As my annual summer vacation approaches, I felt like tuning in with some Madonna sounds. Poor video quality, but great music! So, who cares? Enjoy and have a great Tuesday!

Holiday – Madonna

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Song Tuesday


She’s actually from my home 🏑 state I don’t like all her songs but she’s absolutely amazing and has some good ones❣️

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The dolphins have been quiet for quite a while but this group made up for it, six adults and a mother and baby tagging along the back. It was cute this tiny little fin coming up beside mum. And yesterday a couple of black swans flew in so hopefully that ‘gang’ will build up. It is very beautiful hearing them call during the quiet of the night πŸ˜€ ❀️ πŸ™πŸ½ πŸ¦‹

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Oh, that is so cute! I can imagine the atmosphere when you here them. Gosh, you are so blessed for living at such a beautiful, inspiring and energizing place. Awesome!

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What? Your place is absolutely amazing too. Blessings everywhere. Shoot, I’ve even heard you have dragons in those huge mountains πŸ˜€ ❀️ πŸ™πŸ½ πŸ¦‹ πŸ˜‚ 🀣


I was asked a couple of years ago to get some pictures or a video of them. Do you know how quick those dolphins are? I grab for my mobile phone, whip it over to take a picture or video…and they’re gone or underwater, and I wait and wait…and they come up in the opposite direction. I’m not sure but I swear I can hear a pod of dolphins laughing in the distance πŸ˜‚ 🀣
But I’m determined to get a shot, even if I have to sit out on a pontoon all day and sun bake, swim, have a barbecue, watch all the wildlife and maybe in between being a lookout I can have a nap πŸ˜‚ 🀣

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Yes, I totally know what you are talking about. I have been on several whale watching tours. Those dolphins have fun playing with the boat and entertaining the people. So, I can imagine they are making jokes with you πŸ˜‚

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