What Would You Do If There Were No Limits?


There are so many projects living in my impatient heart to be realized. Although I would love to go for each one immediately they have to take numbers because I am only one woman ( who is already working two jobs, has a house and garden, is managing a family, and is starting a 3 years education next year,… to mention only a few). Each one of the additional projects in my pipeline is “burning under my fingernails” as we say in German. But each one is also pretty time consuming and would actually need my full attention. Of course, I don’t want to stress myself completely out. But, as I said in Dreams – Reminders Of Your Soul, you cannot silence the calling only because it doesn’t fit in your current agenda. It only gets louder over time. It is who you are and it wants to be lived. It is worse to be unhappy because you don’t live your purpose than having a full agenda but a content heart.


However, it made me think because a lack of time is one of those factors which can get in the way and keep us from turning towards those things our hearts are dedicated to. It is definitely not always an excuse because not everybody can just quit their jobs and ignore their obligations. We need to make a living and have responsibilities to fulfill. Also, time is not necessarily an excuse provoked by fear. It probably doesn’t even come that far that fear can occur. Because the enability to handle the time management already blocks further thoughts.


When time is so rare it can indeed cause feelings of overwhelm when thinking of how to squeeze a project in… and we wipe those upcoming ideas or visions away. But what can we lose if we removed that block and imagined how it would be like if that inner picture became reality? What can we lose if we – just for fun – make a plan on how it could be realized? Perhaps it turns out that it is really not possible to find a way of making something happen right now. But there is a 50% chance that the opposite happens and possibilities appear to make little but at least first steps. And while forming ideas, even more options may come to mind. As a consequence of this process, we realize that time has never been the real factor. It was our disbelief that kept us from making the effort to look closer.

Only because I have never experienced it,
doesn’t mean it was not experienced yet.

Only because I cannot imagine it,
doesn’t mean it is not realizable.

Only because I cannot understand it,
doesn’t mean it is not possible.

Only because no one has ever done it,
before doesn’t mean it cannot be done.

To find out if it is a fact that we cannot make it happen or if it is our mind keeping us inside our comfort zone, we need to align with that inner picture glowing in the heart. In my post from last Monday, There Is Only Love or No Love, I said that love is our natural state of being and that only love can merge with who we really are. Same over here, we need to tune ourselves in the energy of what we want to be or want to have. Otherwise, it is like wanting to listen to a specific radio station but not changing the channel. We need to feel the passion and enthusiasm for the outcome. Then we put ourselves in a state where the heart can freely paint our visions in the brightest colors. Once we do that, we are one with the energy of the project and detached from the energy of excuses. Being in the energy of what we want opens up the mindset for solutions. We take a new perspective and look towards the realization. And as always, what we seek we will find. We can only find options when we look out for them.


I just said in aligning with the outcome you can find out whether your project can be realized or not. This is not quite true. Because once aligned with the energy of your project you only look at the direction of solutions and you already are on the road towards the realization. And there is something else: Once you entered your soul’s sphere you are connected with its divine origin. And you clearly feel that there is a way because with God all things are possible. 

Whatever I want in life, I need to be it before my physical eyes can see it.
So, what would you do if there were no limits?

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In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and to shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world in order to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted, and become the blessing for all of us you were meant to be.


So you are from Germany? Current or past? My family (Mize) came from Germany a long time ago! Sorry for the history lesson, but unfortunately we get caught up in the NOW and don’t focus on us later! Work has to be priority because it is how we provide for our families or whatever we do in order to keep things going! Don’t let your visions die! Make time for them and family. That will pay dividends your job is just a place you have to go to for a check! It is not your happy place! Unless your just that into it lol.

