#JustAThought… The Moment of Enlightenment

I still believe that the core purpose of the journey through this lifetime lies in rediscovering our own light, in the way we deal with what happens leads us closer to recognizing who we really are. Joy, pain, drama, success, love, loss, stress, relief shows the results by the consequences of our actions and reactions. Every little incident tells us something about ourselves and the more we experience the more we might see that it is up to us how we experience what happens. Nothing new! BUT…

All of a sudden, a thought and question were flashing through my mind. What if the actual understanding about life and who we really only comes by leaving this physical life? Certainly, this journey down here tells us a lot about ourselves and the universal laws in order to make use of our spiritual abilities and combine both the physical and the spiritual part. BUT can we really ever understand fully the whole of the divine being we are as long as the mind still plays a role in our existence? In case my name is not Jesus or Buddha… I doubt that. 


Religion actually tells us that enlightenment happens when we leave the body. I think, I really get the idea now. We do come closer to an understanding of who we really are with everything we experience. But even if we are as aware as we can be of the divinity inside of us, our physical presence will still have a stronger influence than we can recognize. As long as I say, “yes, I do understand the secrets of the universe or who I really am”, isn’t that still my ego that speaks in arrogance? Until the end of this physical lifetime it may still only be an idea (a good one and certainly an important idea to continue the journey… but an idea).


If I am a candle surrounded by light, how can I recognize my light? But when my light is covered I can see it again once I removed that cover. Let’s pretend:

  1. For rediscovering my light, I need a physical body to cover it and the tool of forgetting which basically happens by entering that physical body. Therefore it makes sense to me that remembering happens by leaving it again.
  2. The plan we make for an incarnation is only secondary to fill the time between birth and death with adventures and experiences. That would explain too why I need to learn that I am not anything from this physical world, that nothing can harm the being I really am, that there is nothing to fear, and that therefore love and happiness are the only feelings which match my being – fully recognizing it once I leave this world again.

Perhaps the real purpose of life lies in leaving physical life to understand what life really is. With this insight, death loses a lot of its horror, and at the same time physical life becomes even more meaningful and less scary.


We don’t need to die to become eternal
but to remember and appreciate the value that we already are.

In Love, Light, and Health

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Another most beautiful muse of your thoughts Erika… Love the analogy of the candle my friend…. I feel that is why the whole world right now is going through what it is.. No matter if nature started it or man… Because most who wake up, do so because they have suddenly been thrown into trauma, some have a NDE, or a chaotic experience, or their dark night of the soul…. They hit rock bottom with no where else to go… And suddenly they realise we have to change…
When those fears are faced and you then perhaps realise we are eternal beings, or nothing can hurt me anymore, because we have shifted our perspective on our lives …. We begin to see from another perspective and alter our behaviours .. Sometimes its that Lightbulb moment… At other times it can take repeated and repeated lessons which often will keep occurring over and over until we grasp what is being taught.
Earth is a School… in a way we are all in our different classrooms.. each with our chosen subject matter… Each perfecting what we set out to learn, even though we forgot the list we came here with… Somehow we meet and greet, remembering in those Deja-vu moments the bits that we are meant to remember or perhaps have even done before…. 🙂
We have done a lot of our shadow internal work… its been a hard road at times… as we learn to love ourselves, and let go of the programming, the conditioning, the guilt, the unworthy thoughts, as we unravel ourselves of the layers over this and other life times…

imagine now a world who has no clue like you or I… Suddenly getting thrown into this emotional washing machine… Fear, mingling with Anger, frustration,plunging them into turmoil, and on top of that taking away family, hugs, and those whom they draw comfort from… Its been HUGE!!!…. for them… Because they have been so used to being in their own small bubbles without understanding a bigger picture.. They still do not understand…
And their Fear is generated every waking moment by the media pounding it out creating more insecurities and depression, and driving down their own immune systems even further..

This is the Dark Night of the Soul of the Earth… But she has to plunge us out of the Candle light for a time in order that we can find our own light… Enlightenment…
I so hope we take this opportunity in discovering ourselves.. because there is a war on consciousness right now… And all eyes are on the USA….. Lots of things happening on the etheric level… And its so important Hate does not explode there or things could really take a tumble …. I have been joining in a global, group meditation sending Peace and Unity into the USA… The sparks being deliberately ignited are forcing the long held scars of racism to the fore again…. As we all have our various wounds now brought back up that we are having to face to finally clear…
Thank you for your wonderful words Erika…
Always a pleasure to catch up and read…. Much love my lovely friend ❤ ❤

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I thank you for your wonderful words which only add so much value and insight to that topic. I see so much more about the time we are spending down here. An excursion to collect information, a school to gain knowledge, a break to play and feel ourselves with all senses. But then again I see this time down here simply as a time-out in order to see ourselves from a distance, a time-out in which we are not able to completely see who we really are. And the purpose of dying (of ending that time-out) is to rediscover the whole of our divinity. Like losing something and finding it again which makes it even more precious.
As you said, looking at a bigger picture (even though also my vision is only an imagination) gives so much value to the life we have and at the same time, makes us live it with a different awareness, with more appreciation, and with so much more joy!
Thank you again for your wonderful words, Sue 💖

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There is so much to discover about everything. And once we think, we got it, another window opens up providing an even wider view… awesome!


A beautiful perspective. And, as you say, when we truly understand who and what we are, all fear disappears for there is nothing that can harm the “real” us. The physical body can be harmed, but not the essence of who we are. Thank you, Erika! Just beautiful!

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It is such an indescribable feeling to only believe in that idea and to feel the closeness to our real being. As you said, fear dissappears and limitations appear like illusions.
Thank you for your wonderful comment, Jan😊


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