Have you ever had this weird feeling of nervosity? I mean, you wake up in the morning and, for no apparent reason, you are nervous. Then it’s not long before something happens to confirm the inexplicable nervousness. Something like this has happened to me several times. Suddenly I have this strange feeling, and it won’t go away. I then wonder what is wrong with me until something occurs that exactly matches the feeling. It seems like the order has been reversed. As if the emotional reaction to a future event has been brought forward.

As a kid and young teenager, I had dreams that came true soon after. One time I had hospital smell in my nose, and soon after, my boyfriend was taken to hospital. One story still amazes me especially. I was 12 years old. The evening before, we came back from a two-week vacation. We sat at the breakfast table, and the telephone rang. Nervousness began to rise in me. My mum picked up the phone, and at that moment, she said “hello” to my grandma, I knew what had happened. My great-grandmother passed away during our vacation. They did not inform us because they did not want to ruin our vacation.. After the first shock about the message and me sensing it passed by, I remembered that I felt the urge to go back home within the first four to five days. Then, all of a sudden, the feeling was gone. It was the day when my great-grandmother died.

When I was 18, I played volleyball. We were in a training camp for a weekend. One evening after the training while we relaxed, I had a sudden vision of my boyfriend’s father being buried. He was ill, but I had no idea how serious it was. He died not even a week later. I saw the whole scenery precisely from the angle I stood later at the funeral.

For a while, I asked myself why I see so much death or bad news coming up. As a young person, I was a bit scared too. But when I looked at it later, I understood a lot more. It touches me that some dear souls seem to contact me for a last goodbye from soul to soul. It has not been a last goodby anyway, since they have been visiting in the most loving ways later in my dreams. Those were not only dreams. It felt so real and so specific to my current circumstances that I know, we were in clear contact. I don’t call myself a medium but this transparency allows me to get in touch easier with other souls (incarnated or not). We all are connected all the time – under each other and with everything – so we all have that skill.

But I did not only see “bad” things happen. When even they have been a lot more impressive. Often, my agenda was over full, and I thought, I have to cancel this or that, or I get nuts otherwise. But for some reason, there was a feeling that things will dissolve by themselves, and that was then the case every time. Sometimes, not only did one knot loosen, but everything was blown clear. I am absolutely sure it was not positive thinking. Something in me knew doubtlessly about the outcome. Still, through those experiences, I learned to generate that feeling of no doubt to create similar results.

Do you have made experience with foreshadowing? Please, let us know in the comments.

In Love and Light

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I call this my ‘knowing’ Erika…. intuitively you know this or that will occur, and you get to trust those feelings..
I don’t always know when or why… i just do…. Learning to tap into this gift, is there within all of us…Often we have this gift from early age, but as we grow and we are told not to trust these feelings, or what we say we see…. So it weakens … But if we train our senses, we can relearn how to tap into this higher guidance which many are afraid of using because we have been taught it to be Taboo..
You know a little of my background.:-)

One story stands out of a bad premonition that came true… When I was 17 I travelled to work every day via bus and during my regular travelling I struck up a friendship with a young woman in her late twenties… We would sit and chat, and pass our journey on the way home… She caught a later bus than I in going into work in the mornings, but we would look forward to sitting together on our way home.. And if the bus was busy we would try and save a seat to sit together..
One day a lady who had lost her memory and who wasn’t functioning in our reality as she had mental issues would sometimes get on the bus at a few stops down… She would talk to herself and swear at passengers.. The lady I had struck a friendship with said… ‘Oh Please To God don’t let me get old, I never want to be like that ‘.
The moment she spoke the words something hit my solar plexus and a knowing came over me, a huge dread of something awful happening to this daily friend I spoke with.. and I said, ‘No you shouldn’t say that, you don’t know what the future holds …
She said ‘No, I really do not want to grow old’…

Two days later, We got off at the same stop, she usually stayed on to go to the next village where she lived.. I said to her aren’t you going the rest of the way, She said no my cousin is picking me up at the stop we have to go somewhere first… So I said my goodbyes..

