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Love has always been a big topic in this world. Here, I don’t mean the love between two people but the love that keeps this world alive. Most of all during the Christmas seans love is written in big letters. We are more receptive for love and we are feeling its meaning much stronger. We are more likely to give from our hearts than from a point of obligation.

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Love is what has made this world go around. Although there are so many issues between people, cultures, and countries love must still be a lot more present. Otherwise, we wouldn’t exist anymore. Because without love, that bonding glue would crumble. Love truly is like a band-aid which keeps together and protects. Whenever love is missing things are falling apart. But since love is the basis for life itself, what is falling apart is always falling together again in a different way. Love is the reason for all existence. We cannot destroy love. Because whenever love seems to be absent in disasters, wars, or injustice it only concentrates in other places to make the lack up. The more horrible things happen the more love is shown. Love cannot be broken. It may be almost invisible at one side but therefore shows up even more evident on a different side.

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Love will never be less or more. It always just is like it has always been. So, the problem is not the absence of love but the imbalance. There is enough love for everyone and to heal the world. The challenge in our days is to spread love evenly over the whole globe. This means shining our love in every moment to every person and every place. Leaving love with every footstep. Sharing love with whoever we encounter. Sending love to whatever and whoever comes to our minds. And very important: aligning with everything that surrounds us.

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We cannot be an open channel for love in one matter and at the same time lock the door to another matter. Either we are open or not. With this I want to say, we need to become aware that love is also the awareness that we are connected with everything and everyone. We need to take care of our surroundings, of fauna and flora. The openness of our channel can also be measured by our willingness to care for nature. Our level of comfort is still much bigger than our love for making efforts to unburden nature and to bring our own sacrifices for helping Mother Nature to recover. I am no exception!

Bildergebnis für healing the world quotes

I said, we are all connected and the channel can either be open or not. So, if we don’t care for nature, in the end, we don’t care about ourselves. We need to understand that what we do or don’t do to nature will break our own necks one day. Love is a world encompassing net. Invisible hands holding each other around the globe. There may be cold hands between to warm ones. And the warm hands are called to warm up the cold ones – not the other way around. Whatever we do, wherever we are, we should practice the awareness of letting love flow into simply everything. There is nothing where love has no room. No job, where love has no place. If something is too serious for love perhaps it should not be considered to be realized. Love doesn’t mean to avoid difficulties but even the hardest decisions can be done with love. In the end, this is what makes those things which fall apart, fall together in a better way.

Bildergebnis für love world quotes

Practice love consciously and use the spirit of these days to make it a healing routine. Start with avoiding talking bad about others, picking up litter from the ground, walking a short distance instead of using the car, smile at your encounter and leave each conversation with words which could also stand as the last ones.

Let us take each other by the hand and let love – not money – rule the world!
For the sake of the individual and of everyone.
For now and for later.



In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


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