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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


As I said before, no worries about the frequency of your visits. We all have a life next to WP. Thank you for hoping over every time you do, Michael.


I live in India in the state of Karnataka. I used to buy few things from Amazon. com from the US few years back but I have a regular account in Amazon.in which is only for India. I now understand that when I wanted to order from Amazon.com the shipping costs raised to ten times, so I dropped buying from there.
The present Indian govt wants people not to import, it is the “Make in India”policy. That’s why the shipping cost is so high.
Anyways I will try to get a e-copy. I only wanted to have your book also in my collection.
Let me know how do you get to publishing your book from US and what are the norms. Can I also do it.

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I see where the problem origins. I am really sorry about that.
I published “I’m Free” with Balboa Press which is a division of Hay House (Luise L. Hay). You need to pay for being published with them but there are different packages. I went with the master package which is more costly but incluces the complete service which was important to me. Meanwhile they even have an advanced package that tops the master package. I can recommend Balboa Press a lot. They are absolutely professional, exact, and fast. Here is the link to the packages: https://www.balboapress.com/en/packages-services


I went through it.
Meanwhile I am trying to have it here in India. My close friend says you get the book translated to Kannada our mother tongue and a regional language of India. There is another friend of mine who does the translation job very nicely. Years back we had a small conference of authors of my works. One poem I used to read and the translation he used to read that was a program of 4 hours and it was very successful.
Anyways even here it seems we have to pay for the publisher. I do not understand what is your benefit as an author, do the Balboa people give you any royalty. Do you know how many copies of your book has sold. One more thing as they have different categories what and why they charge for that. Do you get any Royalty for any sale. Please throw light upon.

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Yes, I have an account at my publisher and can check the sales and royalties whenever I want. I get royalties for each sold book from the first book on. If I was under contract, I would not have paid anything (like it has been with my publisher over here). Selfpublishing means you need to pay the publisher for the publishing process which incluces marketing and marketing accessoiries. Since my publisher handles the sale of the book worldwide, they keep a small percentage and the main part of the royalties goes into my wallet. But that may vary from publisher to publisher and the contracts between them and the authors. It is best you check out the Balboa Press page. They are very transparent.


Got it Erika I have few questions

You have read many of my writings will the audience like it as a book

How many of your books sold(if you do not mind)

Which type of classification of publisher is best

Should I first go for the local publish

Can we again have it published again with your publisher

And anything that you would suggest

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First and foremost, I reallly canot define what fits your book best and which audience you would prefer to reach. One does not exclude the other. I started small and went bigger. If you already have your network you could start worldwide right away. I think it is also a matter of the costs.
I published local in German here and two years later, I published an Englisch version with Balboa. It is up to you.
What classification? I think you mean the size of the package. That also depends on how much service you want. It is up to you, the budget, and your needs.
I have not checke my account for quite a while. I’d say, I sold a few hundred but I am not good in marketing.
What would suggest you to make sure in advance is the payment of the royalties. Balboa only pays via cheque if you don’t have an account in the US. That is a problem for me since I cannot cash US cheques over here (only from a high mount on and with a high charge). So, I ask for the cheque when I am planning a trip to the US. That is a problem and the next time, I would take care of that issue befor signing a contract.
I hope I could answer your questions. But if you have specific questions it is better to get in contact with the publisher you are interested in and ask them directly.


Erika you have given the most information I wanted and I thank you for that. It was confusing for me and I had lack of information on that.
I will try and do what I can here, first it is necessary to touch my people here. I shall get a kind of knowledge.
I can only say you are a true friend.

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I think that is a good idea. That way you get familiar with the publishing matter before you spread your word into the world. I wish you a lot of joy in the process, Shiva. Thank you for asking me, I appreciate that.


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