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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


I was ready…I think 😂 🤣
Just still very tired. My lung keeps closing back over but I’ve noticed movement that appears to be showing me where the aveoli sacs have their party each night 😂 🤣
Plus, one mans terror is another’s picnic. What I went through is the equivalent of what we all face in our own ways. I just knew a part of my journey so I put my hand up and said ‘pick me, pick me!’ 😂 🤣

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It seems! At least you take responsibility for your “earlier choice” which many are not able to handle it with such awareness. I know, you would never say it but to me you are a hero. You are not talking of faith and spirituality, you are living it.

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Ah dear Ericka, your words bring tears to a tired soul. I thank you with all my heart for making me smile with it too. We are each facing our journey in our own ways, and among our friends there is an angel or two who always stand out when our journeys test us. Thank you friend ❤️ 🙏🏽
And maybe like one of those friends once said to me…we were both ‘up there’ choosing what we were going to experience ‘down here’ and we got so excited we ticked all the boxes. Some days it feels like it 😂 🤣
Thank you again dear lady, your words have been a beautiful calm among the wild ride of late. My heart, my soul and me all appreciated it very much, thank you ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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Now, it is me having tears in my eyes. Yes, we met up there and planned the journeys down here. I feel blessed that I am allowed to be part of yours and that you are part of mine. Thank you so much, Mark 💖

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That key is a door opener indeed, Gary! There can be such blindness to all the possibilities around someone when they are so focused on one specific way that “has to” work out. If that one doesn’t work they don’t see a way. They can become frustrated, bitter, and feel cheated by life. When you look at them from a distance it is sad to watch how they are keeping themselves from living a good life.

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Yes, indeed. The Law of Attraction is working constantly, whether we are aware of it or not. But we better are aware and choose the energy we want to be connected to. Thank you very much, dear!

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So much wisdom contained in this quote, Erika. There are many doors in which we can enter and for this reason I make absolute sure to make my big decisions without anger involved or fear either. Very clear I must be in order to ascertain the correct way to go. My Inner Guidance never lies to me but I have to balanced in order to hear correctly. xo

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Yes, absolutely! Many people think they have “no choice” which already defines their self-limiting and therefore negative attitude. The awareness that we do have a variety of choices gives us at least control over the steering wheel, and that can make the important difference in how to experience life, regardless of what happens.

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Absolutely, Erika. Love the way you think. Extremely important post up today on my blog. I ask you for your support. It took a lot of courage on my part to publish what I did. The TRUTH. xo

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Bless you, Erika. As you can see I suddenly lost my popularity. I don’t care. God help me, I am fighting for our freedom and truth. I do not see myself as a political party. No. I am an American.

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I still saw a lot of likes, so I don’t think you lost your popularity. But what could have confused people may be that you are talking about freedom while they were not allowed to share their opinion in case it is not inalignment with yours. I am just guessing. So maybe they only “liked” your post and accept your truth while they respect your wish and don’t comment.
But however, you made a clear statement and that courageous.

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Erika, I was discouraging the haters. I wasn’t discouraging comments. I was stating very firmly I would not accept any negative comments about 1+1 do not add up to 2. Airports still open with people crammed in like sardines while all businesses are again forced to shut down? IF this virus was so bad, why not shutting airlines down, big stores like Walmart and Target down and canceling Black Friday? Those were my points. There are a lot of people who do not see the discrepancies because of being brainwashed by MSM. I will not fight with them nor will I debate with them. It’s not worth it. They have to wake up for themselves.

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I see your point, Amy! I agree, it does not make any sense to discuss with people who only follow like brainless zombies without looking at the contradictory measures or some very strict measures compared to no measures at all. As I said, I see your point! Lots of love, dear Amy 💖

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This was one of the biggest insights for me. It is not what life throws at me, not who I can blame for how I am feeling. It is what I choose to find in whatever life throws at me!


Erika, what a most interesting and thought provoking quote! There are some things that are better left unfound. Everyone, and I mean everyone, has secrets they do not want other people to know. A key life lesson is once you tell someone that secret, it is no longer such. So, maybe you might not want to find all of your parents’ secrets, e.g. But, if you do, be prepared for what you will find.

Updating this to today’s world, technology allows us to find things which are none of our business. There is an old line that is pertinent – just because you can, does not mean you should. Keith

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I am completely with you, Keith. That is something I have always practiced. It is non of my business to hear details of a person that they are not willing to share them with me. Not even my children. Everbody has their right of privacy and that has to be respected. I want to have mine respected too!
Thank you for adding this great thought, Keith!

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