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nature-earth-quotes-02.jpgThe lung of our planet is burning for weeks. There has never been a bigger catastrophe on this planet which affects not only the region but the whole world. I think we cannot even imagine what it means when thousands of fires are burning and thousands of new fires are developing each day. How can this be gotten under control? Does it really mean that the fires only cease when there is nothing more to be burned unless it rains heavily for days or even weeks? I don’t know but it scares me out of my skin. The consequences are disastrous for the whole planet. Not enough that we have been cutting the forest down in no time, now the fires do the rest. Possibly the constant and excessive decimation of the rainforest supported the dry weather which again supported the fires. And if the fires were really “man-made” how short-sighted are we?


What I don’t understand is how late and how rarely we hear something about it in the news. Is it really too far away? It concerns all of us. Hope, still believing that we can make it, and taking action is more needed than ever. I praise everyone who dedicates themselves to saving our planet in general but in particular right now those who are working on extinguishing the fires in Brazil.

Again, nature will find its way to survive and recover in decades and centuries…
but will we?

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Just a thought, Nature


Erika, has any reputable source actually documented how much of the Amazon is burning and where exactly? I’m so weary so DONE so fed up, by the outright greed and STUPIDITY that those who are supposed to be leading this world, display. This world cannot take any more destruction, and now to hear that fires were deliberately created blows my mind! To what purpose? For what reason? When will mankind WAKEUP and stop the destruction that is going to kill us? We as a species are dying now as it is. It is getting harder and harder to stay healthy and strong. I’m so glad I am at the final 20 years of my life. The knowledge of how man has in under 40 years systematically without thought to Mother Nature, ripped and raped and pillaged and destroyed what took millions of years to create makes my very soul shudder with disgust. When is the stupidity going to be stopped so we at least have a chance at turning things around? At this rate, we have zero chance of survival!

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I thought the same. We are already standing on the edge and now these fires could give us the last push. The problem is that those farmes don’t know what they are doing. They have no idea how it affects the climate and everyone. It is such a tragedy as you said, that mankind destroys what was created miraculously in millions of years. Please see, Sue’s link. Fife minutes of visualization and we can do something actively to help calm the fires and the area.
Lots of love, Amy ๐Ÿ’–

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Yes the media are hardly covering it Erika , the Amazon Rain-forests provides at least approximately 20% of the worlds oxygen.. AIR we breathe..
Its a Catastrophe, and it seems our governments do not care..
This came into my inbox, a channel I follow… All I can so is send energy as this lady https://youtu.be/yXMBaHwT308 Diana Cooper is doing..

โค Much love Erika..

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Wow, Sue! I just followed Diane Coopers advice. I will do this every evening now. Thank you for sharing, dear Sue! This is something we all can do in order to have the strongest possible impact for healing the area. Thank you ๐Ÿ’–

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I think the first book I read about angels was from her. I might follow her too. What she said here had so much energy and teh energy was buildung up during the visualization. Really amazing and I am sure, it has a strong effect!

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This is scaring, Erika. Worst of all, money talks, which for many morons are the most important in their world. Next is, that the fires are man-made, not by educated people, but by farmers who try their best to survive.
We do all need to support to end those fires and find people, educated farmers, who can teach the uneducated farmers, how to make their soil more useful, so they don’t need new soil every few years and then leave the dead soil to become a dessert after. Useful for nothing. This is possible.

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It is such a big dilemma in that country. People who burn this down are not aware of the consequences, also for them. Except that they have the biggest fires in history going right now.
Yes, instead of only being focused on money and power they should be real leaders and build up the country from inside which starts with the “simple” people (not meant judgementally). It is necessary to educate them and also accept education themselves!
Eventually, they would make much more money on the longer run. But that doesn’t happen fast enough in their opinion.

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It has been on our news and the fires are apparently man-made. It is a simple farming practise to clear the land in order to plant! What we have is a severe education (lack of) issue. Sadly, with perhaps the most powerful country on this planet being led by a total moron who is in denial about so many things “natural”, the problem really gets compounded. The future? It is becoming difficult to see positives based on “today”!

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Unfortunately, I am completely with you. It has become extremely difficult and I am afraid, we all will experience the effect of this tragedy. Yes, a complete lack of education only based on the own “4 walls”. That president is another threat for this planet. I have no words.
Thank you for your comment, Colin!

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I don’t want to be here if they destroy the Earth. In fact I hope these greedy parasites are the only ones left here, then that Cree prophecy will most certainly teach them something about what love is truly about.
But alas, it will be all to late by then.

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Yes, Mark, that is the big problem. A handful selfish leards make us all fall to ruin. I try to keep a peaceful heart and mind. But this is a hard not to stay aligned. Let’s pray and support as much as we can!

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Erika, keep pushing this issue. You are dead-on accurate. Sadly, the person in charge of the Amazon is of the same ilk as the person in charge of the biggest polluter who is leaving the Paris Climate Change Accord. Trump talks about claiming a national security risk on things that are not, but his own Department of Defense has said climate change is a risk to national security. But, he has told his gut instinct is far smarter than any researched opinion of a scientist.

Trees, and more trees, is the best natural solution to taking carbon out of the year. It cannot be the only path, but burning the Amazon which provides more than 1/3 of the earth’s oxygen (and let us not forget the number of medicines that evolve from there), is about as unwise as it comes. I think it is fair to ask other countries to pay Brazil and help them support the forest, since they are looking for revenue. Kind of an anti-development stipend. Keith

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Keith, I hoped you would see this post and leave a comment because what you said here is one of the biggest core problems. Ignorance of the leader who is focusing on his personal gain is not what his people needs and definitely a curse for the world.
Of cousres, all countries which are able to need to support Brazil. It is our planet and we eventually need to get this!!
Thank you so much for your comment, Keith!

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Thanks Erika. The two leaders in question are not known for their truthfulness. The Brazilan one is peddling a story that it his opposition that set the fires. That is Trump-like. What I find interesting is while Trump was claiming global warming is a hoax invented by the Chinese to steal our jobs, his Scottish coastal golf course was petitioning the Scottish government in writing requesting permission to build a sea wall due to (drum roll, please) rising seas resulting from global warming. Keith

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Yes, Keith, those two leaders are definitely neither truthful nor trustful. What counts is their own image and money. What? He said that? What a schizophrenia… Anyone should push rewind and play it to him!


Erika, there is one a great line by editorialist Eugene Robinson that Trump lies so much he slipped up and told the truth, which was at odds with previous lies. A second Republican candidate has announced a challenge to Trump in the primary, former Congressman Joe Walsh. He was very explicit in his comments about Trump being “unfit,” using terms like “bully,” “coward,” “incompetent,” etc. Mind you, this is a Republican saying this. Bill Weld, the other Republican candidate is saying essentially the same thing and I read this morning, Republicans are approaching former Senator Jeff Flake to run against Trump. Keith

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Wow, so this makes the Republicans likable for once. What a development. So, perhaps we should change our opinion against Trump. Bedause he might unite the rest of the world, eventually!

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