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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Thank you, Sue. My son is moving within a city two hours away from home. So, we were busy from the early morning on. It is almost 7 pm and we are finally ready to drive back. Everybody is tired but glad we got it all done. So tomorrow I wil definitely enjoy. But I also enjoyed it that I could be with him and help him. Have a great weekend too💖

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2 hours each way… finally at home and we got it all done. He is at the university for 1 1/2 years already. He moved a few blocks away from the first apartment. Now he is sharing an apartment with some of his old classmates from Gymnasium times.
Yes, Sunday will be busy with queezing everything in I want/should get done… lol. But that’s ok… haha!

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Sounds as if he will be soon settled with his old classmates. 🙂 and I remember well the days of cramming washing ironing cleaning and baking all into one day.. lol.. But do make room for some ME time with yourself. ❤ Sending love

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Definitely! He will be fine. He actually wanted to live with them from the beginning on but moved in with his girfriend first. Now the two of them want to share apartments with others too for a while.
As much as I can. Having a big new project going which I am very excited about but which takes a lot of time too… sometimes difficult to find the balance between duties, relaxing, and creativity… next to a life with two jobs… lol!

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Don’t know how you do it Erika.. but those who are doer’s usually get more done. Finding balance is sometimes difficult, that I know.. Just make sure you DO find balance. I thought I was invincible being a full time working mum and committed to my spiritual work as well, until it imploded in a breakdown.. So keep that excitement, I am happy for you Erika, but don’t forget to nurture yourself in-between my friend.. Its so easy to forget we need space and rest. . Which is why i take breaks even now, as old habits die hard, when we are always trying to please others. we forget to please ourselves.. ( as your posts have stated 😉 ) So look after yourself dear friend… Much love and I am off to dream land.. Night night.. ❤

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I know exactly what you mean and I see the threat in my personality to keep it going and going and realizing only late that I am overstretching myself. Sometimes I am just getting mad when I have to spend so much time on things I don’t like to do but have to and not having enough time for those things I love to do. You see me, I know that’s why I don’t sugar coat that I am touching the lmits due to my fatigue. That’s the reason I am so little on my blog… which is one of the things I love to do. I set my goal that I don’t work on my skin care project next weekend… I hope I don’t get too inspired during the week…. lol
So, thank you for being so serious about this with me. I really have to step back… we are doers, aren’t we? Thank you so much, Sue 💖

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Yes I have been there done that Erika.. and fell apart a the seams doing it. So its important to nurture yourself.. and was pleased to see you wrote a post on the Subject..
I have been doing the things I love this week. Knitting more.. lol.. but I put aside this afternoon and this evening to catch up a little.. I never will catch up everyone I follow.. But we sometimes have to put ourselves FIRST.. ❤ MUCH love dear friend ❤

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We definitely have to put ourselves first, too. It is to learn when and not to forget about it. Since my job has become so challenging I actually need some activities which add more sense to filling my time. That’s why I am so excitedly going for my project. But I need to slow down anyway. Thank you again, for caring, Sue! I appreciate it more than you may imagine 💖

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To embody love. You said that so well. Love is nothing we receive by chance or because we did something good. Love is something we are and in being who we are we connect with the loving core of others.
Thank you, Rob. I am always grateful for the amazing toughts and inspiration of our community! Happy to share them!

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