Kwan Yin -Breaking the Wall to Yourself

Bildergebnis für guanyin bodhisattva quotes

Actually, I planned to share another part of God’s messages but on the weekend something important happened and I want to share this here with you because I think it could help the one or the other. 

Like many of us, I may have lost the connection to myself over the decades and due to being taught how I had to be instead of learning how to not lose me, I did not find the entrance anymore (which made me even more influenceable) and the journeys began. But those journeys were important to give me the necessary pressure, to lead me to several dead ends and therefore to my own mental limits. Although I thought I was searching within I was not aware that I was searching outside. Due to the accumulating emotional stress in my life, I realized that there is a spot within me I don’t see or, for whatever reason, had not entered yet. I was sure that breaking the blockage could give me the necessary insight to why I arrived at this point in my life and for giving me the power to lift me above it and see the road again.

Bildergebnis für guanyin bodhisattva quotes

Guan Yin (also Kwan Yin) is the bodhisattva of compassion and mercy. She is venerated in Mahayana Buddhism, Vajrayana Buddhism (where she is known as Avalokitesvara), and sometimes Theravada Buddhism. She is usually shown as female but sometimes shown as male. Her full name is Guanshiyin which means “Observing the Sounds (or cries) of the World.” (Wikipedia)
The meditation is meant to connect with the Kwan Yin energy in order to unveil the blocking layer(s) which keep(s) from connecting with the power of the heart. The effects are letting go, giving up excessive control, letting flow again the held back tears and feelings, emotional healing, tolerance and compassion (with yourself), unfolding the female part in you.

Although I knew about Kwan Yin and the healing effect for many months. It only seemed the time was right last weekend and I picked this meditation  from YouTube:

All that was said, I already saw and felt long before it was said in the meditation. A black layer of blindness which I falsely identified as loneliness (the lone warrior), was my own hand which covered my view from the dawning sun. Once the layer was lifted I felt the sun rising inside of me. Yet, I realized that I AM that sun with all its power, warmth, and light. The power and steadfastness I have felt in that moment of awareness were incredible. I see that I was running away all my life from myself. I tried to find it in so many different ways, in a different way of living my life, in a different way of judging myself. Not seeing how close I have always been to the solution. I only had to turn around.

Bildergebnis für guanyin bodhisattva quotes

I feel like I only watched all the things I already knew through a window until the window opened up and it all merged with my whole being. I feel closer to my own feelings and I am in complete acceptance of them. I am not scared by them anymore but welcome them as part of my temporary me. It is a feeling of peacefulness and of not questioning myself. I wonder how this will affect my daily life. After the meditation, I wrote down the messages which have filled me. This has actually been the intention to write this post. I hope it inspires and empowers you too:

I am the sun, which dawns inside of me.
I am my new day.
I am my own light.
I am pure wisdom.
I am light energy.

I allow myself

  • to be the most important part of my life.
  • to be open and in awareness.
  • to be honest with me.
  • to let my own light shine and give no one permission to dim it.
  • to let all my power vibrate and give no one permission to restrict it.
  • to be who I am and give no one permission to tell me who I had to be.
Bildergebnis für guanyin bodhisattva quotes

If you are at a point where you feel disconnected from your core, when you are denying your own feelings or are scared to accept them then try out this meditation. Don’t be scared when you are asked to look at what you tried to ignore successfully. The reason you did it will be eliminated and the flow will fill you with your own amazing energy which you blocked for much too long. You will see that what you have yearned for has actually always been residing inside yourself. It was only a heartbeat away. Let your beautiful light fill you and shine it onto the world.

Credits: Pinterest||YouTube

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


“I feel like I only watched all the things I already knew through a window until the window opened up and it all merged with my whole being.”
Loved this post Erika.. And we become so successful in sabotaging ourselves . This life time is all about FINDING OURSELVES and I am delighted you are opening deeper within to allow that Inner Sun to shine through.
Love and Blessings my great friend. And I have saved the video and intend to listen to it fully… ❤

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It was one of those breakthrough moments which broke something away which is cleared out for good. Still a lot to do but something changed since last Saturday.
Yes, we can be so good in sabotaging ourselves and mostly we don’t even notice.
It is a true breakthrough meditation. It draws you closer to your most inner being in removing one of those separating walls.
Lots of love to you, Sue 💖

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This is beautiful, and I will load the video and listen at home (I’m at a ‘cyber.’) no cafe, but people pay bills here and listen to movies/videos all at high volume!

I think that we all evolve through thhose invisible walls, and we don’t even realize they are there until we’ve emerged into a new realm – each better than the one before, though sometimes we make little detours into places we realize are not for us! We learn a lot from those little detours – yikes! But we also gain empathy for others who experience similar challenges.

You. Are. A. Rock. !!!!!!!! You affect many in very-positive ways, and even set examples – like in today’s post – that it’s ok to share the struggles as well as the good moments!

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You touched my heart deeply with your comment, Lisa. Yes, I think when we are standing in front of the entrance of that new realm we have acutally grown out of our old shell and notice what we need to do to open that door.
I think only months back I could not have talked about that but life is everything, the light and the darknes, the cold and the warmth. And we are neither winner nor losers whatever we are about to experience… we are simply in progress. Sharing those steps can truly help others to see that these are happening to everyone over and over again… and it is wonderful!
Thank you so much, Lisa. Your comment is a blessing 💖


As you know, we’re all here to teach and to learn, but most of all to ‘help each other along.’ Sometimes it’s with loving support or a quiet ear; sometimes it’s by example (can be good example or horrid examples!) but the most important ingredient is compassion for our fellow man. The ‘masses’ seem to have forgotten that, and I think that’s the biggest problem our world faces – compassion…

You, my dear, are a blessing to all!

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Thank you so very much, dear Lisa! All your words have such a deep meaning. Yes, we are here for each other not even for ourselves. That insight came up when I wrote the post for next Monday. As you said, we need to practice compassion in order to be that support for each other we actually wish to be. But no matter how we act or live this life, we all touch each other in exactly the way it teaches each other.
There are no accidents in this perfectly organized universe.
Countless blessings to you, Lisa!

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I am very happy it spoke that much to you, Carla! The Kwan Yin energy can really help to break the dam that keeps us from our own wisdom. And that meditation is amazing. Have a blessed day… or what is left from it 💖

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My, thank you so much! I feel you totally got this. Once you are standing with your back at the wall there is only one way to move… Sometimes the pressure needs to be big enough in order to take action because you cannot push it aside anymore. Blessings to you, Annette 💖

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We need to break the wall between us and our feelings. Then we feel whole. And we only notice that something was missing once we reconnected. An awesome power which is also the wisdom inside of us and gives us the view towards the direction we really want to head…. the gut feeling!


Break the wall, listen to you, don’t stifle your feelings. Deep inside we all know what we want and the direction we want to go. Be solid and secure with who you are inside.

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Loved the Post quote “When you come to a point ………………..”
So many people seem to be driven by a need to impress, but don’t realize how shallow that is. As I have noted numerous times, all the obituaries I have read have recognized the deceased for what he/she did. (Great father/friend/generous/role model etc. etc.). Happiness is in being of service to others, not in being condescending to everybody, or having material possessions to impress! Perhaps we should all ask ourselves two questions:
1. How would we really like to be remembered after we have passed on?
2. Is our current lifestyle compatible with that (above) answer?

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Yes, Colin! You stroke a chord in me with that. In one of my seminars to connect the participants with their inner power, I have an excercise in which they shall think of what they want to have written in their bio.
Yes, looking back what means the most for us is not what we could get but what we left! Thank you very much, Colin!

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