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Hi, Cruz, I definitely don’t mind you telling about your roots. Actually it is always lovely to know a bit who our blogger friends are, right? No, I am not from Germany. I am Austrian (born in Vienna) and I am living in the Principality of Liechtenstein. But the German border is only about 45 minutes away.
You know, I don’t mind work at all. I am self-employed (therapy practice) and I am working 80% employed as a compliance officer for asset managers. It is only the balance which is not working for me anymore. I have 3 book projects waiting and ideas about my practice. By the end of the year I am reducing my employed work time which gives me a little more room for my projects. That’s why I said, time can be a reason on the short run but on the longer run we are called to find ways… in case we really want our visions become reality. As I said, it is about the balance and the balance can vary over time since we change and develop over time too, right?
Thanks a lot for your interested and inspiring comment, Cruz 😊


Thank you! That is very awesome! I plan to visit Germany one day and im want to learn the language! I have looked at so many photos and videos of Austria and its beautiful. I want to teach my sons of their heritage. Sometimes you have to reduce work and take time to do your books.

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Exactly, Cruz, so little time and sooooo many ideas… lol!
Austria is a very beautiful place and so versatile. Also the country I live in. Switzerland is only two minutes away. If ever you plan to come here, let me know. Where are you from, Cruz?


So, you are not freezing at the moment. I lived in the States for a bit over a year in the 90s. We changed planes in Atlanta once when we came from Orlando. It was not planned to do so. But our direct flight to Buffalo (where we lived) was cancelled due to an ice storm. So we stayed two more days and then flew back over Atlanta. But that is unfortunately all I have seen from Georgia so far… lol!


Winter is on its way. The country I live is located in the Swiss Alps. Snow has already come very close down to the valley and in some areas in Austria they already had snow desasters. We will see how it will be this year.


How blessed we are to have so many Gods around… lol! But as long as we treat them the way we see them (in a good way, of course). The truly will understand one day. I am glad for you that it is pay-back day… lol

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Picture where you want to be as if you were there living it, breathing in the total atmosphere in all your senses. Unlimited thinking, imagination and creation. An inspiring lesson with this post, Erika, in every sense of the word. All truly is possible. Thank you and have an inspired week.

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Yes, we need to align with the outcome. We need to generate the feeling of the dream already fulfilled and then we are in alignment with the energy of the outcome. And as we know, like atracts like. We are defintely unlimited. The only limits are set by the mind, the spirit doesn’t know limits. It only knows ways and possibilities. Thank you very much, Sylvester!

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Once you are in that state of being what appears as obstacles are miniscule because you have already experienced the outcome before experiencing it. No limits, only possibilities. You’re very welcome, Erika!

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I have the good fortune to be retired, and I have never been busier! The problem/pleasure is that I can fill my waking hours with whatever I wish … and I have more wishes than I have waking hours. I have even extended my waking hours, and they just allow me to do more … but not enough. I am at a point where I am actually trying to develop a kind of plan so that I don’t overlook something. Why am I writing this? Because it is a totally fallacy to say “When I am retired I’ll be able to …….” or ‘It will keep until I am retired and then ….” If you can do it now, then do it now. This will free more time up when you are retired.
As for the “busy man quote” (ref Sue Dreamwalker’s comment) – I have heard it as “If you want something done, give it to a busy man. It will get done.”

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Colin, your comment made me smile because I can totally relate to what you said here and I couldn’t agree more. Time may be an issue to a certain point but then it comes to how worthy it is to make changes in our daily lives or to sacrifice something. If we really want something we will find ways to make it happen.
And talking about so many wishes and so little time, I just thought how lucky we actually are to have more dreams to work on than may fit into a lifetime. We never run out of things to go for, we always find something to fill our years with life and meaning… never threatened by boredom.
I rather choose to not realize each and every dream but because I am so filled with visions.
Thank you for clarifying the quote. That is quite true!

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Is it? If we want something to come true we will find ways, otherwise we will find excuses why it cannot work. It all depends on how determined we are and what efforts we are willing to make.

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Exactly, it is up to us. And even if society puts some limits on us it is still our decision how strict we follow it. We cannot throw our responsibilities over board, of course. But even little steps are steps and can be adjusted to the current situation… or even the other way around.
Look at yourself. You gave up on the idea that you need to find someone to publish your book. You want to have it published, so, you do it yourself… 💩on society… lol!

