#NewRelease: The Sevens


What a timing! You are on your day off and finally, have time to go through the post of your blogily. And right then and there a post is published about a new release of one of your favorite bloggers!!

Our Mr. Poetry just published his 6th book (and second only e-book): “The Sevens”

Of course, I had to download it immediately – you know I am curious 😁
The download on whatever device is free!!

It is a beautiful collection of 30 encouraging, uplifting, inspiring, insightful 7-liners. And the cover itself is an inspiration and supports the message of the content.

You can find it here: #NewRelease: The Sevens

I am a bit of a numbers freak… hehe. When you publish a book called “The Sevens”, filled with 7-liners, and you publish it in the 7th month of the year 17 then it is definitely meant to reach the reader at exactly the point he needs it. 7 is the spiritual number. I already found many poems which went straight to my heart and I am sure there is the one meant for you!

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