#HitsByYears – 1982

In this song series, I am trying not to share the hits that are still played on the radio stations. I rather dig out the forgotten ones which many of you will remember and loved listening to. Today, we are going with two songs which are from two of the greatest musicians in my opinion which I haven’t heard in ages.

Blue Eyes – Elton John

Although the next song is a cover version, it was a big hit over here. I got to know it before I heard the original.

You Can’t Hurry Love – Phil Collins

Feel free to add or mention in the comments your favorite song of 1981 and the memory that connects you with it.

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Erika, here are two that stood out from the list of top singles – “Rosanna” by Toto and “You were always on my mind” by Willie Nelson. Nelson’s voice lends so much to this great song. Keith

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I loved Rosanna, much more than Africa for example. Maybe it is on the schedule for this week 😇 You are right, I heard the version of Willie Nelson when I browsed through that year on Youtube. He fills the son with emotions. Thanks for the song mentions, Keith!

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Blue Eyes is one of my favorite songs liebe Erika ! It’s so beautiful, Elton John is a musical genius! I had not heard the Ohol Collins version of You Can’t Hurry Love but I really like it. Have a wonderful day , thank you for the lovely music 🎶 💖

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Blue eyes is one of the first songs I was aware that it was of Elton John. I loved it a lot and it that way I actually discovered him and, as you said, the musical genius. I knew the Collins’ version before the original one… lol
Awh, so happy you liked the choices. It was a great music year! Have a lovely day too, Holly💖

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My pleasure, Martina. I love touring through the music time rediscovering the gems of past times. When were you at that concert. I saw Phil Collins in 1997 live in Zurich. It was incredible!

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That’s just so cool. Hearing “Calling in the Air” live is unforgettable and also him entering the stage through the audience. It was a great concert.

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Phil collins is doing another tour dear lady…loooooove his stuff, he’s a legend. As is Elton a legend for that matter. He was always rocking from my tapes and LP’s. Ooh, I haven’t heard those words in a long time. I’ve still got a tape player…until it finally gave up the ghost a few years back, finally had to go digital 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋 😂 🤣

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See, and I just bought a new tape player to finally listen to all my tapes again. The self-recorded ones are gold since they represent the time I loved listening to them so perfectly. Truly a time mashine. I am happy you liked my choices today 😊

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