I had to walk home it was in the country and took about 5 minutes from the stop…. My boy friend whose now my hubby was working on his car, and I stopped chatting to him for a while before going to my house.. It was then I heard the Ambulance and Fire Engines… My thoughts immediately flew to my travelling companion.. And I said to my boyfriend… OMG…. Something has happen to Tracey, my travelling friend.. I know it…

Sadly I was right…. She was picked up by her cousin and not two minutes up the road from the bus stop, he overtook on a bad bend and their car went head first into a bus coming the opposite direction.. She was killed outright..
I know its not a good story to share…. But if people read this… Maybe it will also plant a seed,, Be careful what we wish for…

Sending LOVE and Yes I trust my ‘knowing’ 100%…. πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

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Yes Sue, things like that really do make us sit up and take notice. It must have been such a shock to ‘feel’ it coming. There can be great things but there are also those things like you said. And it is great to tell someone something fantastic this way comes…but those painful parts we have to experience too…and then pass them on. That ‘knowing’ can be a beautiful thing, but in having this gift it also must be done with the love, integrity and responsibility that it is built on. I (personally), found early on if I bound it by selfishness or ego it would actually leave me. To teach me that any healing gift is by that love within us all. A great comment dear lady, thank you for sharing something that would have left such an impact…and always felt β€οΈπŸ™πŸ½

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Yes Mark, thank you, having this gift comes with responsibilities, Discernment, respect, and integrity.. I have had many such occasions to share my knowing… but you have to use your discernment on does this person need to know… how will it impact… and by telling would it change their pathway… I have seen people misuse their gifts, and been appalled at their lack of tact or compassion….
A medium I knew who travelled the same circuit as I did, was blunt and offensive in his manner… Soon his gift left him… and he tried to fake it.. He was sussed out and shamed… Such are the lessons of Ego’s.. Always we come from a point of love… Always…
Again thank you dear Mark… ❀ You understand perfectly how to use Knowing.. ❀

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Wow, that gave me shivers. Either she knew inside too that would not grow old or, as you said, she planted a strong seed. However, I see it like and would encourage everyone to be careful what they think and say. It has more power than they might think.
Thank you so much, for sharing this story. I can imagine it wasn’t easy to go through this memory again. I can only imagine what a shock the whole experience must have been.
So, thank you, dear Sue πŸ’–

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Thank you for baring with my long winded reply…. And yes…. we have no idea the power of our thoughts if we did really understand the power of manifesting our destiny… People would indeed THINK TWICE about their thoughts..
Much love and loved your post ❀ and thank you for allowing me to share this memory which obviously wanted to surface again… to be told.. ❀ ❀ ❀

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Not long winded at all. That was more than insightful and I couldn’t agree more. People need to understand that they constantly create, whether they notice or not. We need to become more aware of this universal law.
Of course, everything you share is always highly appreciated, dear Sue, you know that πŸ’–

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I have experienced this from time to time, not getting nervous but having thoughts about something and it happens not soon after. As you said everything is connected and connected divinely.

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I think we all have psychic abilities, it just that some can tune in easier, as is your case. You are gifted and blessed. Dreamworld is very real to me. I travel, often to places I’ve never been with people I’ve never seen. I always trust the process and purpose. After all, what do I know? Thank you for sharing!

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I love such traveling dreams. I had them too and once I did notice how I thought suddenly that it was time to get back “home”. I could remember when I woke up. You know, this way we can travel the world for free without any CO2 emission πŸ˜‚

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I think that is the crucial point. I still often question what I see or feel only to be confirmed later. Still, I need to trust myself a bit more and keep my mind under control… lolπŸ’–

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I wonder, lovely Erika, that maybe it isn’t a case of nor trusting ourselves, but being able to hear ourselves think. We have so much on our plates and the noise of this world is loud and constant…maybe, and I’m pondering this one, it is simply that our senses are overloaded? It is lovely that you can see and hear as you do. ❀ xXx

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I could imagine this very well too. And also that we are taught to be reasonable and think rational. This all suppresses the believe in ourselves. It makes insecure and trust needs to be build up again. With every experience it gets confirmed 😊

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Mainly information coming through while doing spiritual counseling, things to encourage or direct a healing. But sometimes they can be as you said, an awareness that something is going to happen and that heightened nervousness. It’s like our higher selves, guides or spirit is preparing us to ‘receive’ something, a tap on the shoulder so that we ‘know’ something is coming. And my awareness now is tuning me into people who are ill. When it first happened I could see ‘grey’ around a friend and I didn’t understand what it was. She passed away with breast cancer 3 months later. It was quite a shock and confusing initially because I didn’t fully understand. But like any gifts that we have we ‘tune’ ourselves into it more and more as time goes by. Great post dear lady, and yes, we are all able to stand in those gifts, especially the more we go through those fears that block us. As we go through them we open to that inner love and our abilities more strongly πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™πŸ½

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I believe that we all have those feelings. You can call it instinct depending on the situation or foreshadowing. Your experience with that grey surrounding your friend is a good example of how to “see” something coming. It can be a gift or a curse to “see” or “feel” but once we see it simply as an extended sense ability it loses its fright. Thank you for sharing your experiences, Mark.

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