirs of her mother Kathleen. I have to confess that I am not through it yet. But I read enough to finally give Linda’s book a shout out.  Read more ›

Happy Birthday, my Sister!




My dearest Sis,

Have a wonderful day filled with smiles, laughter, surprises, and beautiful memories. I am happy that you have become one of my closest friends here on WP within no time. Thank you for sharing your experiences, thoughts, insights, challenges and happy moments with us. Thank you for being such a loyal, supportive, and compassionate friend. You are an inspiring and encouraging light for us. I am very thankful that 3 months ago I could hug you in person and not only virtually. It was like meeting someone I new forever. Thank you for your wonderful friendship!

Ritu Bhathal

Comments are closed because I want you to head over to Ritu’s and congratulate her. Happy Weekend to all of you!

In Love and Light

Daily Kind Quote

With Syl’s permission:

Lift up others

In Love and Light

Everything Smells Just Like Poke Salad • The Kindle Version

Yay, the print version is available! I just ordered it! I am so excited to get the book. What makes it so special for me is the fact that I met both Linda and her mom in person! I can say this from my heart that they are two of the most kind-heartet people I ever met!

Please check out the book filled with the life of an amazing strong woman.

The Kindle Version Can Be Found Here Please tell your friends……… Also available in print version for those of you who love the feel of a book in your hand!

Source: Everything Smells Just Like Poke Salad • The Kindle Version

In Love and Light

Goodbye, my buddies…



When I sit on my bench from now on

It will never be the same

The enclosure that I look at

Will never be filled again


Whether summer or winter

I was there to care and to clean

For two furry buddies

For their comfort and well-being Read more ›

I’m Sorry, It Wasn’t About You!

I remembered an incident that happened quite some time back in my life. When it came to my mind I thought I may not be the only one who is endlessly thankful for someone who puts their ego aside and only helps us healing the wounds which still affect our lives at times.

ca198b4d60c99b394332f361b53696d1 (1)

Read more ›

Love – More Than Just A Feeling!

The first thing when we hear the word Love may be this most fulfilling relationship between two people, feeling butterflies, romance, holding hands, kissing, thinking about creating a life together and perhaps doing it, being there for each other no matter what, one mind, one heart, one soul… To me, this is still the highest level of love we can experience when two people are giving their all for each other. But there is so much more about love.


When I started writing this post I received the picture of a pyramid. We started at the peak with the “lovebirds” but that is not the base of what love is. There is something very very big far beneath which gives those lovebirds the necessary boost to fly. Let’s go down to the foundation in 5 more steps. For a better understanding: When I describe the love in the different relationships I am talking about the ideal/common way. I try to keep it short in order to not exceed your patience with reading. But I would love to write more about the different subjects if you would like me to. Read more ›

Poetic RITUals – Available To Buy NOW!

And here she is my amazing Hippie Sister, Ritu, with her first book! I am so proud of you, Sis, and cannot wait to hold a copy in hands!

Please check her post out and grab yourself a copy available as print version or e-book.

  After all this time, finally, you can buy/download a copy of my new Poetry Book, Poetic RITUals, on Amazon UK, Amazon.Com, Amazon – India, Amazon – Australia, Amazon – Cana…

Source: Poetic RITUals – Available To Buy NOW!

In Love and Light

Blogger Bash 2016

I know, I know…. I may be the last one posting about the Bash. But I just arrived back home. Thank God I did not have a lot of stuff to put back (what an amazing thing to travel only with hand luggage). But next time I hope I can squeeze in one more day to enjoy London itself too. Although it was my 5th time in that beautiful city I would not have minded to stay a bit lot longer! Read more ›

Daily Kind Quote

With Lisa’s permission:

Take action

In Love and Light

The Smiley Thumb Award

What an amazing week it was. I got a new job and on Sunday night I was gifted with a new award – new to me but also new in general! It was Lisa of Life of an El Paso Woman again who kindly nominated me for this lovely award. I am really excited about it. Thank you so very much 😘 I love to smile, I love to see others smile and I love to make others smile…. so what more could make me smile or cause me to make others smile… lol!!! Yes, I am smiling all over my face. 😃 Read more ›

2 Years!!!

It is crazy how fast time flew by! My blog reached its ….. uhm…

5138475-115976967_29-v1 Read more ›

Weekly Review

Happy Friday to all of you! I am sorry, I am late again. A lot happened … You will know, when you are getting closer to the end of the post. Wish you all a wonderful day or evening or already morning… wherever in this world you are!

Read more ›

Weekly Review

Happy Friday to all of you! I am late today but I will get it done. This week was exciting but also very busy in general for me.  But here some impressions of my blog week.

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Weekly Review

Here we are again! After skipping two reviews I am really excited to be back again with the weekly review. I won’t go back all the three weeks and hope for your understanding. Only within this week happened so much to fill this post! Happy Friday!

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Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter

In Love and Light!!!

Weekly Review

Today is not only Friday it is Good Friday and most of you might be off or in the beginning of spring break (YAY, Ritu)! With this review, I wish you all Happy  Easter. I hope you get some rest, can relax, or spend a wonderful time with friends and family! The Easter bunny already is in full stress: Read more ›

Weekly Review

Another week has passed which makes this another week closer to spring. All of us from the northern hemisphere are yearning for it. Yesterday I saw the first butterfly of the season fluttering by my window.  It was one like these:Admiral

Let’s flutter a bit back in time!
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Happy Birthday, Rich!

