Happy New Year 2020

Basically, January 1st is only the following day after December 31st. Projects have already been in progress and don’t only start on the first day of the year. But still, the change of the year makes us review what was and what has been to become aware if we are still on track or if there is the need to make some changes. Some people make New Year’s resolutions. What I like about those resolutions is that there is a clear awareness that a change has to come from the individual itself.

This awareness is the pre-condition for change to happen. People who are going for the realization of an idea. People who were unhappy because of what they did or what others did to them and they decide to put the past at rest and enjoy life again. However, it begins with the person. This fact is may still have its challenges but is basically clear when it comes to the personal life. When it comes to the bigger picture like preventing people from starving, fleeing from their own countries, or getting killed by diseases which may be easily cured if they had the necessary care. It can be discouraging and let’s many resing but as Esther Hicks/Abraham said:


Whatever you wish to be different in your life or the world don’t doubt the success just do anything about it. Maybe you cannot change the result you wish for right away but you can always take little steps that support the desired outcome.
You want peace on earth? Then be a peaceful and loving person and see what comes from there. Imagine everybody doing it.
You want a healthy environment? Then separate the waste, drive only when necessary, buy local products, use as little plastic as possible, look out for alternative energy sources, and much more. Then see what comes from there. Imagine everybody doing it.


The important thing about change is conviction, determination, an enthusiastic attitude, and endurance. If you really want something then don’t stop when obstacles appear. They may only provoke you to consider a different way to get there. Don’t forget to check out the little sideways which could give you the necessary hint or lead you to destinations you would not have thought of could be possible.

Whatever change you wish for, believe it can happen.
Something is only lost when you don’t believe in it
and therefore don’t even try it.
Everything you know today began with a vision
and the belief to realize it.
Change begins at the moment you set your mind to it.
You are important because change begins with you.
Take good care of yourself
because what you do good for you
everybody will benefit from.

Credits first quote: julieflygare.com

Have a blessed new year, everybody!

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Such a wonderful post dearest Erika, and I am so happy to be one of those ‘Crazy ones’ who by changing themselves, believe we can change the world.. It all begins with self..

May we keep embracing Change as we move and grow Erika, and as we hold that Peace within ourselves, we know we ARE contributing to helping bring about World Peace..
Because our energy is all part of the mixture of the whole…

I hope dear friend your Christmas was a lovely one and I wish you every success with all your projects you have set your intention on for 2020..
We are going to see great changes worldwide that I am certain..
But the greatest Changes will be the ones we make within ourselves, as we stay true to them..
Thank you dear friend for your most valued friendship and support over 2019, I know we are both on the same page and often smile at each other’s posts as we seem to turn them often together at the same time.. πŸ™‚

Which shows me we are in tune, and following the same path, as we allow our hearts to rule our heads as we follow our intuitive paths..

Have a Wonderful Blessed 2020, and even though I feel many may begin to feel the turbulence of those external changes.. When we hold onto our inner peace and intent .. We create our Castle of Dreams..

Much love your way Erika.. And a very Happy New Year.. ❀

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Sue, your words touched me deeply. Yes, the important changes come from ourselves. I am more determined than ever before to realize my plans and to make my visions visible.

When I read your latest post (while this one has already been scheduled) I did smile indeed as I felt exactly what you are saying here. Really amazing how synchron our thoughts appear respectively when we send them out into the world. It also adds so much importance to those thoughts and messages. Since I am often questioning myself it adds a lot of confidence and faith in my own inner wisdom.

Thank you also for our wonderful conversations, Sue. You see so much more than I could ever write. Thank you very much πŸ’–

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We dearest Erika are but the messengers as we listen and tune into the Cosmic Universe of Thought..
I often re-read my words, as very often I write on the spur of the moment in the middle of the night often too.. And I marvel that I wrote them.. But then I know they were thoughts inspired which I just captured with my pen.. πŸ™‚
May we keep on capturing words to pass along dear friend.. And may they soon all unite, as others begin to catch them in their hearts.. ❀
Have a Wonderful weekend Erika ❀

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Again, same over here. Sometimes I am surprised by what I wrote. And sometimes when I could not feel so much depth in my own writing, once published I realize to tell from the comments that it simply had to be written for a particular purpose. As you said, thoughts inspired which want to be shared.
A wonderful thought to have more open hearts letting their thoughts flow freely to connect more and more around the globe.
Hugs πŸ’–

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LOVED this post, Erika!! I have been crazy enough to have faith in myself that I can change the world according to me. In looking back even 10 years ago, the changes in ME and in my life and all around me, blow me away. I’ve leapt so far and I plan on keeping on leaping. Today finally the light was perfect and out I went with my creative juices even keener then before. I looked beyond and even further then that. So far in fact by the time I got home my eyes were so blurry from all that looking. I feel a GOOD gentle breeze bringing in sparkling brand new, and boy I’m excited!! You wait and see ….. 2020 will be SO good that it will boggle your mind!! YAY!

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