When Turtles “Speed”…


Recently, I read a post of Beth’s over at IDidn’tHaveMyGlassesOnShe wrote about an escaped turtle and couldn’t imagine that they are fast enough to escape. This morning I took a little video of my turtle, Hercules, in order to show that they are faster than you may imagine. They won’t ever catch up with you, of course. But they are very strong and determined. Hercules can try to overcome an obstacle for an hour or more. When they are on a mission they basically keep it up until it is fulfilled. That’s why they can escape, to tell from their endurance.


Now imagine a turtle on that pace running for only one minute without being supervised… it is gone or you simply won’t find it once it reaches higher grass or bushes. Before I learned how to keep him safe inside his enclosure, Hercules escaped me quite some times and often the whole family was on a search or hours… I will try to take more pictures of Hercules when he is hidden inside his enclosure.

Btw. him escaping is why I have him. He escaped somewhere and we found him on the street in front of our house… 33 years ago!

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So beautiful! We just rescued a baby box turtle yesterday who was about to get run over in the street. She is our first turtle. She is in a terrarium right now, but we are going to build her an outdoor turtle enclosure this weekend. Do you have any turtle advice for newbies? Thanks!

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Oh, that’s amazing! We found ours on the street too. I think it depends on the type of turtle. I am having a Greek tortoise. I leave him outside from around April through October/November. As soon as the temperature don’t drop below 10 °C I leave him outside over night as well. He is so easy going. Just give him some food and water and enough room for running. And from around November until February/March he hibernates. Do you have specific questions?


I love turtles…when I was a kid I had a box turtle and named him Pogo and printed his name in crayon on his back. He got away and three days later a neighbor a few blocks away brought him back to me because he knew I had a turtle named Pogo. I set him free, he was a flight risk! 🙂

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How smart that you labeled him and how touching that he was found and brought back. But I admire you for the decision as a kid to set him free. I couldn’t do it. I don’t think he would survive for long.

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