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Beautiful! How are you doing Erika? I am writing a new horror book back on track. I did 11 chapters and 24 pgs yesterday. I am resting up this morning/afternoon. Gonna start writing more later when I am recharged.

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And that is one of the reasons why it is difficult! For many, it is even more difficult to look into their own eyes for longer! I learned to do both ways long ago, most of all through my therapy practice. Looking into people’s eyes is one way to connect. 💖

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So true quote, Erika 🙂
In some cultures in our world it is not allowed to look into other people’s eyes, unless they are close family.
There can be several and different reasons to this, which will demand a post to explain. The one to think about is, these cultures have been living with wars for many years…..

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That’s right! I didn’t think about it. Great point, Irene! One of the reasons definitely is that they believe that the eyes are the window to the soul and they don’t want anyone to steal it! But there might be a lot more reasons of course!

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I promise, there are so much more and other reasons too, Erika. It is more native people without education, who think, that you are stealing the soul.
To give you an example: Some countries in Africa see it as disrespect, if someone are looking them into the eyes, specially kids into parents eyes, when they are not small kids any longer. Later they look away in their kind of showing respect, not to be rude, but this were the way, they were taught to.
In some other countries they say so to protect themselves and their family from strangers, in a way, where you need to be family to be allowed to look at each other without any misunderstandings. If these people look other into the eyes, they get bad reputation for being cheap etc. etc.
There are many more reasons.

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I guessed it could be related to your personal history but that’s probably why you can write about it so detailed and inspired. Perhaps it is time when even to write it only for yourself.

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Thank you Erika and your post was the first today, where I was asked to write. After that I visited another blog and got to know, that I should start to journal, so now I’m thinking…..
Nothing is a co-incidence!

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