My amazing Hippie Blog Brother, Rich of Waffle Me This, just told me that today was his birthday and that he turned 21 already! Wow, Bro, life has just begun! Read more ›

YAY! Look What I Got!!!


I just picked up my copy of Judy’s book!!! I am not ready for a review yet but of course, I took a look into it right away. Judy created sections for different topics….. chapter 10…. oh-la-la!

Thank you, Sis, that you recognized the community in your acknowledgment!

In Love and Light


Weekly Review

It was a lovely week together with you all again! You are inspiring me and introducing me to so many new things all the time. I love that our community is uniting all the parts of this world. It is great that you guys share so much of your own history but also about your daily life wherever you live. Some things which especially caught my attention this week.
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Daily Kind Quote

With Amanda’s permission:

There is always room for biscuits

In Love and Light

Weekly Review

Hey, friends, here I am with a little trip back in time. What a week!!! It had it all! Excitement, thought-provoking moments, exhausting hours….with one word: Pure life! (Ok, that were two words.)
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Daily Kind Quote

Shared feelings halve the pain

In Love and Light

Song of the Day

There are people in our community who are touching our hearts on a daily base. I want to use this post today to thank and tell you all how beautiful you are the way you are. I got inspired by a poem of my blog sister Belinda: Your poem touched me. It is beautiful what you are giving to us because it is part of who you are. I hope you know how beautiful you are, Sis! Read more ›

Weekly Review

Hi, friends! First of all, I apologize again for not stopping by at your blogs since yesterday. I will make it an effort to catch up as much as possible now! But let’s get the review started!
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Weekly Review

For once I am posting the review on a Saturday again. I had a lot of appointments going yesterday.  Anyway, here it comes. I hope you like it!
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Amanda’s Valentine’s Day Post


Amanda of Inside The Life Of Moi has trouble with publishing her post. Actually, the post was published successfully but it doesn’t show up on the reader for no obvious reason. I share the link here in order to inform you about her latest post: Oh, Not Valentine’s Day Again!

Please head over to her blog! The post is awesome as always and as she is!

This is the second post today which has a closed comment section!

In Love and Light



🎆 Happy Birthday Judy 🎆

It’s our blog sister’s 50th birthday today! No likes or comments over here but please head over to her birthday party and leave your congratulations!


Weekly Review

TGIF! Wooh… the weekend is almost here. One more day to go. Let’s see what the week had in store for. Read more ›

3 Day Quote Challenge – Day 3

It is day 3 of my favorite challenge. My dear blog brother, Rich of Waffle Me This, invited me to this challenge. Thank you so much, bro! He is a true survivor! Undaunted by death he drives his magical rainbow van on the wrong side of the road on a daily base and is still alive! Check his blog out. He has an amazing humor, is poetic, sensual, romantic, a music lover,…

The last two Minion friendship quotes. I love you all my wonderful friends out there!

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Song of the Day

Again a song about friendship today according to the last day of the 3 Day Quote Challenge.

We all connected because there is something we have in common, something that speaks to us untold. All your posts deliver something that is valuable for the rest of the community and so often you post something which another friend just needed to read. You are all awesome and you are all needed and important. Thank you for being here. Read more ›

3 Day Quote Challenge – Day 2

My adorably crazy blog brother, Rich of Waffle Me This, invited me to this challenge. Thank you so much, bro! Check his blog out. He has an amazing humor, is poetic, sensual, romantic, a music lover,…

Two more funny Minion friendship quotes are waiting to honor this wonderful community!

Read more ›

3 Day Quote Challenge – Day 1

My adorably crazy blog brother, Rich of Waffle Me This, invited me to this challenge. Thank you so much, bro! Check his blog out. He has an amazing humor, is poetic, sensual, romantic, a music lover,… You will love him!

This is definitely my favorite challenge. Finding a theme and digging into quotes  is just fun. And in order to make it even more fun, I thought about a special theme this time.

I experience how more and more really close friendships are developing here on the blogsphere. We are there for each other and we are having so much fun together. That’s why I chose funny friendship quotes for this round of the challenge. In order to give it this crazy kick I get the help of the Minions! Hope you like it! Read more ›

Song of the Day

When I was invited to the 3 Day Quote Challenge by my blog brother Rich I thought about the theme I would choose. I knew it quickly that I would do Friendships. During the time here on WP I have met so many wonderful people. It appears to me that the connections get stronger and closer even with new people I connect. We are brothers and sister by heart, aren’t we? I dedicate this song to all of you. Love you lots! 💖 Read more ›

The Blessing Of The Rabbit Hole

This post is inspired by a discussion I had going with Carisa of Sometimes Silver Linings Are Blue about the rabbit hole. Actually, it was more about the positive effects of that rabbit hole experience. Carisa thought it would make a topic for a post. I always love to discuss things with her. Carisa is a treasure box of experience and I honor and appreciate her a lot. Read more ›

Weekly Review

Hello on this Friday! Friends, I tell you that week was packed! Packed with amazing discoveries, surprises, insights, and information! So perhaps you go to the bathroom quickly because reading this might take you a bit to get through. Let’s get it on!

