Tidbit Tuesday – My Daughter And The Condom

When your daughter is developing very well for her age but she doesn’t realize what effect she could have to the male adult’s world then you need to have an eye on her, right? Most of all when it is your oldest child and you have zero experience with teenagers who grow into their sexual lives. When my daughter was 14 she got two baby guinea pigs. about 3 weeks after she got them they started scratching themselves down to their skin. The veterinarian diagnosed: acarians. What does that have to do with condoms? Just wait because I was in charge for the second treatment. It was over New Year and my daughter was in Vienna with her best friend at my sister’s. Read more ›

Song of the Day – Tidbit Tuesday

There is nothing to add to this song… Love to make love to you, baby… yeah, make love to me… Have a fun Tuesday! Read more ›

Tidbit Tuesday!

I just found this video again. I received it years ago. It is so funny and I guess it makes a pretty good tidbit. Even though it is not a personal one. Have fun!

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Tidbit Tuesday!!!

I just remembered a happening during my school time. Since it is Tuesday I thought I’d make it a tidbit.

I was 15 and the darling of one of our teachers. Whenever the class wanted something they pushed me to convince him which mostly worked out. I did not feel well because I never wanted to abuse others… but when it served the purpose and nobody got hurt… πŸ˜‰ Read more ›

Tidbit Tuesday – another try πŸ˜‰

First of all I am happy to announce that yesterday was my best day of views since I started this blog last May! I thank you all so much for how you make this blogging adventure a wonderful part of my day and my life!

Since a lot of you might have liked myΒ  first Tidbit last week I found a friend a little disappointed when I told him that I won’t share one each week. Since I cannot look into sad eyes (not even imagined) I opened my little treasure box, digged a little deeper, and … here we go.

I was 12 or 13Β  and part of a choir of children between 8 and 16 years of age. Our choir and one of another part of the country went to an event to BΓ’le (Switzerland) for a big singing event with television recording. I don’t remember what it was but it doesn’t matter for the story anyway. During the day we were strolling around in groups through the city supervised by a grown up. It was fun but for some reason we did not really find a connection to the kids of the other choir. At night we stayed at a youth hostel – up to eight kids in one room. I was lucky. We were just four in a room. Next to us a group of kids of the other choir. During the night they were like having a big party going almost all night long. I was angry because I was tired and wanted to sleep.

When I woke up in the morning I found myself in a lower bed, although my bed actually was a loft bed. I was lying in that bed with my feet on the floor. As if I was sitting and then just lay down. When I looked around I was shocked. Where were I? I finally realized that I was in the neighbour room .Shocked-Face

I had no idea how I got there. Thank God everybody was asleep. I tiptoed out of the room and hurried to my room next door. I laid in my bed and just hoped that no one had noticed anything. I had no explanation but the one I must have sleepwalked. (I experienced that one more time, which was less scary for me but more for my mother.) When everybody was slowly awakening a friend asked me where I was. She said she woke up at night but my bed was empty. I said that I went to the restrooms once and that it must have been that time though… I was afraid to be asked by one of the neighbour room kids. But thank God they might not have noticed me. 😌

Well that was really disturbing! Just to make sure: That was the only time in my life I did not know how I got into another bed… lol

In Love and Light!

Tidbit Song of the Day

As I mentioned last week I want to take the opportunity on Tuesdays to post love songs which speak to me in a special way. The teenage dream of a girl to get one of those songs dedicated to her. I hope you like that one too. Read more ›

Tidbit Song of the Day

I thought this song would be a perfect combination of Tidbit Tuesday and our community here on WordPress: a gathering of international spirits, good vibes, and lots of love around here. Of course you can see this song in any meaning of international bonds πŸ˜‰ Read more ›

Tidbit Song of the Day

A little romantic atmosphere for Tidbit Tuesday? Read more ›

Tidbit Song of the Day – 18+

It is Tuesday and that means those songs are a little bit different from the ones of the rest of the week. This one contains erotic scenes. Don’t watch it when under 18!

The rest of you… enjoy πŸ˜‰ Read more ›

Tidbit Song of the Day!

It is Tuesday and that means time for “the different” song… lol! When I heard this song first I sat in the car with my best friend and his two daughters. They knew the song and sang along with joy. I don’t know what made him doing this but all of a sudden my friend asked them if the knew the meaning of the code word “peacock”. They never sang a long… Read more ›

Song of the Day – Tidbit

There will come the day I am running out of interesting songs fitting a Tuesday. But for today I have a tidbit of my favorite band for you. I found it by chance the other day. This one is …. wow…. the music, the lyrics…. Turn the air condition on, it’s getting hot!

Enjoy the song 😎 Read more ›

Song of the Day – Kind of a Tidbit

When I thought about today’s song this one came to my mind. It is fitting to Tidbit Tuesday and I risked to post it… lol! Not only that I think the video is funny, it also plays in Venice Beach…. Ohhhh how I miss California!!!

