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Our wonderful angel whisperer, Annette, invited me for an interview. I feel honored and I am thankful to be part of her Tell Me a Story family. No more written words now just listen!

Annette Rochelle Aben

We travel to Liechtenstein to meet the multi-talented, creative, Erika Kind on the podcast today. Learning more about Erika today will be like getting a warm hug, from a cherished friend.  Be sure to check out her website, where you will be directed to where you can buy her book I’m Free as well as find the link to her Zazzle Store (this is really cool). Please be sure to leave a kind review once you have made your purchase! 

Tell Me a Story is a presentation of The Magic Happens Radio Network, which is part of the digital magazine, The Magic Happens and would welcome the opportunity to hold the space for you too.

*all podcasts are presented in alphabetical order

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Great interview!
A very open and personal conversation with a lot of emotions. The openness and the cheerfulness behind the blogging can be felt right. You can really feel the need for supporting others.
Everyone who has read Erikas book I’m free”, knows also, Erika is reports from personal experience and doesn’t wants to convert anyone. It is just helping / showing new possible ways or just opportunities.
Thank you for sharing your life experience.

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So so loved listening to your podcast dear Erika.. and so enjoyed your story on how you first started to write your book.. And loved that story of you in the Airport waiting time and buying the book that jumped out at you that you had thought read Scared and not Sacred.. 🙂 Wayne Dyer I know we have in common.. but he too was a great influence within my life and I have many of his books and also some tapes.

I concur what Annette said.. YOU are Amazing.. 🙂 Fabulous.. So loved listening to you telling your Story.
❤ 🙂

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Sue, your comment means so much to me and makes my soul smile. Thank you so much!! I was totally flabbergasted when I realized that I had read the book title the wrong way and at the same time having the clear insight how much of a guidance must have happened there. An enlightening moment which really changed my life. Wayne Dyer had a way of explaining that was not only understood with thoughts but also touched and activated something deep inside.
Thank you so much again for your so very kind comment, Sue! You are wonderful 💖

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Oh I so know what you mean Erika.. Wayne Dyer was a great influence within my own awakening to myself.. His legend will live on in the hearts of many I feel.. He was a true master, with much wisdom.

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You said that so well, Sue! Yes, a true master who not only shined the light on us but handed the match over! His energy was so strong that his light will never extinguish and lives on through his books and all he did!

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