Best of

vampire-castle-wallpaper-high-quality-w1nlMy post with the most views this week my vampire poem Immortality 


11357509244_0e8af7a4ff_oMihran, our amazing and multitalented musician has a new blog page called Mihran Piano. Please check this site out. He is not only playing the piano like a God, he also is a composer, producer, conductor, and I am sure much more.


english-keyNow something really fantastic! Ritu, my loony Luna Blog Sister of But I Smile Anyway shared an information about Grammarly. Grammarly is an editorial program for grammar. It is for free and works perfectly on Word. Ritu uses is over Chrome and I could also download it with Firefox. When I am writing a post or only comment it is always checking back continuously and underlines the wrong parts with the correct suggestions. Really fantastic in general but also for peeps like me whose first language is not English. Please check it out, it is amazing. Here is the link for downloading Grammarly.


crayons-galore1Karen of You Are Pretty Fucking Special wrote a very insightful and inspiring post about the wonderful fact that we all bring so much uniqueness into this world. Please check out per post A Winter’s Storm.


3939497-115976967_19-v1Not really a Best Of but something that is beyond stupidity and, therefore, I do consider it as a Best Of.  Did you ever change the password of your laptop and forgot it when you wanted to log in the next time? Happened to me yesterday… annoyed30 nerve-wracking,  frustrating, desperate minutes until I finally remembered. If I had no access to the data, songs, writings on my laptop anymore…. no… I have to stop here…


Thank You

5741425-115976967_29-v1Lisa of Life Of An El Paso Woman invited me for an interview. The ones of you who already follow Lisa know that she is an expert in this matter. That’s why her questions are concretely asked but not limiting at all. Thank you again for inviting me to your Saturday Evening Interview. 


Aria  Robert Goldstein surprised me completely with dedicating a beautiful aria to me from the Marriage of Figaro. He started dedicating pieces of music to fellow bloggers. I am humbled by his gesture. Listen to Never would I have expected that. Thank you, Robert! You are a masterpiece yourself.


dsc_39041On Wednesday Hugh of Hugs Views And News informed me that I was under the winners!!! He had a guest interview with Beverley A. Young  in January and “she kindly offered a mini numerology reading to three lucky readers”, as Hugh says. When I realized that I was jumping and screaming!!! I barely win which multiplies my excitement. Thank you so very much!!!


michael-jacksonLisa of Rebirth of Lisa posted about after a movie of Joseph Finnie was released. I don’t know the movie and for sure I won’t watch it but it must be discriminating, offending, and humiliating regarding Michael Jackson. I have been a fan of his since I was 14. Lisa’s post spoke from my heart: Two Words For Joseph Finnie … Beat it! Thank you for your loyalty, Lisa!



Dear Kitty for the Brotherhood of the World Award

New Blogs I Follow

Mihran Piano

In My Cluttered Attic

Just a thought

590136_1383599017.9532_updOlga of Just Olga shared a link with me in one of her comments. It touched my soul! Thank you so very much, Olga! It is exactly what I try to spread with my books, this blog, my workshops, … (They even used same phrases which astonished me.) We are not our bodies, our profession, our possession. We are not even our thoughts. We are the being that gives this body the ability to live.  As it is said in the video: We are all the same, simply coming in different editions. I’ve never heard a better explanation. This video will give you goosebumps.

In Love and Light

Weekly Review

I hope you all have had a nice Saturday so far! My days are pretty busy at the moment and that is why my review again is posted today instead of Friday! So what… let’s look at the past week 😊 Read more ›

Daily Kind Quote

Cracks in the surface

In Love and Light

The #Champions Award 2015

What a welcome yesterday! After my (more or less) break I was gifted with the #GirlLoveChallenge from Colleen of Silver Threading and right after that my very much appreciated blog sister Judy of Edwina’s Episodes nominated me for this honoring award.  But not only that only 1 hour later my dearest Ritu Sister of But I Smile Anyway nominated me for the same award.  That is awesome, ladies!


Thank you from my heart both of my sisters. Feel strongly hugged

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Spirit Animal Blog Award

My wonderful and simply amazing blog sister with the big mommy heart, Ritu of But I Smile Anyway, surprised me with a new award which is simply amazing! How could I resist and of course I participate! I am sure that all of you already know my fantastic sis. If you don’t what are you waiting for? Stop reading and head over to hers. Her blog is full of inspiration, motivation, insights, love, compassion, and care! Read more ›

My Blog in 2015

Honestly, I often looked back at this year all year through. What I was able to say goodbye to and what all flooded my life during the passing months in beautiful ways was far beyond my expectation. I try to keep it at the highlights in order to not extend that post more than necessary.

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Kruti’s Prompt

My sweet blog Sis, Kruti of 10 Evening Flowers, came up with a great idea. She prompts to write either about a title or a photo she suggested. Read more here!

I immediately felt more like picking a picture. This is my try on this: Read more ›

Merry Christmas!

My lovely blog family, thank you all for making this blogging experience an essential part of my life. Thank you for your loyalty, for visiting my blog, and for sharing a part of yourself with me in your comments. My blog grew immensely over this year only because of each one of you! I thank you from the bottom of my heart that you are giving me the feeling that what I do makes sense. Read more ›

24 Days of Grateful

Alexandra of AlexandraWriteNow  is doing a wonderful challenge from Dec. 1 – 24 and she calls it 24 Days of Grateful and it is about posting one thing a day I am grateful for.  Everybody feel free to join in!

Lisa of Life Of An El Paso Women nominated me for The 12 Days of Christmas challenge too. Although I cannot participate in that one too I try to give it justice by including it in my Grateful posts!

