The Future Challenge – 2 and 3

My dear friends Melody – I drive on the wrong side of the road with waffles and bananas – Rich of Waffle Me This and our Swiss/Australian power mom, Sandra of A Momma’s View nominated me for this challenge again. Thank you both bunches for nominating me for this challenge.

Actually my dreams about my future have not changed a lot since I did this challenge the first time. So I hope Sandra and Rich don’t mind if I basically copy that part with a slight addition. Read more ›

The Future Challenge

A new challenge I did not hear about before. OK, that doesn’t mean anything since I am here for only 15 months. Anyway this one sounds very interesting. Anne of The Main Focus has nominated me for this challenge. Anne is a woman I admire a lot. She is challenged through her health condition but a role model in standing tall and moving on. I am sur that one day she is free of any medication. Please check her blog out and get inspired. I am glad we are connected, Anne! Read more ›

Scars of the past don’t define the future!

Colleen from has a wonderful challenge called “Writer’s Quote Wednesday” You can send in your favorite quote or create one yourself and participate. Just check it out.

#JustAThought … When They Leave The Nest

Many of you have already experienced it when a child moves out. I also experienced it six years ago for the first time. Now the next move-out is coming up these days. I think I can speak for most of you when I say that we are proud when our children take on the challenge and responsibility for their own lives and take the step into their own independent future.

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Allowing the Strength of Being Weak

For today I decided to pick a card from Dennis Linn’s Gateway Oracle Cards. I love those cards since they are like nailing messages to show the way out of a maze. The card I picked is “Accepting What Is”:

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What Goes Around Comes Around

I don’t think there is anyone who has never faced challenges, whether they were self-imposed or triggered by something or someone outside – actually, they are always self-imposed, but we’ll get to that later. Also, a challenge to me does not equal a challenge to you. If I’ve ordered a meal and it’s only lukewarm when it’s served, I can make a big drama out of it, politely ask for it to be warmed up, or I can just think, “So what.” A problem is only a problem if I call it a problem. It’s subjective. So, when something is triggered in me to create the image of a problem, it always has to do with me.

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The Surfacing Soul

These days many of us are called upon to stay at home as a matter of principle. Some stay together in groups (like family) while some are alone. Both situations can become a challenge over time or even overwhelming when they can no longer “escape”; either from the people they live with or worse – from themselves. The second one is what I want to talk about and what is a general problem. In our routine days it may be easier to get distracted from the fact that they are not able to deal with themselves. But these days there truly is no escape. Instead of throwing themselves into work or party life, they are now forced to deal with themselves. It can be very hard… but also wonderfully healing. To me it feels like a high-speed rehabilitation – wanted or not.

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What do you see: Chance or Obstacle?


Do you know that? Either out of the blue or in a steady development new opportunities open up. You are getting offers for a new job or a better position, you see something that makes you think of taking new steps, of learning something new or of going bigger in business. An idea, a vision forms, and is ignited by the enthusiasm it brings. In your excitement, you are talking to a close person and… you only hear reasons why things won’t work out or get counted all the obstacles that “may” occur. Read more ›

Suffering Part 2 – What’s the Use?

Last week I posted Suffering Part 1 – The Torture In Our Head . I wrote that this kind of suffering has its origin in the way we think, that we interpret things in our own way, and hurt ourselves with truths which only exist in our heads. I also talked about the magic tool […]

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What do you see: Chance or Obstacle?


It looks like this is becoming the next sequel of a series of post which seems to be chapters of a bigger post. This is what I replied to one of the comments to last weeks post What if … it works out?: We only need to change the second part of the question and the obstacle turns into a chance! Read more ›

The Necessary Eye Of The Storm


After I was done writing this post I noticed that it turned out as a sequel to last weeks post Forth or Back? 

A sunny Sunday noon. My view goes out towards the mountains. My willow is in full bloom. The birds are singing and life comes back to me. There is a lot of turmoil behind me already and a lot is still in front of me. But at the moment I feel like in the eye of the hurricane. I am content, patient, full of pictures for a new future. At the moment, the heaviness of the past weeks and months is falling off. I feel light and like moving towards a door which has been already open and only waiting for me to get there.  Read more ›

Control is an Illusion!

Life happens while we are making other plans.

I like this quote a lot. We are making plans for our nearer or further future, scheduling our days and then things happen which can change everything in an instant. The weather changes, someone gets sick, the job gets lost, accidents happen, or even more life impacting things.  We have no control about what happens around us. This is something we can be scared of or something that can even give us a relief because we can let go of the pressure to keep everything under control. Read more ›

Weekly Review

It’s Friday! After a long break do to my absence I am back with another review. This a review of 3 weeks. I hope I don’t forget anything. As you know a lot happened in my life during the past 3 weeks and I couldn’t be any happier about it. But let’s get started!

Best of

The post with the most views is: A Two Weeks Review Of Gratitude And Blessings


The best that happened during the past weeks for sure was my trip to and through the States in general. I already posted some times about it and I don’t want to bother it with a repetition of the whole story. If you did not see it yet, here is my review on that:  A Two Weeks Review Of Gratitude And Blessings

Marissa Bergen posted in her own special Marissa-way about the meeting of her, Carolina, Corinne and I. Please read her poem  To Find Ms. Kind. You need to know that after our meeting I drove down from above Hollywood to Newport Beach. The highways lead right through Los Angeles and it was Friday at 5 pm. The best was to take a nap right on the highway because it turns out as the world’s largest parking lot! Instead of 1 hour 15 minutes, it took me almost 3 hours to get home. Now see what Marissa made of it!!! She is amazing!


