Happy Mother’s Day πŸ’–

… to all the mothers in the world, whether they are celebrating it today or not. Due to the current circumstances, many moms might celebrate without their children this year. Nevertheless, the bond between a mother and her child/children cannot be cut by a stupid virus. I am sure, later this year, a lot of events will be celebrated in combination, and it will be enjoyed and treasured even more.

I am lucky, I will have my kids and even my mom over. Meanwhile, the low number of infected people (also no new infections for more than 2 weeks) in our country allows it.

Of course, I am honoring my mom on this day, because she simply is the best mom I can imagine and wish for. I also celebrate my children because they are the reason I am a mother. But the fact that they taught me how to be a mother weighs a lot more. They showed me how to look at things from more than one perspective and reminded me of details that I had become blind for. I dare to say, through my children, I learned the most about the deeper meaning of life and love. While I was trying to find into my role, they provided the lessons to fit in.

Now, dear mothers, enjoy your day, be proud of your wonderful children, and treasure the time with your amazing mothers (regardless of whether they are still down here or not).

On a side note: Today is dedicated to my mother and my children. That’s why comments are closed.

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