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24 Days of Grateful

Alexandra of AlexandraWriteNow  is doing a wonderful challenge from Dec. 1 – 24 and she calls it 24 Days of Grateful and it is about posting one thing a day I am grateful for.  Everybody feel free to join in!

Lisa of Life Of An El Paso Women nominated me for The 12 Days of Christmas challenge too. Although I cannot participate in that one too I try to give it justice by including it in my Grateful posts!

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24 Days of Grateful and Grateful Blogger Award

Alexandra of AlexandraWriteNow  is doing a wonderful challenge from Dec. 1 – 24 and she calls it 24 Days of Grateful and it is about posting one thing a day I am grateful for.  Everybody feel free to join in!

Lisa of Life Of An El Paso Women nominated me for The 12 Days of Christmas challenge too. Although I cannot participate in that one too I try to give it justice by including it in my Grateful posts!

Yesterday Sandra of A Momma’s View nominated me for a new award. Gratitude is such an important attitude and  powerful tool to activate our creative power for directing our lives into a positive direction. I could not be more grateful and happy to be gifted with this award – most of all by a wonderful person like Sandra! Thank you so very much. Please check her blog out and you will see how much of love, wisdom, inspiration, and motivation she spreads!

I though it would be a great opportunity to combine the challenge with this award nomination since it could be fitting any better!

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24 Days of Grateful

Alexandra of AlexandraWriteNow  is doing a wonderful challenge from Dec. 1 – 24 and she calls it 24 Days of Grateful and it is about posting one thing a day I am grateful for.  Everybody feel free to join in!

Lisa of Life Of An El Paso Women nominated me for The 12 Days of Christmas challenge too. Although I cannot participate in that one too I try to give it justice by including it in my Grateful posts!

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24 Days of Grateful

Alexandra of AlexandraWriteNow  is doing a wonderful challenge from Dec. 1 – 24 and she calls it 24 Days of Grateful and it is about posting one thing a day I am grateful for.  Everybody feel free to join in!

Lisa of Life Of An El Paso Women nominated me for The 12 Days of Christmas challenge too. Although I cannot participate in that one too I try to give it justice by including it in my Grateful posts!

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24 Days of Grateful

Alexandra of AlexandraWriteNow  is doing a wonderful challenge from Dec. 1 – 24 and she calls it 24 Days of Grateful and it is about posting one thing a day I am grateful for.  Everybody feel free to join in!

Lisa of Life Of An El Paso Women nominated me for The 12 Days of Christmas challenge too. Although I cannot participate in that one too I try to give it justice by including it in my Grateful posts!

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Featuring YesterdayAfter

My lovely, kind-hearted, and most creative blog sister, Carolina, started something wonderful to support bloggers. She is featuring each week one blogger and sticks their images to her page. This is an awesome idea. I was blessed to be the second featured blogger since she started it. Lately Carolina asked if someone was interested to feature her too or to do a little article about her blog. Of course I agreed immediately……… although it took me some weeks to get it done! Sorry, Carolina, but now the time has come: You are featured!


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Daily Kind Quote

We are the colors of the world

In Love and Light

Daily Kind Quote

With Kristin’s permission:

You are sun

In Love and Light

24 Days of Grateful

Alexandra of AlexandraWriteNow  is doing a wonderful challenge from Dec. 1 – 24 and she calls it 24 Days of Grateful and it is about posting one thing a day I am grateful for.  I said I won’t participate in any challenges this month but this one of course I cannot resist. I won’t do long posts, just a word, a picture, a quote, a special mention, or sometimes a combination. Read more ›

Weekly Review

Friday again! For many of our US friends it is only the 3rd of 5 days off because of Thanksgiving.  Also it is Black Friday – The day when everybody goes nuts and runs for Christmas presents because all the stores are having special offers. However you spend your Friday and wherever you are from: Happy Friday to you! Read more ›

Weekly Review

I love Fridays! But not because of the coming weekend but because of the occasion to recall wonderful moments of the past week and share them with you! Read more ›

For Our French Friends…

A night of horror and terror lies behind our French fellow-men. About 150 civilians and 6 terrorists dead. The French people are called to stay in their homes and all attractions are closed. The fear, the grief, the shock is deep. The compassion not only of the neighbor countries and Europe but of the whole world is with all of you. Our sympathy and thoughts are with you.

We are all one! What harms one of us, hurts all of us!

For our French friends here on WordPress and for all the French people but also for everybody who faces difficult times right now.  Much love to all of you! Read more ›

Weekly Review

It’s Friday! After a long break do to my absence I am back with another review. This a review of 3 weeks. I hope I don’t forget anything. As you know a lot happened in my life during the past 3 weeks and I couldn’t be any happier about it. But let’s get started!

Best of

The post with the most views is: A Two Weeks Review Of Gratitude And Blessings


The best that happened during the past weeks for sure was my trip to and through the States in general. I already posted some times about it and I don’t want to bother it with a repetition of the whole story. If you did not see it yet, here is my review on that:  A Two Weeks Review Of Gratitude And Blessings

Marissa Bergen posted in her own special Marissa-way about the meeting of her, Carolina, Corinne and I. Please read her poem  To Find Ms. Kind. You need to know that after our meeting I drove down from above Hollywood to Newport Beach. The highways lead right through Los Angeles and it was Friday at 5 pm. The best was to take a nap right on the highway because it turns out as the world’s largest parking lot! Instead of 1 hour 15 minutes, it took me almost 3 hours to get home. Now see what Marissa made of it!!! She is amazing!


