Just A Thought – Healthy Busyness


I remind myself
To deal better with tasks when
I love what I do

When I get occupied by outgrowing daily routines I need to pause for a moment and rethink if everything I do is a necessary thing to do. Or am I only doing it because I am used to?

I think we should reconsider giving more priority and room to those things we love to do in order to gain the power and energy from it to love the things we necessarily need to do.

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and to shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world in order to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted, and become the blessing for all of us you were meant to be.


I agree, but it can sometimes be hard to get out of a routine, Erika. I can’t seem to enjoy the things I enjoy doing knowing that I have chores to do. Once those chores are done, I then know that the time ahead of me can be spent doing what I enjoy doing. It’s also all about time. I always ensure that there is enough time to do something, rather than partly do a job and come back to it later. If I spilt the time of a job, it seems to become much more of a chore to me.

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I totally hear you, Hugh. The same over here. I am one of those who wants to get the duties done in order to turn towards the things I love doing more. The problem (and what I mean here) is that often we get so occupied by duties which we do or bother although we don’t even need to do it anymore and could change something about it. As I can tell from my own experience, I have become so unhappy because did not have time anymore for those things which fill me with happiness and joy. Therefore I became more and more exhausted and almost depressive. I took a look at what I really have or need to do and what I was doing because I was used to and changed something about it. A little bit more time for those things I love to do gives refills me in order to love what I have to do.
As you said, it can be hard to step out of a routine and some duties cannot be whiped away.
Thank you very much for your inspiring comment, Hugh.

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I believe so too, Michael. We forget that we don’t need to stick with everything that we come across or we are used to do. We also need to make room to those things which regload our system. Thank you 😊

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When we’re able to do the things we love to without having to force them Into our day, then the routine/daily things don’t seem like a chore. All all in harmony. Good thoughts, Erika.

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This is so right Erika and I agree with Colin, it is all about priorities and our thoughts about the same.
At the moment I do the needed in my home to be able to enjoy here and then I do everything else to minimize my things and try to figure out, if I can live without a lot of things. So much new for me now.
Much love to you ❤

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You are absolutely right, Irene. We are so used to run in the hamster wheel that we forget that we have a choice. And it is the coolest (when even peculiar in the beginning) thing to enter this new way of exploring life. Thank you, Irene💖

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“If I do this …. is it going to positively impact my life, or someone else’s life?” If the answer is “No”, then perhaps there are more important things to do on your list?

In a similar context, when I feel pressured to deal with a specific situation, I ask myself “Will my world change if I don’t address this right now?” Again, if the answer is “no”, then look around for more important things to do. It is all a matter of priorities, but so many people tend to ignore really important issues and deal with the more petty items i.e. they stay within their comfort zone.

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That is a very good question to ask. Because it tells you, whether you like doing it or not, if it makes sense to do. That way it is easier to change your attitude to a constructive one. And yes, some people set their priotities according to their comfort zone and not regarding the meaning a task has.
That’s why “great things happen beyond the comfort zone”. Thank you very much, Colin.

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