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I want to post at least one song this week and which day feels better for that than Friday? Let’s jump into the weekend with a great but probably forgotten song of the mid-80’s. Have a great day and fantastic weekend!!

Endicott – Kid Creole and the Coconuts

Endicott’s up by 5 o’clock
Endicott’s givin’ it all he got
Endicott’s job is six to nine but
Endicott’s home by nine O five
Endicott helps to cook the steak
Endicott helps to wash the plates
Endicott puts the kids to bed
Endicott reads a book to them

(Why cant you be like Endicott?)

Endicott loves Tribena so
Endicott put her on a pedestal
Endicott’s wish is her command but
Endicott don’t make no demands
Endicott’s always back in time
Endicott’s not the cheatin’ kind
Endicott’s full of compliment
Endicott’s such a gentleman

(Why cant you be like Endicott?)

Cause I’m free
Free of any made-to-order liabilities
Thank God I’m free
Cos it’s hard enough for me
to take care of me, oh-oh

Endicott’s carryin’ a heavy load but
Endicott never really ever moans
Endicott’s not a wealthy guy but
Endicott pays the bills on time
Endicott’s got ideas and plans
Endicott’s what you call a real man
Endicott always will provide ’cause
Endicott is the family type

(Why cant you be like Endicott?)

Cause I’m free
Freer than a pirate on a frigate out at sea
Thank God I’m free
Driftin’ all around just like a tumbleweed, oh-oh

Maybe I’m in need of someone
Someone who isn’t undone
Maybe an older woman
Will tolerate me
Maybe that certain someone
Older and wiser woman
May be the perfect someone
To satisfy me

Endicott keeps his body clean
Endicott don’t use nicotine
Endicott don’t drink alcohol
Endicott use no drug at all
Endicott don’t eat any sweet
Endicott don’t eat piggy feet
Endicott’s frame is mighty strong
Endicott make love hard and long

(Why cant you be like Endicott?)

Endicott loves Tribena so
Endicott walks her to the sto’
Endicott likes to hold her hand
Endicott’s proud to be her man
Endicott stands for decency
Endicott means formality
Endicott’s the epitome
Endicott stands for quality


I’ll never be…
I’ll never be…
Like Endicott
Said I’m not

I’ll never be…
I’ll never be…
Like Endicott
No Endicott in me

Sources: YouTube /

Writers: August Darnell

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80s, Song of the Day


First I thought of the song “Annie, I’m not your daddy”. It was playing in my head all day yesterday but when YouTube shows more songs related to the one just watching I got reminded of this one. Still singing…. haha!

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Cool, everyone of us knows that feeling. What is sometimes expected from us to do, and what would we like to do … 🙂
It’s important to be ourself – that’s more fun!

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