Unity vs. Competition

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I actually planned to write another post about the 25 core messages God shared. But this will happen a different time since I feel like sharing something that moved me some days ago. I met a new blogger, Sheila Murrey of Take It Upon Yourself, who left a wonderful comment about her emotions and thoughts regarding the movie Bohmian Rhapsody. She expressed wonderfully what I felt too. I took a look at her blog and saw that she has written a book about self-development, healing (body and soul), and giving a look onto life from a higher perspective. I have been excited that I found her. Or actually, she found me. It is always such a joy to see how many people are dedicating their free-time or even their lives for giving something to help others to bring more light into their own lives.

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Then I thought of a post our lovely Sue of Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary. She had an inconvenient encounter here on WordPress with another blogger who couldn’t deal with the fact that Sue used an analogy that blogger used too – without both knowing of each other. Instead of being pleased to see that her way might be truthful and that there are others to support the healing in this world, she reacted offended AND offending. Why do we so easily think we are in a competition here. I don’t exclude myself, by the way. it is a reflex that must have been planted in us from childhood on by all the influences of society. Aren’t we all living for the goal of living a happy and fulfilled life? Like I want it, you want it, and she and he want it too! We cannot claim to have the copyright of sending light because we all ARE light. And the only thing that can dim that light is when the ego takes over in its distorting opinions.


There is not one best song or music style. There be those who reach more people but some like this most and some like that. So it makes no sense to compete over it. That is a reason why I don’t like those competition shows anymore. Only because the majority thinks one song or singer is best doesn’t mean it really is the best one. They simply are the ones, the majority of those who watched and voted liked it most. Don’t get me wrong, competitions can push us to work on ourselves to get better but we should always be aware that it is not a general truth. Like that, there is not only one way or one best way. There are many ways. There are even many ways for each individual regarding their states of awareness.

Bildergebnis für competition quotes

When everybody does everything their ways then it will always reach exactly those people who need exactly what they share. And if two share something similar or even the same then only because even more people might need it and that way more people can be reached.

Bildergebnis für competition quotes

Remember, we all have may have the same goals but we are all individuals to serve individuals individually. That way we all walk towards those goals in the way meant for each one of us. Isn’t that amazing?

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In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Beautiful to come back here after my break away from WP for a while Erika and find this wonderful post and I thank you for the mention.. I heard Gregg Braden speak about Competition vs Cooperation in one of my video links in a previous post but the video post is too long to find his accentual comment So I routed and found this..https://youtu.be/W-9xjU8uljs now its short but he is waiting for his words to be translated.. The point being that we are now in this Cycle of Galactic changes in planetary systems.. And we are already seeing the effects of weather patterns.. But in his previous long video comment I posted, he also said this period also creates ‘Conflict’ And now is the greatest time ever to understand we All hold that power to change the way we have been taught to think.. From Competition to Cooperation..
I feel it now more than ever the need to all unite and pull together instead politics and the media are doing their best to divide…
Division, Divide and Conquer, is what its about… But we have a real opportunity in this small gateway to unite.. We are seeing Compassion and Tragedy, while being terrible for those undergoing such disasters in their lives, It is also generating within us the compassion and care… Uniting strangers, and others who are holding out their hands in friendship..
I pray Unity wins Erika ..
I really do..

Wonderful post my dear dear friend.. The incident you mentioned also taught me much also.. ❤
Much LOVE ❤

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Yes, the incident wih that one commentor really made me think and it made me more aware than ever that we need to stick together for our own sake and the sake for everyone and planet earth itself. Unity is what we have to learn again. Because ego competition has brought us where we are now. We need to walk together! Everybody has the power of change inside (as you said) and together we can make that big and urgently needed change.
Thank you for your wonderful comment, Sue. I will check out the link right away. Thanks for taking the time and sharing it!!
Much love and big hugs to you 💖

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Indeed Unity is where we all need to be.. We have forgotten the power we each hold with our intention.. I was recently introduced to Lynne McTaggart and the Power of Eight… When eight or more gather sending love and healing, we also receive it back… Fascinating Study.. So the more of us who gather sending LOVE, Peace and Healing into the world.. We really can induce Change with out Thoughts… Its understanding what is in our constant Thoughts.. Is it LOVE or is it Fear… Which is why we both unite to keep reminding everyone.. ❤ LOL..
Love and Mega Hugs back.. ❤

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It is all about our belief and genuine conviction. Not what we think but what we really feel as a truth inside. The less disturbed that feeling is the more powerful we are and the more are sharing like this the more impactful and faster it will happen.
This is amazing what you said about the Power of Eight. Once I have some time I will check Lynne McTaggart out. Thank you for mentioning!
Huge hugs back at you 💖

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I agree with you Erika. What I like most about WordPress is the relative absence of the ‘gaming’ mentality I’ve found on other social media. People are obsessed with ‘likes’ and ‘faves’ and ‘views’; and it doesn’t matter if they’re posting garbage because they’re on a ‘like’ and fave’ exchange where everyone likes everything you post provided you’re ‘in’ on the game and are willing play. I try to avoid such people.

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I am riding the same wave, Robert. Maybe that is another reason why I am barely on any other social media. This “Like” and “Follower” scoring is not my mentality either. You only risk to meet people you rather stay away from… as you said so well!

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I think at one point we all got caught by the “score mania” but at one point we realize that we completely got out of sight why we started blogging. I think our posts are lifted to another level with that insight.

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Oh, I hear you, Robert! That’s a dilemma, isn’t it? We want to honor the work of our friends and at the same time it is very time consuming to create something of value for others.

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I’ve never thought or seen myself as being in competition with other bloggers. There’s always going to be crossovers, and it does annoy me when I read posts that mention ‘competitors in the blogging world’. I came to the world of blogging for fun, enjoyment, and to make friends. If I don’t like the tone of somebodies comment or like what they write, then I just leave well alone (and unfollow them if I’m following their blog). Being offensive only leads to negativity, something we should all leave alone.
Another thought-provoking post, Erika.

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I think exactly the same. I have experienced the blogging world as a place of encouragement and support. I barely met people who acted offensive. And those two or three dissapeared again. The place we have here is a wonderful example of how the world could look like.
Thank you very much, Hugh!

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