Just A Thought… Can it be?


What if World War III was not caused by one country attacking another but by something attacking all countries?

What if World War III would not divide but unite?

What if this was World War III? Despite all the tragedies and economic disasters, wouldn’t we be lucky?

These thoughts were just running through my head.

In Love, Light, and Health

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and to shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world in order to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted, and become the blessing for all of us you were meant to be.


I think most of us if not everyone will get to that point. The downtime will last quite a while and will force that effect of growing awareness, letting go, and rediscovering the essence of life. Take good care, dear Maria πŸ’–


Yes, I agree. I’m using this time to do more of the unraveling myself as well as reading your book. I love it! I knew from the moment we found each other how much we could relate to one another. You articulate your own story so well, it resonates quite deeply within me❀

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So many of us are in a similar spot or have developed a similar type of view (even though coming from different experiences). So many are walking on the same road but still think they are alone because the don’t dare to look at the ones walking next to them. It makes me very happy that you feel understood in the message the book delivers, dear Maria πŸ’– Blessings πŸ’–

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Sue Dreamwalker said it perfectly! Thank you, Erika and Sue! I hope ALL of you will join me on April 4th for a Global Meditation. Look up your time but for me, it will be t 10:45 PM CST. Let’s come together to raise the consciousness of our beautiful planet!

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This is the world war perhaps that Nostradamus spoke of in his teachings.. Didn’t he speak of the Pestilence and disease? … There are many ways of looking at what we have manifested as we know Erika… And while many of us have gone through our own personal dark tunnels in the past as we reconnect with our higher selves and learn to love ourselves more…
I do believe that this is exactly what is happening in our collective now within the world.. As we are being asked to LET GO of so many things at once…
We are beginning to sense I think this is not going to be a Quick fix and that our structured way of living within society will never be the same again…
And there will be many casualties along the way both in losing their fight economically..

But on the plus side.. I see this as a great opportunity for growth.. Spiritually…. For those who open up their hearts, and look beyond their possessions, to what is really important in their lives..
It is Making people Slow down, and Stop! and realign as they take a deeper look at things in their lives as they learn to cope and adapt to this crisis..
I for one woke up when I was in serious Crisis.. When my whole life came tumbling down around me in my nervous breakdown… Everything stopped for six months of my life.. It was then I knew I had to change… Change my thoughts, my career, my perceptions….
This is a global crisis where all are simultaneously going through these changes many face on an individual level … Now all are having to face it together…. And we are going to have to get through it and adapt and find new ways of thriving ..
We all have to stop Waring within ourselves, and find that inner sanctuary, that space to ask ourselves what do we want this world to be in the future.. Its so important now to focus upon our inner peace, well-being, and harmony… But I am telling you nothing dear Erika you do not already teach and Know my friend…

We will I am very sure, even though it may take longer than any of us now think.. Come out of the other side a better and more caring compassionate society and world… I pray we do…

Much love my beautiful friend… Take care of yourself.. ❀
Sue ❀

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What can I add to what you said here, Sue? You said it all in your wondeful compassionate and loving way. That is what amazes me so much, that we all are called to let go, readjust, open our minds and realign, developing a new view or simply remember what we actually already know, at the same time. At the same time but still individually. I am amazed by the universe and that is why I am very faithful that we will evolve to a better society when even, as you said, it may take quite a while…
Thank you for your wonderful words, Sue. Blessings and take good care πŸ’–

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Week one nearly done. We are okay sis, physically. I’ve been in and out of school. Trying to get out once a day with kids, and hubby to get exercise.
Mentalky, trying to let them all have opportunities to talk and ask questions. Phones are great at the moment as they can video call friends too.

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I am glad you are good and making the best of the situation. Yes, video chats, telephone calls… glad we have them these days. We have set up a company chat and have had our daily meetings this ways for the last two weeks. It is cool and we can make so much fun of it too! Stay safe, sis πŸ’–


We are doing very good, sis. Since I have more time now, I can dedicate it more intensely to the reorganization of my therapy practice (setting up a complete new website, new logos, new content), the products I am developing (soaps, body balms, handlotion bars, lipbalms,… I even make the oil essences myself), continuing working on my book, and not to forget my studies. I am blossoming these days, sis. Oh, forgot that this also means that I have no excuse anymore to clean the windows πŸ˜‚
The others all have their usual duties anyway. my husband is at homeoffice or catches up with some things in the garden or fixing stuff. One son is working on his batchelor degree and the other one is going to work (they are spread in shifts now) and his commercial school days are taking place in his bedroom. He is glad that he doesn’t need to travel 2 hours (each way) to get there for a while.


It is a fine where we can choose to be productive, or sit in fear. I choose to be productive! I’ve been accessing a course I signed up to a long time ago but never finished!
I can’t write yet, but I’m hoping soon the urge will come back, and I’ve recorded a couple of parodies that one posted one if, so far, to keep spirits upbeat!

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