Another highlight has been learning about the Blogger Bash in London on June 11 2016! Hey, folks! This is the chance to meet a whole lot of other bloggers you already know from WordPress or make new friends. I cannot wait to meet many of my English friends and hopefully a whole lot from other countries too! Here is the post with the first information: The BASH is BACK! The Second Annual #BloggersBash 2016 

Annual Bloggers Bash Is BACK

Joe of Joe Writes His Wrongs posted a wonderful video yesterday! He is released from prison for about two months and it is amazing how hard he is working on his future. He is highly motivated to go through all the challenges and I know that he makes it! No doubt about that. Please check out the video. It is not even 5 minutes!

Thank You

When Carolina, Marissa,  Corinne and I met Carolina gifted all of us with a uniquely created jewelery. She picked each component she used related to the person she made it for. This way each piece has its own meaning. Whenever I think of it, it moves me again deeply how much love she incorporated into each creation. Yesterday she posted about the three creations in Jewelry Designs Meanings and Friendship… turquoise-shell-necklace1a

Another big Thank you goes to Kruti for her effort to meeting me in Dallas and for her lovely gifts! Thank you for your amazing friendship, for your openness, trust, and the love you share with us. You are a gem, dear sister! I am happy and proud to have you in my life!IMG-20151028-WA0012

A huge Thank you goes to Linda and her family. Linda invited me to stay with her in Louisiana and already her excitement about our meeting and my visit touched me a lot. Her hospitality and that lovely welcome by her and each family member is a gift with no money to buy. You, your husband, your sisters, and of course your mother are some of the most loving and cordial people I have ever met in my whole life. That I may call you my friends or even family is an honor and joy I will never be able to express! Thank you!


Sandra of A Momma’s View invited to leave links either of your own blog or posts or of those from other people in order to share them with others. Please take the chance and head over to  Time to Mingle. Thank you, Sandra. This is  such a thoughtful way of supporting and connecting!

And of course: THANK YOU STARBUCKS!!! Not only that we had a wonderful time at your place, I enjoyed your creations for 2 weeks as much as possible! 91324-I-Love-Starbucks-GifAwards

Thank you for 3 awards:

The Respect Award and the Infinity Dream Award from Amaya of Life Of An El Paso Woman

Another Respect Award from Robert Goldstein

New Blogs I Follow

 Corinneonline This is the first time I follow a blogger after I met her in person. I did not know Corinne before but I am happy I was introduced to her. She is another amazing woman I am proud of to be connected to and to call my friend.

Sacha Black Sacha is the organizer and founder of the Blogger Bash! If you are interested in the gathering you better follow her to stay informed!

Just a thought

Whatever invention and new technology was developed can be used in either way. Although often misused Social Media is a gift go me. The connections and friends from all over the world we make here on WordPress to me still is the vivid vision of how the world could look like: tolerance, respect, support, compassion, acceptance, open minds, sharing, love, peace…! There are millions of WP users. When we are connecting  in the real world we are spanning a net of awareness around the globe. We are role models in displaying and honoring everybody the way they are. We ignite the flame of awareness that together we can make this world a better place and prove that everybody in their unique appearance gives something special and important for the benefit of all, to make this world feel whole, and to make this a humanly place. Let’s prove that peace is not only a wish but an attitude, a state of mind. We are all brothers and sisters! We all want to be loved… so let’s love.
Happy Friday to all of you!
In Love and Light

A Two Weeks Review Of Gratitude And Blessings

I heard sceptic voices regarding meeting bloggers in person because of a possible disappointment. My own experience was nothing like that at all. I did not have any expectations about the wonderful people I was going to meet. They already captured my heart for months and I dare to say that we did know each other by heart. That is why it was not necessary that any ice needed to be broken. There simply was no ice. We all embraced each other with arms wide open! We laughed and joked about all the things we were posting about. It truly were meetings between old friends! I am already thinking about my next trip. I will make it an effort that at least once in my life I want to embrace the people I call my friends, brothers, and sisters! Read more ›

Beautiful Memories!

Above the clouds so high

So much time to think back

Of beautiful times with lovely people

Of places I discovered new

Of friendship and heart warming hugs

Of smiles and sunshine

Of vows and gratitude

Of inspiration and love

Is that melancholy I feel?

Yes, sure, it’s there!

It tells me, it was good

And worthwhile to be repeated

In Love and L ight

Melrose Plantation – Natchitoches, Louisiana

Yesterday, my dear host Linda, took her mom, Phyllis of Anchors and Butterflies, and me further to the south of Louisiana where we visited the Melrose Plantation. It was another beautiful day. The weather was gorgeous and so was the company!  Read more ›

Just a quick Hello from Louisiana!

Hi friends! I have had an awesome time by now. Linda of Nutsrok and her husband are such wonderful, lovely, and caring people. It is awesome! Here are just some few photos from an excursion together with Linda’s mom ……. much more to come! Read more ›

Friends, Union, Beaches, and More

When I came back from my vacation last week I mentioned that I am already preparing for my next trip… an even bigger one. Now the time has come!


When you are reading this I am already on my way or actually up in the air heading towards the US.