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C’mon Ritu. You’re a teacher and know better than that. Society only limits us if we allow it to. i.e.We can choose to live by society’s rules and expectations … or we can ignore them. It is our choice … so blaming society is simply not on. 🙂

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That’s why I said it’s the obvious answer. What most would say. I’m not that person. My life is lived very much out of the box!
And I challenge my pupils to push themselves too!

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Your post speaks volumes…
I am reminded of the juggling I once did, and you know that saying, ask a busy person and it is bound to get done or something like that.. I forget how it goes..
But meaning Time isn’t the issue, our intention is… And those who focus upon many things at once and who strive to deliver and succeed in completing our said projects.. DO so..
I know you will achieve all you set yourself Erika, because its within you to do so…
Your own will power to achieve and not let others down also means you have a strong desire too, in not letting yourself down either… So your goals you set, you will achieve.
When we thrive on the projects we love to be involved with or with what we are creating, TIME doesn’t exist, its but an illusion…
Living our best to be in the moment means there are no limits… Because we have not set a time in the future, we thrive in the now and so before we know it, the future has arrived and we have accomplished all we needed to do.. Because of our involvement In the NOW.
Loved your words here Erika..
” There Is Only Love or No Love, I said that love is our natural state of being and that only love can merge with who we really are. Same over here, we need to tune ourselves in the energy of what we want to be or want to have. Otherwise, it is like wanting to listen to a specific radio station but not changing the channel. We need to feel the passion and enthusiasm for the outcome. Then we put ourselves in a state where the heart can freely paint our visions in the brightest colors.”

We my friend are changing the channel, and tuning into our highest frequency… Keep painting those visions my dear, dear friend… And so will I my kindred sister..
MUCH love Erika… 💝🙏💝 Take care of you.. ❤

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Sue, you always add such wonderful insights. I love what you said here about time and how its power over us disappears when we are dedicated to projects with our hearts. It is right, we see the goal or the simply the passion in doing it. Looking back we only see how far we have come and how the conditions arranged naturally.
Yes, I think that is something we really learned to choose the channel we want to listen to. Wasn’t it proved over and over again, how things simply fall into place?
Thank you for your wonderful comment and your lovely and encouraging words for me, Sue. We won’t stop painting our visions in the most colorful way and I enjoy and appreciate it so much that we are doing it together. Lots of love 💖

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A beautiful post and one that I resonate with deeply. Taking those baby steps, believing we can achieve it even though our reality says otherwise makes anything possible. Love this 💙🙏

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That is exactly it. Often we give up because it is not working fast enough or in a way we think it had to work. We need to learn to follow our gut and do that step by step. Sometimes the steps can be big and sometimes very small. But the size of the step does not define if I can reach my goal. Also, we may not know how close we already are and a little step can be everything it needs…
Thank you very much, Miriam. I am very happy it spoke to you 💖

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Unconditional! And fly like an angel ❤️
I’ve touched it a couple of times now…as we all can. And it is beyond words…to know, understand, feel and be everything. Not a question needs to be asked, awareness is total…and the love…the love is complete. We are all of it at once, we are just ‘there’ ❤️
And as we go through this world it will guide us ‘there’, each step we take, each feeling it gives, each wisdom it shares, we will realise its beauty. Those ‘conditions’ that bind us in this world need to be felt so that we understand and in that awareness ‘let go’ of what no longer serves us, but with great love as we see that without those ‘conditions’ we would be lost ❤️
And as your post says ‘believe, and be free’ ❤️

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Mark, I don’t know how to describe how it felt reading your words. I still have goosebumps. This is the energy of truth. Such power, such greatness, a feeling that hits home, and it feels like the soul hearing a call from where it comes from.
And yes, we need to feel the heaviness and to be bound to the materia in order to break free and remember the limitless and lightness of the soul. For that is the reason we come here: to remember who we are through a world of duality.
Thank you very much for your wonderful comment (still having goosebumps)💖

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