Another highlight has been learning about the Blogger Bash in London on June 11 2016! Hey, folks! This is the chance to meet a whole lot of other bloggers you already know from WordPress or make new friends. I cannot wait to meet many of my English friends and hopefully a whole lot from other countries too! Here is the post with the first information: The BASH is BACK! The Second Annual #BloggersBash 2016 

Annual Bloggers Bash Is BACK

Joe of Joe Writes His Wrongs posted a wonderful video yesterday! He is released from prison for about two months and it is amazing how hard he is working on his future. He is highly motivated to go through all the challenges and I know that he makes it! No doubt about that. Please check out the video. It is not even 5 minutes!

Thank You

When Carolina, Marissa,  Corinne and I met Carolina gifted all of us with a uniquely created jewelery. She picked each component she used related to the person she made it for. This way each piece has its own meaning. Whenever I think of it, it moves me again deeply how much love she incorporated into each creation. Yesterday she posted about the three creations in Jewelry Designs Meanings and Friendship… turquoise-shell-necklace1a

Another big Thank you goes to Kruti for her effort to meeting me in Dallas and for her lovely gifts! Thank you for your amazing friendship, for your openness, trust, and the love you share with us. You are a gem, dear sister! I am happy and proud to have you in my life!IMG-20151028-WA0012

A huge Thank you goes to Linda and her family. Linda invited me to stay with her in Louisiana and already her excitement about our meeting and my visit touched me a lot. Her hospitality and that lovely welcome by her and each family member is a gift with no money to buy. You, your husband, your sisters, and of course your mother are some of the most loving and cordial people I have ever met in my whole life. That I may call you my friends or even family is an honor and joy I will never be able to express! Thank you!


Sandra of A Momma’s View invited to leave links either of your own blog or posts or of those from other people in order to share them with others. Please take the chance and head over to  Time to Mingle. Thank you, Sandra. This is  such a thoughtful way of supporting and connecting!

And of course: THANK YOU STARBUCKS!!! Not only that we had a wonderful time at your place, I enjoyed your creations for 2 weeks as much as possible! 91324-I-Love-Starbucks-GifAwards

Thank you for 3 awards:

The Respect Award and the Infinity Dream Award from Amaya of Life Of An El Paso Woman

Another Respect Award from Robert Goldstein

New Blogs I Follow

 Corinneonline This is the first time I follow a blogger after I met her in person. I did not know Corinne before but I am happy I was introduced to her. She is another amazing woman I am proud of to be connected to and to call my friend.

Sacha Black Sacha is the organizer and founder of the Blogger Bash! If you are interested in the gathering you better follow her to stay informed!

Just a thought


Whatever invention and new technology was developed can be used in either way. Although often misused Social Media is a gift go me. The connections and friends from all over the world we make here on WordPress to me still is the vivid vision of how the world could look like: tolerance, respect, support, compassion, acceptance, open minds, sharing, love, peace…! There are millions of WP users. When we are connecting  in the real world we are spanning a net of awareness around the globe. We are role models in displaying and honoring everybody the way they are. We ignite the flame of awareness that together we can make this world a better place and prove that everybody in their unique appearance gives something special and important for the benefit of all, to make this world feel whole, and to make this a humanly place. Let’s prove that peace is not only a wish but an attitude, a state of mind. We are all brothers and sisters! We all want to be loved… so let’s love.
Happy Friday to all of you!
In Love and Light

Story about Cooperation – Guest Post

Wilson Agaba of Storing Hope is a kind-hearted man from Africa. He is of support for others wherever he can, and he spreads the message of love in schools of his country Uganda. He is one of those who are actively working for peace in this world. Wilson had a very tough childhood and youth. Something many of us can barely imagine. But he never locked up his heart. I offered Wilson a guest post because I am impressed by his actions and by his loving being. Wilson has an important suggestion regarding cooperation.  Please take some time and read his article and check out Wilson’s blog! Read more ›

“Wrong” Decisions

How often do we think back and ponder if this or that decision was right. Or we look back and consider a decision as wrong. But was it that really? Read more ›

As Time Goes By…

Rob from the V-Pub nominated me for a very exciting and interesting challenge posting a photos with a poem. It is a wonderful challenge because I am urged to just pick an object randomly and give it a voice or a story. That is most creative and opens the mind incredibly! Thank you so much, Rob, for nominating me. I really love this! Read more ›

Suffering Part 2 – What’s the Use?

Last week I posted Suffering Part 1 – The Torture In Our Head . I wrote that this kind of suffering has its origin in the way we think, that we interpret things in our own way, and hurt ourselves with truths which only exist in our heads. I also talked about the magic tool of getting still, listening to the wisdom of our hearts, and then align our thoughts with this inner knowing.

Actually as children we were used to listen to our hearts first and our thoughts did not really play an important role in that game. We perceived without judging anything and stored it in our mind. But when time went on we were taught HOW we had to perceive things, persons, happenings, ourselves, our life, our future. We were taught to be this or that, behave this or that way, what is good or bad, and even what we prefer or dislike! But would have been within us already. Read more ›

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