OK, before I enjoyed my 10 hour flight I had to go trough the usual procedure…. which is always 10 steps tougher than any other flight (perhaps hot the Middle East).6719404-115976967_27-v1

Anyway, if you want to fly to the States you have to ignore any thoughts or feelings of privacy. Got used to it… Back to the reason of my trip:

My lovely and humorous friend, Linda of Nutsrok, invited me in the beginning of this year to visit her. We had some great chats and knew that we need to meet one day.  So this day has come pretty soon as it seemed. I am looking forward not only to meeting her but also her lovely family she is always writing about. I cannot thank Linda enough for her generous offer which I accepted with pleasure.

No, that is not her family but you will  understand the context right away.dallas-altstars-moegen-das-29428_big

Linda and I will drive to Dallas and guess who we are going to meet there? Our lovable and soulful Indian friend Kruti of 10 Evening Flowers. Kruti and I were talking about how beautiful it would be meeting for about 10 months. She moved to Texas just 1 month ago. Things fell into place and we take the chance!  Btw.  Kruti is a published author. She writes amazing short stories! Her writings in general are deep and insightful.


After leaving at Linda’s I fly over to ……………. yes…………. you guessed it: To California! How could I be in the States and not visit my favorite spot in the whole wide world? (Psst, Rich, they have Pizza Hut here, shall I break something?)

I will meet three of my blogging buddies there too: ………………………………  drum rolls……………………… Marissa of Glorious Results of a Misspent Youth ………………………………  drum rolls……………………… Carolina of Yesterday After……………………….. drum rolls………………………. Kevin of The Screenplay of Life Chronicles. All of you who know the four of us might be able to imagine what that means: I think you will hear us laughing and chatting wherever you live!


Again I ask you for your understanding. This time I might not even be available for days. I am depending on free WiFi and will be on the go all the time. I might not be posting spontaneously. What you will find is scheduled. If ever I get the chance I will reply for sure. I also apologize in advance for probably not reading any posts.


Take care all of you and don’t forget about me. I will share all my wonderful impressions, meetings, and experiences with you when I am back in 2 weeks.

In Love and Light

Song of the Day

The first event I am joining today is one of those nobody is looking forward to. In some minutes I go to a funeral. The husband of one of my former volleyball mates has died unexpectedly from a cerebral hemorrhage at the age of 50. I did not have any contact to her for years. But such happenings gather everybody. She has two boys, younger than my kids are. Read more ›

Soul Mates – More Than Just The Love Of A Lifetime

My wonderful Australian friend with Swiss roots, Sandra of A Momma’s View published a post about soul mates.  We were talking a little about it and we agreed that I will repost my Soul Mate post from February of this year.  But due to the amazing experiences I made during the past months I completely worked over it. So whoever wrote the first one, please check this one out too!

The soul mate topic is always present. Through modern technology,  the internet, our social media networks it is so much easier today to connect with the whole world. And it is even more stunning to connect with people we might have never seen before but who feel so very familiar. I found many friends here on WordPress who for sure I consider as my soul mates. This is what I believe about soul mates: Read more ›

Miracles Happen!

Yesterday I got an email from one of my dearest friends I made here on WordPress. We are emailing at times and we are also about to meet soon. But when I opened up her email I was shocked about what I read. Read more ›

Weekly Review

I cannot believe it is already Friday again. This week just flew by!!! There was a lot going on again this week. Most of all I was very busy preparing and scheduling posts for my absences during this and next month. But now let’s go a little back in time 😊

Best of

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The Fire Of The Dragon

My sweet Indian friend, Nimmi of Soul Mate’s – So Near Yet So Far nominated me for this very honoring Dragon’s Loyalty Award. It sure is one I cherish a lot since it demonstrates the wonderful and strong connection within our community. As I mentioned in my Weekly Review yesterday it is such an amazing experience again and again to see our community gathering immediately when one of our friends is in need or at a bad place. Nimmi truly is such a lovely spirit who is there  no matter what. She is full of feelings and her sensitive spirit always shines through her poems. Read more ›

Weekly Review

It is Friday and therefore time for my weekly review. Please join me in my little review 😊

Best of

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Weekly Review

It is Friday and therefore time for my weekly review. There was a lot going on again this week and I love to go a little back in time with you 😊

Best of

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Weekly Review

It is Friday and therefore time for my weekly review. I am very late today, sorry! There is a lot going on and tomorrow is my youngest son’s birthday which means there is a lot to prepare. I will do my best to catch up with your posts now 😊

Best of

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Story about Cooperation – Guest Post

Wilson Agaba of Storing Hope is a kind-hearted man from Africa. He is of support for others wherever he can, and he spreads the message of love in schools of his country Uganda. He is one of those who are actively working for peace in this world. Wilson had a very tough childhood and youth. Something many of us can barely imagine. But he never locked up his heart. I offered Wilson a guest post because I am impressed by his actions and by his loving being. Wilson has an important suggestion regarding cooperation.  Please take some time and read his article and check out Wilson’s blog! Read more ›

Your Inputs Are Appreciated!

The ones of you who are following me for quite a while know that Monday is always the day with my bigger inspirational, motivational, and spiritual posts. Of course I try to do it with my quotes, poems,  and any other post as well. But those have been THE posts for spreading awareness from my first blogging day on. Read more ›

Daily Kind Quote

With Rich’s permission:

All minds are beautiful

In Love and Light

We Are The Seeds Of Love

The song I posted last Wednesday as my Song of the Day inspired me to this post. It made me think of the need of tolerance, of acceptance, of compassion, respect, and empathy.  When I prepared that post I did not expect the wonderful developments here in Europe. Read more ›

Weekly Review

It is Friday and therefore time for my weekly review. There was a lot going on again this week and I love to go a little back in time with you. So put your walking shoes on and follow me 😊

Best of

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Daily Kind Quotes

We get what we send out

In Love and Light!

