The Imperial Wedding – A Big Fat Liechtensteinian Wedding


Yes, sure, there are much bigger wedding parties. But then again 80 guests are already a lot. And I have never attended a wedding with so much thoughtfulness on all ends like this one. The frames on the table of the bridal couple are one of those little details which amazed me. So sweet. And it went like this the whole evening through.


The wedding party took place at a big and atmospheric vineyard. We were welcomed by the DJ who played on the Saxophone outside for a first welcome drink.HZ_Kaiser_1592_D80_1143

There were separate rooms for the extensive wedding dinner,

(Here is an excerpt of the room. Every table was dedicated to the theme of a Disney movie. The couple decorated every table in the colors of the movie. I was seated at the Frozen table.)

for the performances,HZ_Kaiser_1796_D75_2312.jpg

and there was a place for the “photo box”. Here the guests could take pictures for the couple or themselves and there was a coffer with items to masquerade and make the shootings more fun. The photos were immediately printed and meant that we put them into a book and add some words for the couple. A book for the couple with happy moments of that evening.

Once the couple arrived my son-in-law’s brother welcomed them with his helicopter (he is the European Champion 2014 of model aircraft).

Of course also over here the restoring procedure continued…

There were so many highlights and very touching moments. When the newlyweds exchanged their vows for example. The deep love they feel for each other and the strong bond that connects them, the gratitude and awareness for the gift of each other… really, that touched everybody’s heart deeply. What was extremely beautiful were the gifts the two had for each other. The groom created 365 hearts. On every heart, he put a reason why he loves his bride. The bride created a slideshow about their incredible story of how they met. She sang to it live… of course the songs where Disney songs since both love Disney. They were given the collective present of the guests which is a collection of recipes for the couple individually designed from each guest. We got to see the slideshow of both of their wedding-eve-parties (which was hilarious). But there was so much more like the slideshow of us parents, the gifts of both witnesses, a lottery where 12 people were randomly picked via numbers to gift the couple with something specific each month (I was picked too and lucky to go for an ice cream with them in July… yay), there was the wedding dance, a helicopter show at night, … It would be too much to go into detail of each and every surprise and performance. You know what, I simply let the photos speak. Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hmm, and regarding my shoes… the second pair could not heal what the first pair had already damaged… it was a big relief to throw them into a corner at 3 am.

In Love and Light


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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


What a wedding! Fantastic planned and realized by famous Erika! Well done! For this life its too late, but next life you are booked as my wedding planner too. Whalt else to write one hour before the exchange of the calendar?? Best wishes and blessings to you and yours for the New Year 2019! Thank you for all the motivation in 2018! 🙂 Michael

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Haha… you think, I planned the wedding? Oh, my God, no 😅I only was in charge for some little parts of it and some acts. There were many people envolved. The biggest part was on the couple, of course, and then the witnesses. But I am happy, that I could do my part(s) too 😊
Thank you and a very Happy New Year to you too, Michael. Thank you for always stopping by. You know, I appreciate it very much 😊

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Oh Erika… SOooooo so pleased on my first day back in blog land this shows up in the reader.. WOW.. what a beautiful couple they make, and although I saw their civil wedding photos.. These far surpass, what thought went into each detail..
Loved their cake, their gifts to each other… What thought went into everything..
I wish them so much love and happiness..
You also looked very special and so Happy..
Many thanks for sharing this special day with us..
I trust you all had a fabulous Christmas.. we did…
Sending love and well wishes for a wonderful 2019..
Many thanks for you friendship and support over 2018 on my blog..

Happy New Earth Year to you Erika… May it bring even more LOVE into the world…
Blessings my friend.. See you in the New Year.. ❤

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Hi, Sue! Yes, it was a wonderful day! Did you read the two previous posts about the preparation and the wedding in the church too?
It was a magical day and the magic was spread by the couple. I have no words about how much love flew from them into the whole day.
Thank you very much for your amazing words, Sue.
Yes, we had a lovely Christmas. It was special that we all spent them at a hotel, including the newlyweds. I am so thankful for every opportunity to have my kids since after the separation those occasions have gotten rare. That was my Christmas gift.
Have a wonderful last day of the year and I hope you are starting the new one well. Blessings to you and thank you too, for all you have done for me and for all of us

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I confess I have not as yet had time to back track on your posts, but I hope to tomorrow Erika… I have spent all afternoon and evening trying to catch up with my own comments and peoples blog posts.. but just about there… ❤ ❤

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Oh, sorry, I did not mean it that way. I just thought you might like the pics of the wedding in and around the church if you have not seen it yet. It shows more of the emotions and of course, of the dress.😊💖

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Dearest Erika.. I know you didn’t mean it that way.. I am pleased you told me there were more wedding pictures,, Just I was on a marathon run lol yesterday in my catch ups and trying to limit my use on WiFi lol.. So here I am back in your blog, Looking very much forward to seeing all the wonderful prep work that went into making it such a beautiful day ❤

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Yes, I deliberately turned off the modem yesterday and had a day free from the internet.. As my new phone now Zings with alerts lol.. I never worry now if I am late or early on posts.. And do not expect others to arrive on my posts either only when they have time..
I used to sit in my emails and reader for hours in a day.. But we both know its impossible to keep up with everyone, especially those who post daily as some do. so more than once a day.. Life is to be Lived and enjoyed and WP to be enjoyed and not a chore..
I think both of us are learning to pace ourselves more… You are remarkable in that you visit so many places I do, and find the time for so many..
My time is much freer now I am retired from work.. 🙂 But then you will find me often knitting and creating more and more especially in the Winter months.. 🙂
Thank YOU Erika.. Your friendship to me is a special one.. and treasured..
Take care my friend..
Enjoy all that the New Earth Year Brings.. ❤

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Yes, I totally get you, Sue. When we reach that point when it becomes a chore we need to rethink it a all bit. As you said, it shall be a joy. We are doing what we can because we appreciate the work or others and we are following them because we are interested in what they share. But yes, we need to teach ourselves that is not an obligation as we don’t expect daily visits of others either.
Awh, so it is to me, Sue! We know that nothing happens accidentially. I am thankful it was meant to be that we meet.
Thank you, Sue, and you too take care and have a great New Earth Year 💖

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It really felt like a fairy tale wedding. Both did everything to make it so beautiful and everybody was under their spell of love. Although not everybody knew everybody, we felt like a re-united family. That again resulted in the thoughtfelness of all gifts. I am so happy for my daugher to have this love!

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