The Main Ingredient To Succeed


When we look at successful people, there is one thing they have in common: Enthusiasm. People who put themselves into their projects, who invest hours and hours, day and night, who don’t get tired to find ways and solutions, and who are not afraid to walk any necessary path in order to make their project a success, are highly enthusiastic about their vision.


When you are doubting your plans, your ability, your competence, then it is not because something is wrong with it but because your enthusiasm may be missing. If you are passionate and excited about your project then you may be thinking of those things BUT it won’t be a reason to give up but a reason to find ways to improve it. Either you can fill a possible gap by yourself or you will find people who help out.


When you are genuinely enthusiastic about what you are doing then there is one thing that won’t ever show up: Excuses. If there are excuses keeping you from progressing, you really need to ask yourself why you started that project AND if you actually (still) see the goal. Nobody arrived before the started walking. Don’t limit your options because you think that only one specific way works. Enthusiasm keeps you open for ALL possible ways! You need to see the goal and you will always find ways.


Setbacks can happen but don’t misinterpret them. They don’t say that you are not meant to succeed. They lead you on how to find your personal way to succeed! Again, with enthusiasm, there is only one way to look at: The way towards the goal. An enthusiastic person is a positive person. Someone who understands that knows that whatever step they take are steps towards the realization. No seeming failure can keep them from continuing because their burning desire to live what they see in their hearts makes them cross all rivers. Either they find boats or they build them. All the great and successful people have one thing in common: they never gave up. Not because they were stubborn or ego-driven. That would have directed them into the abyss. But because they never lost their enthusiasm. So, when you are at a point where you think nothing moves anymore. Yes, then give yourself a time-out. Don’t resign but give yourself time to distance and look at the whole thing again.


First, look at the goal, the original idea and feel the joy again. Feel as if you already arrived. Dream vividly and imagine in all the beautiful colors how life will look like in that reality you want to manifest. That way you are throwing a hook towards your goal. A vision, a dream that comes from your inner fire is not something to look from a distance at any time in the future. No, it is already there. It is already reality. And that is the big secret: It is part of you which makes it authentic, pure, and powerful! It may not be visible yet but when you feel the fire the process of becoming has begun. So, once you started walking that path then keep that connection between you and the seedsΒ of your spirit alive. This is all it needs. Throw out that hook. You don’t need to walk there. You only need to pull it to you to reap the fruits.


An enthusiastic heart

  • may be scared at times but courageous enough to walk over it
  • may be exhausted but finds ways to recover
  • may not be able to know everything in advance but is open to finding ways
  • has not itself in the center of its attention but its goal and it will accept support
  • will always be determined, enduring, and fueled with joy

This post is dedicated to my inspiring and enthusiastic blog sis, Ritu. She is about to publish her first novella. Follow her author page Ritu Bathal to see how she is progressing and how her enthusiasm leads her. Also, I am proud to officially congratulate her to the award for the Best Book Blog at the Blogger Bash in London last Saturday. Yay, you did it, sis!


In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Wow this is wonderful I think you are right I’m lacking enthusiasm I think because I’m unsure which way I should go in my career path. I think we each have a calling so I’m waiting for that right time and job. I have 2 interviews Monday so I guess I’ll be enthusiastic about it and see where that leads me. Great post Erika πŸ¦‹ ❀

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This sounds so exciting, Michelle. You are on a the treshold to a new beginning. Very exciting indeed. You will feel it right away what fits you. Yes, just be curiously enthusiastic and that energy will definitely have a positive impact on that interview. Good luck, dear πŸ’–


A wonderful post Erika.. And Congrats to Ritu also on her forthcoming publication. Some great advice here Erika.. And loved this sentence. which spoke to me right now..
” So, when you are at a point where you think nothing moves anymore. Yes, then give yourself a time-out. Don’t resign but give yourself time to distance and look at the whole thing again.”…
Seems I have been giving myself a lot of time and distance lately… And hopefully I will not give up on my goal, but I will keep my Dream and Goal in place, and know when its the right time again for one of my projects, It will be all the better for the wait.. πŸ™‚

Excellent thoughts.. Much love dear Erika.. Have a wonderful week, and hope the rain there has eased also ❀

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Sue, you are on a mission – an important mission for all of us. We appreciate this so much but sometimes it necessary to take time for breathing again. You have that feeling and trust the guidance of our higher forces. You know exactly when to take the steps and when to simply let things happen. That is something I still have to practice since my impatience keeps me pushing or pondering. But still, I am determined enough to not let go what once started to illuminate my heart.
Thank you, dear Sue. I appreciate your comments so very much πŸ’–

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Thank you so very much Erika, for your confirmation of what I feel.. I go totally with my instincts and take time out and come back when I feel i have something to say. I have much to say, but how to say it all, I am leaving that up to the Universe to inspire..
Your own words help me so much, for we often reflect each others thoughts like we are in-tune with the same vibration. You often validate many things for me also..
So thank YOU ❀

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I hear you “how to say it all”. I agree, Sue. I feel the same. Although we both feel and think similar and even see the similar things but the different way to put it helps. This is really amazing. What a blessing that we met πŸ’–

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