Song of the Day

A last song before I leave … Read more ›

Time To Say Goodbye!


Yep, perhaps I am gonna have some smörrebröd soon…. Read more ›

My Hippie Name is:

Again Ritu has the coolest games to play.  She just posted a link to find out: What is your hippie name. Seems that Ritu is not only my blog sister but rather my blog twin! Here is her result.

And this is mine: Read more ›

Divine Connection

Divine Connection

Created of one
And the same energy.
Separated in bodies
To make a separate history. Read more ›

Introduction and Thank You!

A friend is the one who comes in
when the whole world has gone out.
~Grace Pulpit

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She Let Go… She Embraced… She Is Back…

… stronger than ever before!

I apologize for my short noticed disappearance. There was some turmoil in my private life from one moment to another. The old story about letting go. I will tell you about my experience after A Big Thank You to all of you. I am so moved how much you all cared. I had never ever expected that. Although I closed the comment section on my last post on Monday many of my wonderful friends sensed something and simply commented in the loveliest ways on a different post. Colleen, Ritu, Zee, and Michelle even stayed in touch with me via email. One year ago almost nobody knew me and today people say I was missed and they make the effort to get in touch with me in order to show me that I am loved… that was overwhelming! I am profoundly touched by so much love, compassion, and care. I don’t know how to thank you. I love you all from the deepest bottom of my heart! And believe me, I missed you all badly! My community rocks!!! Read more ›

Visible Congrats from Liechtenstein to the USA

Once again Happy Independence Day to my wonderful American friends!!! I wish I could be celebrating with you today! Instead I send you a photo showing how much I feel connected. I lost  several pieces of my heart in your beautiful country. Read more ›

Happy Independence Day! – Flashback

To all my American friends out there!

Enjoy your country, enjoy the day! Read more ›

Introduction and Thank You!

Friday was my thank you day for some years. I used to list what I was thankful for during the past week and in general. From now on I’ll make my weekly introduction post also I thank you for kindred acts of my friends. Read more ›

The Hand of the Universe

I wasn’t at a good place for some hours on Sunday. Although I should know it better I got lost in the “Why” of memories. But as you know me I am not willing to be caught by my thoughts. I want them to support me, not to block me. Therefore I am digging into myself but at the same time look outside for hints, for signposts which either give me an answer or at least show me a way out of the cloud. Read more ›

Introducing New Blogs I Follow!

Friday is introduction day on my blog. This week again I started following some new blogs. There are so many wonderful bloggers out there and I appreciate each one of my followers. I am so thankful for you. I want to apologize that I cannot follow everyone back although I would love to. It simply is a matter of time since I make it an effort to visit every blog daily. Read more ›

Wooohooooooooo!!! Number 9

It is Sunday and I proudly present award #9 for this week! Again it is Kritika of From The Soul To The Nib Of The Pen who gifted me with it. She is such a kind-hearted and open-minded person and she found a place in my heart immediately. Although we don’t follow each other for long yet it seems like knowing for years.Thank you, dear friend, for considering me again! Read more ›

Is this possible? Award 7 and 8 dropped in this week!

Did I mention what a wonderful, amazing, talented, lovely person Kritika of From the Heart To The Nib Of The Pen is? If not: Kritika is such a lovely, wonderful, amazing, and talented person and blogger. Within a short time she has become a dear friend who never want to miss anymore. Read more ›

Such a Beautiful, Real Neat, and Versatile Starlight!

After my two days’ absence I was flabbergasted to see me nominated for 5 awards. That’s awesome, friends! It still astonishes me how much love you all are giving me. I will thank my nominators in particular but first I thank you all, for your constant support, visits, and interaction. My community is the most wonderful I could wish for! Thank you from my heart! I hope I can give a little back of what I got. Read more ›

Back On Track!

Hi friends! I am sorry for my absence. I spent the last two days in hospital. Stop,stop, stop!!! No worries at all! It was a short noticed but prearranged surgery and nothing major at all. Read more ›

Introducing New Blogs I follow!

Friday is introduction day on my blog. I am happy to present nine wonderful bloggers I discovered the past seven days. Please check them out! Read more ›

Ritu’s Choice!

Yesterday I posted a collection of possible items for Ritu’s Power Woman outfit. She made her decision and I proudly present her picks: Read more ›

A Cape For Power-Ritu!

For all of you who know our Ritu from But I Smile Anyway you know that she just climbed another step of her career ladder. But not only that she expanded living her dream! For two weeks now Ritu is very challenged with her new job as a teacher and at the same time keeping up with the life she has had. She is a power woman to me and I told her. In return she asked for a cape in purple with sparkles. Read more ›

Dragon’s Loyalty Award

My dear like(crazy)minded friend, Ritu of But I Smile Anyway, nominated me for this great sounding award. It is the first time I received it. The sheltering power of a dragon and the loyalty of a true friend is what this award radiates to me. What a wonderful compliment and honor to get it. Thank you, Ritu! You sure are such a true friend and I am humbled you consider me as someone like that as well. Read more ›

What A Week!

