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Thank you. Odin is not doing good, but my vet reached out for advice to other vets and got more ideas. So we started a new cure today and will see, how this will go on till Monday. I talk with the vet almost daily to help Odin best possible.
Thank you for asking.

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We have searched for this since before the Easter, but are not sure yet. The only thing, as we know is, that he had an infection in one side of his nose. This should be treated now, but he is still bleeding from there. I give him K-vitamin injections every 12 hours to stop those bleeding. Now we have more ideas and they are testing his blood for not so well known illnesses. Thank you for your kind concern.

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Yes, the infection. But as it sounds it doesn’t seem the (only) cause. It must be hard for you to give him those injections. But at least you know what you are doing it for. I cross my fingers that the cause is found soon 💖

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By the first injection, it was teasing me, now I got some routine and it is not painful for Odin, so I’m okay doing this. Worse are the injections from the vet, he injects directly in the muscles, which work more fast and often are painful, up to the medication.
If I don’t give him the injections, I will walk around and use many hours daily and nightly to clean up blood from walls and floors. Poor Odin to loose so much blood. I feed him extra with calf liver and spinach, which he loves, to gain more blood in him after he lost so much.
I hope to get more news from the vet today, if possible.
Thank you, Erika ❤

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I see, you are becoming a wonderful nurse. The poor thing. It must weaken him, of course. Now for you is both, the worry and the cleaning. Have you tried out Arnica for stopping the bleeding? It helps quickly with human. I am sure it has no harmful effect on dogs. It can only be that through the injections it has no effect at all. But perhaps it is woth trying it. Just came to my mind because I always used it for the kids when they got injured or had a nose bleeding.

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Thank you for your advice, Erika. I have also used Arnica earlier for my kids. In this case, where we mean it is a fungus causing this here, it is a not good idea. He only get the injections to avoid him starting bleeding again. So soon we stop them, I have a slaughter house here, which is terrible, I promise…
We need to find the diagnose for sure to treat him for this, then we should be able to cut the injections for serious. The injections are only treating the symptom, not the cause.

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I was actually sure you already thought about lots of alternatives and know a lot about homeopathy. So this proves again the fact that there needs to be a diagnosis before any treatment can start. Trying out can make it all worse.

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Yes, but now are almost sure, that it is a fungus, he is attacked by, all the symptoms are fitting in perfectly. Not too good illness either, but maybe better change for surviving than if it was a brain tumor. I went to the beach early morning to let Odin swim a little, which he enjoyed much. Will repeat tomorrow, but need to go around 6 before either tourists or police arrive there.

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Oh, thank God, a step closer and for sure better than a tumor! So that fungus started to attack Odin’s mucous membrane. It is wonderful that he could enjoy himself today and I am sure it was good for you too!!

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