Ciao dall’Italia 😎

Cinque Terre

Only two weeks ago (over the Easter weekend), we went for a short trip to Italy. But already long before, we had planned a coast-to-coast tour around the northern part of Italy that we started yesterday.

We have already seen the area around Milano, the Lake Iseo, and the Lake Garda. We have been to Verona, Bergamo, and Venice. So in the coming days, we will see Genova, Cinque Terre, Pisa, Florence (the second for me), San Marino, Rimini, Bologna, and Bellagio (plus the area around the Lake Como). We will cross the beautiful region of Tuscany. You see, I will never get tired of Italy.

Again, this means no posts for the coming week because I don’t want to feel the need to constantly check the comments on my phone. But maybe later, I will share some impressions of this beautiful part of the world. Take care, and have a blessed week.

In Love and Light

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