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Hi, I am Erika! I was born in Vienna but grew up in another part of Austria and in the Principality of Liechtenstein (within the Swiss Alps) where I still live. I am a wife and mom of three grown-up kids, working as a compliance officer and running my Therapie Practice Because you Matter…  – next to being a singer and author.

For a long time, I was dominated and controlled by fears and outside influences.  From teenage times to adulthood my life was overshadowed by destructive thought patterns. I believed that this was what life was meant to be for me since I never knew something else. But one day I stood up and started to face my fears one by one. My life changed completely.  Today I grab my chances and lead the life I always wished for. In order to share my life-changing insights I wrote I’m Free – Awareness of Who You Are by Discovering Who You Are Not!


When I started blogging in May 2014 I had no idea what this was about. I did it in order to promote my book and was trained therefore by my publisher. Over time I have found my own way of blogging and what I really want to share with as many people as possible. So my blog has become a place for everyone to pause for a moment, to lighten up the heart, to smile, to get inspired, and to fuel with good vibes. We are all wonderful beings who came into this world in order to explore, discover, experience, create, and simply enjoy the given life in a human body with all senses. I want you to open your heart in order to hear, see, and feel clearer about yourself, your life, and the world. Therefore we need the happenings in our lives as signposts and tools. It is neither good nor bad – it simply is. Whatever happens has its reason in order to show us something or make us develop something. Life is simply all about living with everything it has in store for us.

I am not sitting on a cloud with an enlightened smile on my face all day long. I am dealing with my challenges as everyone does. But since I believe what I wrote above I have no excuse. Anyway, I can be angry, stubborn, impatient, sad, and frustrated as well. But I know that these characteristics are part of my experience but not part of me. I am happy as a basic condition of my being. Therefore I don’t deny negative feelings because I know that they will show me something in order to discover a new part of myself.

Reach out for the stars
but only as high
as your feet can still touch the ground!

In Love and Light!


I don’t know where that limit might be… 😉 Thank you, Rob! Is there something special on Halloween this year 😉
I just hope that meanwhile your expectations don’t get too high. I don’t want you to be dissapointed!

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Dear Erica,

I am so happy to have found your gorgeous and inspiring blog! So much of what you say here resonates with me. It is such a blessing to see more and more kindred souls stepping out beyond their fears as you have. Thank you for your light!

Blessings and peace to you 🙂



Dear Allison, what a beautiful and cordial comment! Thank you so much. I also checked out your blog and found what you wrote: a lot of similarities and definitely a view into the same direction. You seem to write with all your heart. Since I know how liberating the loss of self limitation is, I love to see others experiencing the same. Glad you found me! And thank you for your lovely and kind words! I am looking forward to sharing our thoughts from now on! ❤

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Isn’t it the best when we see the light in others that is within ourselves? Such a gift. I am looking forward to keeping in touch and inspired together! Much love! 🙂

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I am certainly inspired by your wonderful blog and enjoying a good look around. Perhaps I felt a bit silly when replying to your comment on my blog which I said very kind so changed it to very sweet. Not sure if I’m right or wrong doing this. Oh well can’t always be perfect?

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You are really sweet! Don’t worry about the choice of the words. I am so thankful about your lovely comment. Don’t ever try to be perfect, since it is anyway! Also thank you for following me. I am happy to have you around! And it is wonderful that there are bloggers like you, with so much love in their words!

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Hi weiht2lose2013,
This is a wonderful idea! Thanks for introducing me to it and even nominating me. I feel so honored. I will participate as well but have to postpone it for 3 weeks. We are going on vacation this week and I don’t have the time left I’d like to take for it. But I will definitely get back in August. Thanks a lot. It’s wonderful how many great people I already found on wordpress!!!


Have a wonderful vacation!!!! Hopefully, we’ll hear about it when you return.

Take care,


It’s a pleasure for me. We all can learn from each other… and I don’t want ever stop learning!!! Thanks for following me too! Glad we met through this platform!


hi Erika – I checked your blog – you are a good source of inspiration.. and inspiration is the greatest gift.


Absolutely, and it’s never too late to go fot it!!! One realized dream is the starting point for the next one. This way we can endlessly dream and live our dreams. Life can be wonderful once we figure it out!


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