Why is it that once my life is under control, something outside happens that affects it again? Why appear the same problems over and over again although, I thought I got it? Why is there so much suffering and injustice in this world? Why can’t we see that we are destroying this planet and are about to extinguish our own species? Why???

As the header quote says: Everything that happens happens for the reason to grow in our awareness. Because that is why we are here. We were not sent here from a God who thought it would be fun seeing us struggling and fighting each other. But we wanted to experience a physical life to learn through its opposites.

The soul itself is light. But as light, surrounded by light, how can you recognize your own light? How can you recognize your own greatness when everything around you is great? How can you recognize your magical power when you are constantly surrounded by magic? We want to remember who we are and reconnect with what feels like a memory deep within us. We want to come home again. I believe the soul still needs to evolve. Otherwise, how could it not recognize who it is? So we need a place that makes us see. The only way to see light is to surround it with darkness. The only way to remember is to forget the past completely. The only way to feel our own power is to disconnect from the power supply for a moment. And that is why we have a mind that keeps us in the illusion of separation. Welcome to planet earth.

From birth on, you are guided towards your big goal to rediscover something profound about the being inside your body. In each incarnation, we reveal something and create karma as preparation for the revelations in the next incarnation. Btw., there is nothing like bad or good karma. Karma is simply the consequence of everything we do. And that is what teaches us to keep it going or rather don’t repeat it anymore. In realizing what you don’t want (anymore), you figure out where your road may lead.

So, what works in the small world of a single individual also works in the collective. We are co-creating and working through the karma of the past. The terrible things some people still do to others leave most of us with an uncomprehending head shake. We cannot believe how this can still be possible that human beings can be so cold and brutal. We cannot believe why so many still don’t care about our suffering planet. But everything that happens today is only the result of what happened before. So, in case there was too little awareness, and we get the full dose of the consequences provided by a crash curse in a short period. It did not happen because God doesn’t care or because he likes seeing us running around like headless chickens. He is the only one who knows fully why we are where we are. And He is the only one who completely knows that we need this all to get the insight we wished to receive to remember who we really are. God is the only one who clearly knows that absolutely nothing can ever happen to those beings dressed with physical bodies.

We all down here support each other on this journey with our “good” and “bad” deeds. That doesn’t mean to accept call the bad ones good ones. But we realize the important role each one of us has in order to support one another’s development. As I said before, we are all connected. Maybe the last lesson that leads to the ultimate awareness is to understand that we are not many but only one power. Maybe we need to remember that it is not about the individual but the collective awakening that leads to remembering who we (all) really are: one consciousness. It makes so much more sense now when I so often say that only together we can make it. Again: separation is an illusion.

That makes me think further. When there is no separation and only one consciousness exists then maybe we are not children of God. What if we are God spread in particles to experience Himself through them in this and any other world all at once? Why would He challenge himself like that if he didn’t see the bigger picture? I don’t know but it sounds intriguing.

Because we wanted a free will
Out of which we rediscover over time

who we really are

P.S. Please note when I use the term “God”, it has no religious meaning. Therefore, I prefer to use “universe” instead of “God”. Also, because the term “God” is a personification that automatically creates an idea of separation: Him and us. To me, it’s the same. But I know that some can identify better with the term “God”.

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


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