I just feel so thankful when I recalled the past days. It started on Monday with my guest post at Colleen’s blog, 4 awards (I was even nominated for a brand new award by Carolina), a very successful Tuesday… 😈 😉 😌 … , amazing interactions with all of you –  some very profound with new followers, and the long weekend with sun and heat within the 90s every day including one relaxing lazy day. One top happening this week is an offer I got from a friend here on WordPress. It would be another step on the ladder of my dreams. Or actually it is an opportunity to expand the dream I am already living. Read more ›


This Award is created to highlight and promote Inspiring Bloggers.

This Award is created to highlight and promote Inspiring Bloggers.

The wonderful, lovely, shining and simply amazing Carolina from Yesterday After created a new award. I was speechless reading that I am in the first round of nominees. And I was named with bloggers who have been my starlight. Could there be a greater honor. That’s amazing and I have been smiling since. Carolina truly is a starlight. Her big smile on her profile picture and the sunny way she writes and spreads her being is capturing. She lives at the most beautiful place (in my eyes) and has a sunny seed from her Italian origin. Thank you, Carolina. Your shining spirit flows in all you do. Read more ›

Infinity Dreams Award – the dream goes on…

Still dreaming of course, always! But today is less time than yesterday. I mentioned that we had a holiday yesterday and therefore today is a bridge day. That means that EVERYBODY (at least it feels like everybody) goes towards to same supermarket. I thought I was lining up for hours. But what can I say? I was part of the game too! Finally home I had to quickly prepare lunch (kids are off from school, too) and finally I could start my 1-hour power walk with the mower through my garden. Yep, I still have to push my mower under the burning sun and 90° (no complaint about that 😉). Done with rambling, I am finally ready for dreaming again. Read more ›

Introducing New Blogs I Follow!

This week I checked out 6 new blogs which are all very interesting. I already had lots of interaction with most of the bloggers and I don’t want to miss them anymore. Please take some minutes and check them out. They all worth the time: Read more ›

A Thunderstruck Sister on Tour!

Wow, how does that sound? Like kind of mixture of  Miley Cyrus, Whoopi Goldberg, and Pope John Paul II. But that’s not really the reason for the title. During the night from Thursday to Friday I received 3 awards within only few hours. That was simply amazing!!! Therefore I felt like giving a little award party! Read more ›

Introducing New Blogs I Follow!

It is Friday which means: Introduction day on my blog! But first I want to thank eveyone who started following me! I love “my” big family and every single member!!!

But now get ready friends and be prepared to welcome a large group of new bloggers to the community.  I listed them in the order of me following them. Come on everybody,  grab a glass  and raise it to: Read more ›

Premio Dardos – Número Cinco

The lovely Nimi from Simple Moments Of Life nominated me for my 5th strike on this award! Thank you so much, Nimi!!! I love these awards because they always give me the opportunity to share wonderful blogs with my community and show my appreciation for them and for the blogger who nominated me. At the same time it is simply fun!!! Thank you, Nimi! Read more ›

Almost bursting…!!!

This will be my last post for today and I keep me short. I PROMISE!!!

It is Friday night and it was an awesome week! It was one of the busiest 7 days during the past months on my blog but also in my “real” life. But it were the most exciting, interesting, and happiest days too. Read more ›

New Blogs I Follow! / Song of the Day

Hi there! It is Friday again and that means it is time to present my new discoveries! Connecting under each other is going quicker and smoother with every week: Awards, Challenges, Comments… everything is supporting the connection to make the communities grow. Read more ›

Daily Kind Quote

I carry an aspect of you

In Love and Light!

Introducing New Blogs I Follow!

Hola again for my weekly introduction show! I love to present 5  interesting bloggers today. Some are very new and about to find their way into WordPress. Please check them out! Read more ›

The Thunderstorm Continues!


But this time I don’t mean that thunderstorm!

Only one week ago I received this award for the first time. It was from my most encouraging New England Sailor, Rob! Today my dear Swiss/Australian friend from A Momma’s View gifted me again with this award. She put it great how this award feels: positive, strong, unstoppable, a power of nature – positive and powerful! By the way please stop at her blog. She definitely spreads this positive power. Her posts are full of natural power and encouragement.

I am extremely humbled to get this award a second time even within only one week. As mentioned above the meaning is special to me and for what I want to spread: Encouraging power! What could fill my heart with more joy than even being awarded for it?

Read more ›

Like, Love, Liebster!

We are having a real summer day today. Temperatures within the 90s, sun all over. I got so much done today and I thought it couldn’t get any better …. but…. it can!!! Read more ›

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mothers day

I wish all moms a wonderful day!

But most of all I thank my three children for coming into my life:

Read more ›

Introducing New Blogs I Follow

Hola! Here we go again with my latest discoveries! I love to introduce 6 new bloggers to my community. Their blogs are very different: From short stories, over poetry, to Beauty, daily life and far beneath. Please check them out: Read more ›

Encouraging Thunder


What a powerful title for an award, don’t you think? Therefore I feel most honored to get this award from our wonderful Rob from The V-Pub!

To be nominated for this award by Rob makes it very special for me. He has followed my blog almost from the beginning on and was definitely THE encouraging and inspiring aspect for me to grow into blogging and also expanding my blog’s content throughout the past year (more about that below). If anyone of you doesn’t know Rob yet, please visit his blog! He is a fantastic guitar and bass player and he sings GREAT (even if he still doubts it). He loves Mojitos and starring contests with his dog. Thank you, Rob, for that encouraging thunder you have always been! Read more ›