Have fun and know you’re sexy…. yeah!!! Read more ›

Always look over your shoulder!!! My first Tidbit

This is a new kind of post I write. I always love Rob’s Tidbit Tuesdays from http://weight2lose2013.wordpress.com . He inspired me to this post. I recently remembered a story from last April. Read more ›

My Blog in 2015

Honestly, I often looked back at this year all year through. What I was able to say goodbye to and what all flooded my life during the passing months in beautiful ways was far beyond my expectation. I try to keep it at the highlights in order to not extend that post more than necessary.

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The Stars Are Shining Brighter Than Ever!

Yesterday Suhas of Life Is Awesome surprised me with a late night gift. He nominated me for the Starlight Blogger Award. It is one of my favorite awards created by our marvelous Carolina of Yesterday After and I was honored to be in the first round of nominees. Now I am honored by Suhas for this award wich I receive for the 6th time. Thank you so much, Suhas. His blog is a wonderful source of inspiration, encouragement, and light. Please head over to his! Read more ›

Song of the Day

I don’t know if only I am that way. There are some love songs that speak to me in a certain way and simply melt my heart. When I hear them I often think how beautiful if this or that one would be meant for me. I want to share these gems with you over the next weeks on Tuesdays.Β  I hope you like them.

Happy Tidbit Tuesday πŸ’– Read more ›

Inspiration Everywhere!

But this time I don’t mean the steamy Tidbit Tuesday atmosphere on WordPress. The lovely Soumya of Mundane Musings nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. It is my 6th nomination for this award and I appreciate it a lot. The reason I started blogging was to inspire others. Thank you, Soumya, that you think I fulfill this task I set myself. Please take a look at Soumya’s blog. She writes beautiful poems and her smile definitely is inspiring. Read more ›

Song of the Day – Here I Am

I am back friends and I rush in with full power! Although this song would fit a Tidbit Tuesday it played in my head when I knew I was ready to conquer the world again. Read more ›

Song of the Day – One of the most beautiful love songs ever

Tidbit Tuesday broke records in my stats once again yesterday. I wasn’t sure how you all would react. But there was no single negative voice about my poem. Thank you all! After yesterday’s hot waves I am completely on the romantic side today. To tell from my Monday post this might even turn out as the week of love on my blog.

Sometimes when two people did part, after a while they might recognize that love cannot simply be turned off. The time apart makes it obvious how strong and true their love is rooted. Whatever might have happened should not prevent them from letting the past behind, realizing the gift, and giving their love a second chance. Sometimes it is even only a stupid misunderstanding. That all came to my mind while listening to one of my favorite love songs. Read more ›

Song of the Day

What an amazing Tidbit Tuesday that was yesterday! We have two more bloggers on board Ritu and Judy. If you didn’t do it yet, please read their posts. It was their first Tidbit post and they did amazing. Let’s see if the infection catches more of you… haha!!!

Now back to the Song of the Day. I wanted to post one of my favorite Rock Songs today. But when I heard this song on the radio this morning I changed my mind. It is a new song and it touched so deep. It is a beautiful song about love and all it captures. I am sure you will like it. Read more ›

My Greatest Treasure

A few days ago I remembered a casting many years ago wich was organized by a bank over here. They wanted to produce a calendar. Kids all over the country were asked for “My greatest treasure”.Β  On the casting there were made photos of the kid and its treasure. My daughter wanted to participate. When I asked her about her greatest treasure her answer brought tears to my eyes. She spontaneously said: “You, mommy!” I still get wet eyes thinking of that moment.

OK, I am very aware that today she would pose with her Guess purse… Read more ›

Set Me Free!!!

As I announced it yesterday the moment has finally come to present you all my latest song project.

I wrote the lyrics already one year ago but started working on the song in summer. With only one hour a week and holiday breaks in between the progress is often slow. But here we go.

It is a rock song and …. hmm… actually supposed to be posted on a (Tidbit) Tuesday πŸ˜‰ Read more ›

Weekly Review

It is Friday and therefore time for my weekly review. There was a lot going on again this week and I love to go a little back in time with you 😊

Best of

Read more ›

Weekly Review / Thank you / Introduction

It is Friday and therefore time for my weekly review. Since last weekend the best part of Summer seemed to be over. The weather on our National Holiday on Saturday was so rainy that I enjoyed it at home but in the overcrowded streets of our capital. Of course the kids didn’t mind it and went for the party.

It was a lot of traffic this week and I enjoyed chatting with you sooooo much! Thank you, guys. You are all amazing!

Best of

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So… my best body part is my bum?

I had some very nice comments regarding the result of the Body Part Test. But it is true, how can someone say something without ever seen it. Since it still is Tuesday I could post a picture of that ominous body part and you can decide yourself if the web lies… Read more ›

Double the Fun and The Honor!

The adorable and poetically skilled Kritika from The Soul To The Nib Of The Pen nominated me for two awards at the same time. Kritika, I squeeze you not only for the nominations but for the wonderful friend you have become. There is so much love, understanding, and depth coming from her blog. She is such a gift for our community! Enter her sphere and you will know what I mean. Read more ›

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