Weesen – Amden, Switzerland

I am still enjoying my vacation at home and making spontaneous half-day trips or day trips to special places in the closer or further area of where I live. You know, Switzerland is only a stone throw away, Austria about 10 minutes, and it is about 45 minutes to Germany.

Last Thursday, we went to a waterfall close to the Walensee – a beautiful lake framed by two mountain chains. Whenever I go to Zurich, I am driving along that lake and look towards the opposite shore and watching a long waterfall. For quite a while it has been on my list to visit the other side of the lake, the waterfall, and a village on one of those mountains.

Enjoy the 1 hour trip to three waterfalls and well (the Rinquelle).

We also passed the ruins of a former watchtower.

And now the waterfalls and the well. I will share single images of the falls because it is so much more impressive.

After we returned to the car, we drove up to the high-lying village, Amden. Unfortunately, I could not find a good viewpoint, but the photo below gives an idea of the breathtaking view down towards the lake is from up there.

Then we found a nice coffee place and guess what… we had an ice cream 😋

Let’s see what the next week will bring. I hope that we can make it to the Ticino.

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and to shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world in order to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted, and become the blessing for all of us you were meant to be.


Erika Kind, Travel


We are all sharing a similar situation all ove the globe. It needed a virus to get us feeling united… I am glad you are doing well, Hammad. Stay healthy!

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Die Wasserfälle sind kraftvoll und wunderschön. Bist du baden gewesen im Walensee? Einmal hab ich es bisher geschafft. Nicht lang, aber nass geworden😌 er ist mir meist zu kalt. Ich bin gespannt, wohin euch euer Weg als nächstes führen wird🤔

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Du kennst die Gegend natürlich wie deine Westentasche… haha. Die Wasserfälle sind unglaublich schön. Ich halte immer nach ihnen Ausschau, wenn ich am Walensee vorbeifahre. Nein, baden waren wir nicht. Wäre mir sicher auch zu kalt gewesen. Ich bin mehr die “auf den See”-Schauerin als “im See baden” Geherin… haha. Am Dienstag wollen wir nach Locarno. Freue mich schon sehr.

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The vistas you are so fortunate to see with your own two eyes, Erika, take MY breath away! What a gorgeous part of the world you do live in. Thank you so much for sharing that beauty with us. Bless you! xo

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I know you would love it so much to experience this and other places of the area. Nature has so many faces, all beautiful, empowering, unique, and so energizing, and inspiring. I am happy, I can sharing this all with you since I know, how much you love nature. 💖

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And makes me smile even more too. You know, that it was you who inspired me to share the photos of the trips. It is such a joy to know that there are people out there who enjoy this so much. It makes me enjoy sharing even more and also I appreceate the area I am visiting even more!

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You are able to picture yourself in that scenery and combined with your memory you can feel it as if you were there in that very moment. I am sure you can even smell the grass. And That’s wonderful and that way you ARE there!

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That’s right, that would be perfect postcard motives. A pleasure to share some parts of the wider area I live. I am glad you enjoyed it, Keith!


My first holiday in Switzerland was as a child with my parents in InterLaken. When we lived in Konstanz for a couple of years, we would often visit places nearby in Switzerland. We would ski over the border most winter weekends and then cycled in the same areas in the summer, particularly the Engadine. I’ve also spent a lot of work-related time in Zurich, Berne, Basel, Lausanne and Geneva plus we’ve spent time with friends who live in Lugano, Lucerne and Locarno. We’ve also skied in the Bernese Oberland. So, we’ve been pretty much all over and it’s hard to pick a favourite but, if I had to, I would say Engadine.

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Wow, so you were almost all over the place. You really got to know a lot of the country during all seasons. We are living at to the border of the eastern part of Switzerland (Graubünden, St. Gallen), Actually the area below Kreuzlingen/Konstanz. So you know the “Bodensee” area well. I love it over there too. Konstanz, Insel Mainau,… I have posted about that too a few years ago. Next Saturday we will do a trip to Meersburg at the Lake Constance. And I will share some pictures for sure!

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That’ll be something to look forward to. We had a trip down memory lane last year and stayed in Meersburg while visiting Konstanz, Mainau, Reichenau, Zurich, Munich etc etc

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That’s a lovely tour you did and how many memories must have been relived and created anew. If you are ever back to that area, please let me know 😊

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You are in Nice? My daughter spent a few days in Nice last week. How cool is that? She also spent a month over there when she went into a language school. She totally loves Nice! You are lucky to live at this gem of a place!

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These photos are majestic and stunning⛰ I can feel the crisp air and the magic of being in the mountains. The falls are breathtaking too, what a blessed lady you are to enjoy such raw beauty🥰🥰🥰

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I am very thankful for being so close to so many treasures in a near distance. It was a hot day (close to 90° Fahrenheit) and rather humid… so not much of a crisp air… lol

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Haha! Summers can be very hot here. Most of all the last two summers were unusual hot and dry. The one this year is more balanced again. Yes, ice cream is a must… hehe.

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I understand! Living in TX and now SoFlo again, summers are brutal 🥵 and we have a family run ice cream parlor that is our favorite spot nearby. My son and i go there once a week at least😊

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This is such beautiful country Ericka and the thing that surprises me the most, you are only a maximum 30 min away from so many other countries. Your options for vacation spots is so traverse 😀
Mind you, if you have to force yourself to celebrate this fact by an ice cream per visit, you may find you begin to struggle on those upward paths on those many mountains 😂 🤣

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Yes, it is something special that I am living at a place where we are so close to many other countries and some very different to ours. But this is also the reason why we are forced to learn other languages. I learned French and Italian in school too. There is not much left but at least, I am able to understand a lot.
Haha, yes, that could happen… lol. I love ice cream. But at least I had that walk before… lol

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