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I am sorry that it took me so long to post part two. Once we received the photos from the official photographer it was already December and I had no time to go for this post. But eventually, here we are. In part 1 I wrote about the preparations, the hectic, my and my daughter’s nervousness, and the unexpected challenge we had to face when I was already about to leave for the church. If you want to read about it, please click here. So, once out of there I enjoyed the cool October air when rushing to the car in my full-length, narrow dress, and my high-heels. I was really nervous since I was a little behind my schedule. As you may remember, I still had a job to do in the church which only a handful people knew about.


A little exhausted and already knowing that I won’t wear those high-heels all day, I arrived at the church. The ladies formation which was hired was already going through the songs and it sounded so very beautiful and touching already. Not to imagine how emotional it would feel during the celebration. I was confirmed that I did good in wanting to sing my song right in the beginning. When I was practicing my song it went all good as I expected. My concern was how it would be going once the bridal couple was standing there. I knew that I no case I must think of what is behind that song. My choice as a surprise for the couple (most of all for my daughter) was “A Whole New World”. When we lived in the States I bought a Disney Sing-Along book. This song was part of that book and my daughter (three years of age at that time) sang it very often before she went to bed. Touching memories when to see my little princess now grown up and standing next to her groom in her beautiful white dress. So, no thought on that during singing. I have my tools to detach personally from disturbing emotions while singing and I could only hope that it would work out too when singing for someone so close. After going through the song quickly I went outside again to welcome the guests who were slowly showing up more and more.

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It was a beautiful and sunny early October afternoon. But due to a little breeze, it was a bit cooler than the days before. Anyway, the weather was just perfect. My son-in-law to be was very excited and nervous. Amazing to read the happiness and anticipation in his face. Again, I was thankful they found each other. The time had come and everybody went inside and found their seats in the bench rows.

As the mother of the bride I had my seat in the first row, of course, I had to be up on the gallery first. Then after waiting and building up the suspense, the door opened. After a few more moments the ladies started to sing Beautiful in White.

The first bride maid, followed by the two other bride maids, and then my two sons entered. And then the bride accompanied by her father entered the church.

Although I only witnessed it from above and basically saw her from behind I could tell from her body language how moved she was when she saw her groom, most of all when he burst in tears. So moving and beautiful. But … not helpful when you have to sing after that!

After some welcome words of the priest, it was my turn. And I was anything but detached. It was a bumpy road during the first third of the song until I finally centered again. But then it went wonderfully.


I enjoyed it so much and was so glad I did it. I would have never forgiven myself if I had not done it. It was definitely not my best performance but the most meaningful and heartfelt. When the ladies got to sing their next song I went downstairs to my seat and enjoyed the rest of the wedding which was so beautiful. Another touching moment was when my youngest nephew brought the wedding rings. My daughter is his godmother which made it so special that he had that task to be done. And he was so proud of having the honor.

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My son-in-law is a firefighter too next to his regular day job. After the wedding, the firefighters formed a guard of honor where the couple and all the guests could walk through. Then in the parking lot, there were a few fire trucks waiting. What an impressive sight. Next to the parking lot, at a historical place, drinks and snacks were organized for those who joined the wedding. Also, all the wedding pictures in all possible formations were done.

One of my sisters is cosmetician, and she was in charge for my daughter’s make-up – always by her side to restore her… lol. That was truly necessary due to the emotions flowing from her eyes over and over again.

While the couple and the photographer were busy taking their special wedding pictures, those who were invited for the big wedding party slowly left for the venue. And I was happy to finally change my shoes… More about the party in part 3.

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In Love and Light


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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Such amazing photo memories Erika, on such a special day.. Loved your narration throughout as you brought each picture to life..
So pleased I came back today to spend more time on each photo.. You can see their love shining for one another.. ❤

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Awh, I am very happy you don’t regret makeing the effort of going through the whole post. I love sharing it with you, Sue. I know, you can feel the strong energy of what the two are sharing 😊

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Really spectacular! The photo of you singing is precious and your daughter is gorgeous—that gown (gasp)! What a captivating wedding. Oh, and the bride and groom make a handsome couple. ❤️🦋🌀
Congratulations to all!

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Thanks for sharing this wonderful event. When you said you sat down to enjoy the rest of the wedding after singing, I could sense your relief. My father-in-law sang at ours and it calmed me down as it was a hot day in August and pictures reveal the perspiration. So, I bet your singing had similar effect. They are a lovely couple.

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That is an unforgettable memory too forever connected with your wedding that your father-in-law sang. Something like that from a close person gives a wedding something very special. A gift that cannot be paid with money. I don’t know what effect it had on the couple. Some said, my daughter was moved… but I could imagine that it was still the reaction from arriving at the church and meeting her groom… haha. Anyway, I am glad I did it 😊

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